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Tens Of Thousands Protest Labor Reforms in Poland

Deutsche Welle
Polish workers have taken to the streets of Warsaw in mass protests against the pro-market government's labor policies. Prime Minister Donald Tusk's popularity has plunged as Poland's once robust economy has weakened.

Friday Nite Videos -- September 13, 2013

Stephen Colbert takes exception to Vladimir Putin's Op-Ed. Revving Up Brain Skills. Dante de Blasio. A Million Years Before 'Lucy,' There Was 'Ardi.' Glee Fan Flash Mob.

Overruling the Judicial Amendments - What Is to Be Done?

Ellen Dannin and Ann Hodges
This is the last installment of our National Labor Relations Act Judicial Amendment series, but it is not the end this issue. You will see that we provide action information, so that you can participate in a rebirth of the NLRA. There are many doors and windows through which you can enter this struggle. We encourage you to make suggestions in the comments section about ideas for restoring the NLRA, and please invite people to read the series.

The Rise of the New New Left

Peter Beinart
The Daily Beast
Bill de Blasio's win in New York's Democratic primary isn't a local story. It's part of a vast shift that could upend three decades of American political thinking. Americans don't necessarily grow more conservative as they age. Sometimes they do. Economic circumstances that have pushed Millennials left are also unlikely to change dramatically anytime soon.

Mobilizing for War, Not Jobs

Carl Bloice, BC Editorial Board
The Black Commentator
What if the White House had, at any point over the past four or so years, mobilized the full force it now deploys for permission to bomb Syria on behalf of a measure to deal with the tenacious joblessness and growing economic insecurity we see around us every day?