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Detroit Fast Food Workers Join Strike Wave

Jane Slaughter
Labor Notes
At a busy intersection dotted with fast food brands, 80 fast food workers and supporters chanted outside a Detroit Popeye’s this morning, one of several restaurants the group of enthusiastic young workers will hit as they strike today.

Targeting Stephen Hawking and Dustin Hoffman: Right-wing 'Pro-Israel' Advocacy as Hate Speech

Bradley Burston, Harriet Sherwood. Matt Kalmann, Sam Jones
Increasingly, the rabid far-right 'pro-Israel' camp is carrying out repulsive, hate-filled attacks on Jews whose most cherished wish is to see a stronger, more democratic Israel. It is time to take a stand. The celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking became embroiled in a deepening furor today over his decision to boycott a prestigious conference in Israel in protest over the state's occupation of Palestine.

A New Era for Worker Ownership, 5 Years in the Making

Kari Lydersen
In These Times
The New Era Windows Cooperative opens its doors (and windows) for business. The workers know launching and running a company won't be easy, but given their deep knowledge of the industry and their personal investment in the project, they are confident they can do it.

Tidbits - May 9, 2013

Reader's Comments - End of the War in Viet Nam; Paid Sick Leave Law in New York; Guantanamo; Dodging Corporate Taxes; Working Class; Education; Health Care; Songs for May Day; Interview with Rene Gonzalez; What Can I Do - Portside emails have suddenly stopped?

In Another Blow to NLRB, Court Says Bosses Don't Have To Notify Workers of Rights

Moshe Marvit
Working In These Times / In These Times
Appeals Court rules NLRB cannot require employers to post notices informing employees of their labor rights. The decision, which comes less than three weeks after lack of regulatory enforcement led to a fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas that killed 14 and left about 200 injured, opens the door for businesses to challenge requirements that workers be informed of their health, safety and employment rights.

The Need To Work For Peace On The Korean Peninsula

Martin Hart-Landsberg
Reports from the Economic Front
The details of U.S.-North Korean relations are complex, the story is relatively simple. The U.S. government continues to reject possibilities for normalizing relations with North Korea and promoting peace on the Korean peninsula in favor of a dangerous policy of regime change. And, the U.S. media supports this policy choice with a deliberately one sided presentation of events designed to make North Korea appear to be an unwilling and untrustworthy negotiating partner.

8 Killed in Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire, Protests Grow

S. Quadir, R. Paul, J. Zarroli, K. Bhasin, M. Mosk, B. Ross
Eight people were killed when a fire swept through a clothing factory in Bangladesh on Wednesday, as the death toll from the collapse of another factory building two weeks ago climbed above 900. Meanwhile, multinational corporations are coming under growing scrutiny and facing mounting protests over their involvement in the exploitation of Bangladeshi workers. One U.S. union is targeting Gap, Inc.

NAACP Protest at North Carolina Legislature Nets 30 Arrests; Rally Planned

By Adam Owens, Laura Leslie, Tara Lynn
". . . our goal is simple, which is always the goal of nonviolent civil disobedience, is to shine the unavoidable moral light on that which is wrong until it is so clear to everyone how people have misused their power." - Rev. William Barber, President, North Carolina NAACP.

Critic of Immigration Proposal Cited Lower I.Q. of Immigrants in Dissertation

By Ashley Parker and Kitty Bennett
The Caucus: The Politics and Government Blog of the Times
A co-author of a new Heritage Foundation study highly critical of the Senate’s bipartisan immigration proposal also wrote a doctoral dissertation in which he argued that immigrants generally had an I.Q. that was “substantially lower than that of the white native population.”

Surprise Fast Food Strike Planned in St. Louis

By Josh Eidelson
These fast food campaigns, and the recent strike wave against Wal-Mart, represent the most dramatic challenges by the embattled U.S. labor movement to two industries that increasingly define the new U.S. economy.

Media Bits & Bytes – On the Move Edition – May 7, 2013

Racializing the Boston Bombers; LA Times Drops the "I-Word"; NY Times, Not So Much; ESPN Becomes New Conduit to Obama; Newspapers Remain Immobile; Online Ads Follow You Around; New Fight Over Internet `Wiretapping'; Feds Becoming Big Customer of Consumer Data Collected by Corporations; Decade of iTunes Killed the CD Industry; Journalism or Churnalism?; Wikipedia Has Women Problems

Assata Shakur Is Not a Terrorist

Mychal Denzel Smith
The Nation
“Assata is not a threat,” scholar and activist Angela Davis, who herself once occupied a spot on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list, told Democracy Now! “If anything, this is a vendetta.”