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Voting on Dictatorship

Guney Fikara, Alp Kayserilio, & Max Zirngast
Tomorrow's referendum in Turkey is about one thing: Erdogan's brazen bid for dictatorial power.

A Day Without Immigrants

Labor for Our Revolution
Labor for Our Revolution
On May 1, 2017 millions of immigrant workers will engage in public resistance to the Trump administration. In some places that resistance will include labor strikes and boycotts. Millions will march in cities and towns all across the country. We pledge to support these protests and will urge our organizations' leaders and members to participate in whatever way we can.

Cui Bono - Who Benefits?

Uri Avnery
Gush Shalom
Overnight, the despised Trump became a national hero. Even liberals kissed his feet. BUT THROUGHOUT, that question continued to nag my mind. Why did Assad do it? What did he have to gain?

What Is Single-Payer Healthcare and Why Is It So Popular?

Alicia Adamczyk
Single payer would simplify all of this by largely cutting out the insurance and pharmaceutical companies and untethering coverage from your job. The losers are those middlemen, like private insurance companies, that make the current system so frustrating to navigate and politically fraught. Also, much to the dismay of the wealthiest households, their taxes would increase the most of any group.

After Trump’s Syria Strike Giddy Neocons Want Much More

Jim Lobe
The LobeLog
Following the Trump Administration’s missile strike in Syria many of the neoconservative architects of the Iraq War are suddenly hopeful Trump will go further and pursue regime change in Syria, and then Iran. The dominant neocon theme, echoing the long-held position of the Saudis, the Gulf monarchies, and Israel, is the missile strike should be the first step in the implementation of a larger regional strategy to roll back Iranian (and Russian) influence in the region.

O'Neill's Radical "The Hairy Ape" Enthralls

Lucy Komisar
The Komisar Scoop
You might never see a more powerful, stunning production of Eugene O'Neill's "The Hairy Ape" than this one directed by Richard Jones and starring Bobby Cannavale at the Park Avenue Armory. This is a play about class, and class consciousness.

Friday Nite Videos | April 14, 2017

The Divinity of Donald Trump. Tax Dodge: The Carried Interest Loophole. Elizabeth Warren | The Cover-Up In Trump’s Taxes. America Will Be - Uniting a Movement. Is a Socialist Future Possible? Sarah Leonard & Bhaskar Sunkara.


henry 7. reneau, jr.
If History is a room, writes the California poet Henry 7, reneau jr., there are reasons why he cannot enter, reasons that disqualify him as a person of interest in history, reasons he cannot comply with: "i would have to bridge the distance between get rich or die tryin'," not to mention his desire not to be complicit.