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The Birth of a Holiday

Eric Hobsbawm
The late Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm recounts the origins of International Workers' Day.

Why does the Russian revolution matter?

China Mieville
The Guardian
One hundred years ago, Lenin's Bolshevik uprising overturned centuries of feudalism in Russia. But what does it mean for the world today?

The NC Legislature's Curious Anti-Union Project

Rob Christensen
The News & Observer
The advantages for Republicans to weaken labor are obvious. Not only are they disarming a political adversary, but they are helping their business donor base in a state that already has some of the stingiest unemployment benefits for laid-off workers, one of the lowest minimum wages, and so forth.

Puerto Rico Files for Bankruptcy

AJ Vicens
Mother Jones
The Day After Trump Admin Brags About Blocking Funds "They wanted a bailout. We wouldn't give it to them."

How Crossing the Border From Mexico Became a Crime

Kelly Lytle Hernandez
The Conversation
Unauthorized entry into the U.S. wasn’t always a crime and Mexican immigrants didn’t always fear prosecution. Congress’ early efforts to include Mexicans in its “whites only immigration policy” were stymied by Western agribusiness, which wanted unfettered access to Mexican laborers. Up stepped a white supremacist South Carolina Senator with a compromise. Coleman Blease’s Immigration Act of 1929 dramatically altered the story of crime and punishment in the United States.

Friday Nite Videos | May 5, 2017

F**king Unbelievable: GOP Shoves Health Care Through the House. Alice's Restaurant - Original 1967 Recording. Stephen Colbert Goes One-On-One With Trump. Ryan's Rush to Strip Health Care. National Lynching Memorial Preview.

13 Men Tackle Trumpcare in Senate

Deirdre Fulton, Andrea Germanos
Common Dreams
"When women aren't at the table, they're on the menu," says Planned Parenthood president