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Underwhelming Intel Report Shows Need for Congressional Investigation of DNC Hack

Sam Biddle
The Intercept
In the spirit of the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission, we need an independent, resolute inquiry into an apparent attempt to undermine our democracy, as has already been proposed (with little support) by Reps Eric Swalwell and Elijah Cummings. It’s hard to imagine who could object to this in good faith . . .

Lessons From the Republic Windows Workers’ Sit-In, Eight Years On

Curtis Black
The Chicago Reporter
More than 200 employees of Republic Windows and Doors staged a six-day sit-in December 2008 when the factory was abruptly closed, resulting in a settlement. The occupation received international attention and became a symbol of workers’ rights amid the economic recession.

When George Wallace Came to Town

Joe Allen
The notorious southern bigot George C. Wallace came hunting for votes and found a ready-made audience among blue-collar workers.

China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020

Michael L Forsythe
New York Times
The investment commitment made by the Chinese, combined with Mr. Trump’s moves, means jobs that would have been created in the United States may instead go to Chinese workers... Greenpeace estimates that China installed an average of more than one wind turbine every hour of every day in 2015, and covered the equivalent of one soccer field every hour with solar panels.

The Nature of Mass Demonstrations

John Berger
Red Wedge Magazine
The recreation of the world must be daring, bold, avant-garde even, but it must also be collective. When we speak of "rekindling the revolutionary imagination," that is what we intend to communicate. John Berger was essential in teaching this to us. And for that we are forever in his debt.

The Volunteer Army and What We Really Mean When We Salute the Troops

Barrett Swanson
The Guardian
The U.S. has now effectively traded a universal military draft for the far more insidious policy of economic conscription. And while it has become something of a ritual for civilians to address veterans with: “Thank you for your service,” to commend those who have voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way, the ritual also betrays a more profound reality. We are thankful we ourselves aren’t economically desperate enough to have to enlist in this country’s endless wars.

Rising Inequality Is Far From Inevitable

Robert Kuttner
The American Prospect
For a generation after World War II, America was far more equal than we are today. Can we ever get that back? Of course we can—the obstacles are political, not economic.

Anti-Semitic Zionists

Uri Avnery
Can Trump's administration include rabid Zionists and rabid anti-Semites at the same time? Of course it can.