Transformative Bail Reform: Popular Education Curriculum

Almost two years ago, Kalief Browder died after suffering abuse and torture at Rikers Island for three years - all while he was waiting for a court date. This gross injustice happened because many of our towns still rely on money bail, a broken system that keeps Black people in jail even before they are ever convicted of anything.
The Movement for Black Lives
March 1, 2017

We are excited to share the "Transformative Bail Reform: Popular Education Curriculum" with you and invite you to join us in fighting money bail, mass criminalization, and the systemic prioritization of profit over people. 

Here are some ways you can plug-in today: 

  • Check out the interactive Transformative Bail Curriculum that M4BL co-created with partners across the country (preview below). If you are interested in hosting a teach-in on ending money bail and want additional resources please fill this out
  • Take action today and sign a petition aimed at the bail bonds industry, which is preying and profiting off of low-income Black communities.
Thank you for all you do,
Movement For Black Lives Policy Table

March 6, 2017