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The Eviction of America’s Largest Homeless Camp

December 12, 2014
On December 4th the City of San Jose began the eviction of some 300 men, women, and children residing in tents and shanties on the 68 acres of creek-side property called the Jungle. Where will the former residents go. The Jungle, considered the largest homeless encampment in the U.S., is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the high tech region that accounts for one-third of all of the venture capital investment in the United States.

The Senate Torture Report: Who Will Be Held Responsible?

December 13, 2014
The Guardian
The revelations in the Senate Committee's Torture Report make it the most disturbing scandal in recent U.S. history. The number of different crimes committed by the CIA and documented by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s committee is truly extraordinary. But, for the Obama Administration, the CIA torture scandal can't end fast enough. But torture is a war crime and the architects must be held accountable to ensure this rampant criminality never happens again.

The Ominous ‘Cromnibus,’ A Budget Bill That Should Have Died

December 12, 2014
Campaign for America's Future
Given the acute need for jobs and rising incomes, what passes for “bolstering job creation” in a summary of the budget bill released by the House Appropriations Committee is scandalous. Incredibly, a provision that allows banks to engage in high-risk derivatives trading under the shield of federal insurance is listed as a measure to “bolster job creation.”

A Flock of Genomes Tells the Tale of Bird Evolution

December 12, 2014
Los Angeles Times
Which bird is closest to the saltwater crocodiles, American alligators and the slender-nosed Indian gharial? Either the chicken or the ostrich, depending on how you look at it. If a genome is a shelf of books, then the chicken has been a better librarian, but the ostrich has been a more faithful translator.

NLRB Makes a Good Decision, Supreme Court a Bad Decision

December 12, 2014
Associated Press, NY Times
In a turn-around decision, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that employees can use their workplace email to organize a union. The Supreme Court continued it's pro-business agenda by ruling that Amazon can detain workers at the end of their shift to search them, and they do not have to pay them for the time it takes.

#BlackLivesMatter Takes the Field: A Weekend of Athletes Speaking Out

December 11, 2014 Blog
This movement is not only explicitly about the right to live a life with more opportunity, but the right to simply live. As Howard Zinn said, "You can't be neutral on a moving train." The train is leaving the station, even in the world of sports. The marches in the streets are not done. The die-ins disrupting traffic are not done. And, as part of this moment, athletes are speaking out, with African American sports stars in the lead.

Progressive Caucus, Labor, Activist Groups Urge 'No' Vote on Spending Bill

December 11, 2014
Congressional Progressive Caucus urged members to reject the so-called Cromnibus if a provision which helps big banks trade derivatives in units backstopped by a government guarantee remained in the spending measure. This kind of activity was a cause of the 2008 crisis - it a giveaway to wealthy campaign donors and Wall Street banks. Analysis for more information about key takeaways from the proposed spending bill, as well as a few controversial surprises.

What Does it Take to Have an Open and Honest Conversation About Torture?

December 11, 2014
Praxis Center - Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership
One thing that I wanted to learn in talking to a torturer - I guess every person is different - but I wanted to see: did this destroy him? Did this destroy his soul? Is he like a broken man wracked with guilt? And he wasn't.

They Fear and They Kill

December 11, 2014
Official government statistics document that African American young men are killed by the police at a rate quadruple that of the whole population. In the period 1999 through 2011, police officers killed 4,531 people. Marge Piercy, in poem, captures that reality of being young, African American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American Indian, and a police victim.

Tidbits - December 11, 2014

December 11, 2014
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Trade Unions Go On The Offensive In India

December 11, 2014
Equal Times
Indian unions protest government plans for massive privatization and deregulation in the name of more ‘flexible’ labour laws that will impact precarious and unprotected workers particularly hard. The proposed changes, which will bring down social standards and social indicators, have been developed without any form of consultation or dialogue with labour unions whatsoever.

The Dean Of American Labor Reporters Explains Everything

December 10, 2014
The Washington Post
Interview with The New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse. A fascinating insight into his career and analysis of the current state of the US trade union movement.