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The System IS Rigged!—The Electoral College and the 2016 Election

Bob Wing, Bill Fletcher Jr.
Common Dreams
The pro-Republican bias of the Electoral College derives from two main dynamics: it overweights the impact of mostly conservative voters in small population states and it negates entirely the mostly progressive votes of nearly half of African American voters, more than half of Native American voters and a major swath of Latino voters.

Can Supergirl Survive Trump?

Heather Davidson
What had been cautiously optimistic when the episode had premiered just a few weeks before was now upsettingly fantastical. In the wake of Donald Trump’s win, a pro-immigration woman of color being elected president seemed less realistic than the alien trying to kill her.

The Workers Versus Trump

Dave Kamper
From local to local, the labor movement needs to transform into an effective machine for fighting the Right.

Trump Campaign and GOP Allies in Full Legal Panic as Recounts Could Create Electoral College Crisis

Steven Rosenfeld
In the past 24 hours, the Trump campaign and its GOP allies in the three states that gave him an apparent Electoral College victory after on November 8 have filed lawsuits and legal motions to block, delay and freeze the recounts. In the case of Michigan, where Trump’s lead is smallest, 10,704 votes, the state's Republican attorney general is arguing the recount's results should be ignored.

Will Trump's PR Triumph At Carrier Mean The Democratic Party's Demise?

Les Leopold
Common Dreams/Alternet
Sanders believes that neoliberalism is the heart of our problem ― that it leads to runaway inequality, a rigged political system, an exploitative Wall Street, and the full-scale assault on the living and working conditions of working people ― black, brown, white, gay, trans and straight. That system, he believes, also leads to the dramatic rise of incarceration, urban and rural poverty, and the stalling of real wages for the vast majority of the population.

Sanctuary Cities Are Safe, Thanks to Conservatives

Noah Feldman
Roberts analyzed the issue by saying that, under the spending clause of the Constitution, Congress can’t create a funding condition that is unrelated to the original funding purpose and is so coercive that it amounts to a “gun to the head” of the states. Roberts’s doctrine applies with full force to Trump’s threat to pull cities’ existing funding if they remain sanctuaries by declining to cooperate with federal officials to enforce immigration law.

Trump’s Staff Drafted Straight from the Corporate Misinformation Machine

George Monbiot
The Guardian
Donald Trump’s policy positions often seem incoherent. But those who surround him know just what they want, and his lack of clarity enhances their power. Many of his staffers are from opaque corporate misinformation networks, which masquerade as think tanks, but are in reality multinational corporate lobbying groups. They are created and funded to misinform, obfuscate, and create the anger and hate so prevalent on social media and so essential to Trump’s victory.

Friday Nite Videos -- December 2, 2016

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