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The Sanders’ Campaign: A Local Perspective

Peter Haberfeld
The Stansbury Forum
The Stansbury Forum is proud to publish organizer and labor attorney Peter Haberfeld’s diagnostic of the Bernie Sander’s ground game in Berkeley/Oakland in the run-up to the California primary in June of 2016. Haberfeld contrasts the “organizing” work that he and his comrades attempted to do with the “mobilizing” approach of many in the national Sanders campaign, and their over reliance on social media and barnstorming meetings.

Can a Racist Be a Good Unionist?

Ruth Needleman
Moderator's NOTE: Bill Fletcher and Bob Wing's article "Fighting Back Against White Revolt 2016" has sparked discussion from Peter Olney "Go Red" and now this piece by Ruth Needleman. Please also read today's reply posting from Fletcher and Wing.

Terrorism and Trump: New Challenges for Social Justice Organizations

Bob Wing and Max Elbaum
This essays calls attention to two crucial developments. First, the far right has taken dangerous steps further to the right, legitimizing the public expression of blatant racism and authoritarian policies toward Muslims and immigrants. And second, not for the first time, how crucial it is for a social justice strategy with intimate interconnections of war, terrorism, racism and inequality, and between peace and justice at home and abroad.