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Why the Climate Movement Must Stand with Ferguson

August 21, 2014
It was not hard for me to make the connection between the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri, and the catalyst for my work to stop the climate crisis. To me, the connection between militarized state violence, racism, and climate change was common-sense and intuitive. We're all impacted by climate change, but we're not all impacted equally. It isn't incidental, it's institutional, and it's rooted in history.

"Potential Upset of the Century": Zephyr Teachout's Lesson for Andrew Cuomo

August 21, 2014
The Dean 2004 vet explains why she's running for NY governor -- and how the left can take over the Democratic Party. Teachout's run is as much a challenge to the fatalistic, anti-electoral politics left as to Cuomo. The Fordham Law professor says progressives shouldn't merely complain about the corporate takeover of the Democratic Party; they should fight for its soul.

For Many Politicians, Ferguson Isn't Happening

August 21, 2014 Blog
Here are some people who have been silent on the situation in Ferguson - GOP Presidential contenders Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie. Also quiet is Hillary Clinton. Senator Mitch McConnell was alone among House and Senate leaders in not sending out a statement on Ferguson last week.

Tidbits - August 21, 2014

August 21, 2014
Reader Comments - We need a special prosecutor ((Cornell William Brooks, NAACP); Ferguson, Racism, Economic Inequality, Michael Brown, Police Militarization; Racism and Misuse of Genetics; Rosetta Comet; Jewish Resources for Resisting Nationalism; Robin Williams; Israel, Gaza and Hamas; NFL's New Low - Asks Performers to Pay to Play at Super Bowl; Today in History - Nat Turner's Rebellion; Tomorrow - Fannie Lou Hamer & the Mississippi Freedom Democratic

Missing in Action: AFL-CIO Should Be in Ferguson

August 21, 2014
Common Dreams
American labor is not dividing our membership by strongly addressing issues of racism. On the contrary, division already exists. Unity of the white working class with the majority of women and people of color in this country can only be achieved on the basis of supporting and defending common social and economic rights. Continuing to ignore harsh realities of racist discrimination will only continue our separation.

The Liberal Zionists

August 20, 2014
New York Review of Books
By writing as not only a liberal but a Zionist, Shavit makes clear that his critique is from within rather than without. He supplies the family history of everyone he speaks to, whether he agrees or disagrees, giving a background to their views that cannot help but humanize them.

How the Left Is Revitalizing Itself

August 20, 2014
The Nation
There’s more collaboration between progressive groups—and more coordination among donors—than ever before.

Ferguson Violence Exposes America's Political Decay

August 20, 2014
The Age (Sydney, Australia)
For more than a generation there has not existed in the United States a political force capable of demanding the kinds of changes that would curtail the daily oppressions faced by people like the residents of Ferguson and tens of millions of Americans like them. Opposition to these injustices takes the form of sign carrying, hashtags, morality plays, and the occasional thrown rock.

The Meaning of Ronald Reagan

August 20, 2014
The lawsuit against Rick Perlstein is a distraction from a much-needed debate over Reagan’s rise.

World Leaders 'Failing to Help' over Ebola Outbreak in Africa

August 20, 2014
The Guardian
Brice de la Vigne, the operations director of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), said politicians in industrialised countries urgently needed to take action, or risk the outbreak spreading much further. "Globally, the response of the international community is almost zero," he told the Guardian. "Leaders in the west are talking about their own safety and doing things like closing airlines – and not helping anyone else."

Across Asia's Borders, Labor Activists Team Up to Press Wage Claims

August 19, 2014
For global companies that have shifted production to Southeast Asia's low-cost manufacturing hub, greater cross-boarder labor coordination could mean less room for wage bargaining, a squeeze on profits and maybe even higher price tags on anything from shoes and clothing to cars and electronics appliances. But even as wages rise, labor activists are confident they aren't at risk of pricing themselves out of the market.

Ship Targeted by Protesters Leaves Oakland for L.A.

August 19, 2014
The protesters, organizing under the motto "Block the Boat," first converged at the International Container Terminal on Saturday, a day before the Piraeus arrived at the port.