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The US Food Aid Industry: Food for Peace or Food for Profit?

Brock Hicks
Food First
Food for Peace ends up looking a lot more like Food for Profit. The letter ends with one final truth, declaring that food aid programs are "some of our most effective, lowest-cost national security tools." By handicapping local food markets across the world, food aid keeps poor countries poor and compliant, and provides US-based companies with dependable markets for the dumping of surplus food commodities.

Now What? Labor Unions and the Inevitability of Class Struggle

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
There are those who suggest that the current union movement cannot sustain itself and that out of its ashes will arise something new and better. Such views are at best wishful thinking and at worst irresponsible . . . Unions, as they are currently constituted, organized and theorized, are not up to the challenges of the 21st century. The existing union movement, however, can play a role in the building of that new labor movement for the not-so-new 21st century.

As OSHA Emphasizes Safety, Long-Term Health Risks Fester

Ian Urbina
New York Times
“If the cost of compliance to our rules outweighs the penalties for breaking them, companies just take a ‘catch me if you can’ approach to worker safety and health,” he said. And serious violations of the rules should not be misdemeanors, he said, but felonies, much like insider trading, tax crimes and antitrust violations. -- David Michaels, OSHA director

BRICS Go Over the Wall

By Pepe Escobar
Asia Times
Western elites - even mired in stagnation and bankruptcy - won't let any of their privileges go without a fierce fight.

Claiming the 1963 March on Washington

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Black Commentator
It is barely remembered that the March was for freedom and jobs. The demand for jobs was not a throwaway line in order to get trade union support but instead reflected the growing economic crisis affecting the Black worker

Shocking Rahm's Shock Doctrine

Rick Perlstein
The Nation
Chicago teachers and other supporters of public education are teaching Mayor Rahm Emanuel that the forces of grassroots democracy can shock back too. And boy, does he have it coming.

Friday Nite Videos -- March 29, 2013

Is Bill O'Reilly pro-goat-marriage? Key & Peele: What color is Green Falcon? Is Dr. Seuss a Socialist? A social justice Hall of Fame. Rather Go Blind / Playing for Change. Salt Sugar Fat: How the food giants hooked us. What really happened after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

HeLa Cancer Cells Brew Bioethical Storm

Ewen Callaway
The descendants of Henrietta Lacks have objected to the publication of her tumour cells' genome. The genome of the controversial cell line is no longer public, but another sequence is in the works.

Obama's Israel Speech, As Seen From Israel

Gideon Levy
Two commentaries on President Obama's speech in Israel by Gideon Levy in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz: Obama Never Stood a Chance With Israeli 'Analysts,' and 'Obama Has a Dream and We Should Listen.'

Defending Public Education - Mass Arrests in Chicago Protests

Gary Younge, Robert C. Koehler
Mass school closings are a brutally vivid example of the disconnected politics of Chicago. This is the status quo that is no longer tolerable.More than 100 people arrested while taking part in mass civil disobedience against Rahm Emanuel's cuts and closures. Gary Younge reports from Chicago. Robert Koehler details impact on urban poor neighborhoods.