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Houston Neighbors Said No to Walmart...

J. Gabriel Ware
and Invested in Black-Owned Businesses After the Hurricane. Communities of color turned to each other to make it through the disaster. Months later, they’re doing the same to rebuild.

Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya

Ben Norton
Fairnees and Accuracy in Reporting
The war ended in October 2011. US and European aircraft attacked Qadhafi’s convoy, and he was brutally murdered by extremist rebels. The government soon dissolved. In the six years since, Libya has been roiled by chaos and bloodshed. Multiple would-be governments are competing for control of the oil-rich country, and in some areas there is still no functioning central authority. Many thousands of people have died, although the true numbers are impossible to verify.

Corruption and Violence Overshadow the 2017 Honduras Presidential Election

Erin Fiorini
When Honduras' Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) issued its first report Tuesday, opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla had a five percentage point lead over incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez, an “irreversible” trend according to TSE magistrate Ramiro Lobo. But somehow the trend has been reversed, leading to charges of "electoral manipulation” and an “electoral coup".

Friday Nite Videos | December 1, 2017

Why Did Donald Trump Ignore Warnings About Michael Flynn? Mudbound | Movie. Everything Goes Back to Trump. Residente on Race and Trump's America. Are University Admissions Biased?

Flynn's Guilty Plea: Just How Bad for Trump?

Michael Isikoff
Yahoo News
Flynn’s guilty plea and his decision to cooperate is the most ominous development yet in an investigation that the president has repeatedly sought to shut down and which continues to cast a cloud over his administration.

Help the Women of Walmart Today

Tiffaney Meredith
Our Future
I wasn’t allowed to leave work to be with my mom when she died, and I know of other Walmart workers who can tell similar stories. Here's what you can do to help us.

Cries From the Prison-City of Rohingya Refugees

Davide Lemmi
Il Manifesto
Fleeing rape, torture and mass killing, Burmese Rohingya arrive in this camp of half a million souls, traumatized by the military operation to ‘cleanse’ Myanmar of Muslims.


Jeannette Ferrary
Samisdat Magazine
As part of the so-called second wave of feminism, Jeannette Ferrary’s “Negatives” captures a woman’s sense of awakening during the 1970s, much as women today raise their voices with renewed anger about male chauvinism.

Palestine: 50 years of Occupation, 50 Years of Labour Struggle

Chloé Benoist
Equal Times
The hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who found themselves under Israeli military control in 1967 quickly became a source of blue-collar labour for the Israeli economy, performing jobs that few Israelis were willing to do, for far less money and far fewer legal protections.

The Tax Bill Battle Shows the Left Needs a "Single Payer of Fiscal Policy"

Sarah Jaffe
In These Times
When the heirs and heiresses of billionaire fortunes can take over an entire political party and force them to pass public policies that the vast majority of even their own voters don't want, there is a problem with democracy. A conversation with Michael Kink, executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition.

With the Trump Travel Ban, Americans Face an Important Choice

Azadeh Shahshahani
Atlanta Magazine
Despite the court rulings in our favor, Muslim travelers remain confused and intimidated. Rules for travel are changing all the time, and many travelers are still being stopped at the border due to racial profiling or arbitrary bureaucratic snafus. Banning researchers and grandmas makes us no safer. Instead it damages our families, communities, and academic institutions. The Supreme Court must strike down this reprehensible ban once and for all.