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When America Was Overcome with Anti-Japanese Xenophobia During WWII, One Union Fought Back

Peter Cole
Working In These Times
The current frenzy is hardly the first time Americans have been stampeded into such wild actions. Just over two months after the attack on Pearl, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which deemed all Japanese and Japanese Americans living near the Pacific Coast (where nearly all lived) a national security threat. FDR’s order led to approximately 110,000 people being relocated, against their will, to one of 10 internment camps in the interior West.

'Suffragette': Why I Won't Write a Review

Ijeoma Oluo
The Stranger
'So I’m not going to write a review about 'Suffragette', because I’m no longer going to legitimize films that refuse to acknowledge the existence of people of color. And neither should you'.

Massive Rolling Strikes Shut Down Quebec

Sonia Singh
Labor Notes
After provincial bargaining stalled, 400,000 public sector workers across Quebec walked out in October and November on rolling one-day strikes.

The Savory Science of Umami

Lynn A. Kuntz
Food Product Design
In the 1980s and 90s, science rediscovered the existence of umami and in 2002 identified its taste receptor. And, as they say, the rest was history. Not only has umami been universally recognized in sensory science, it’s become the darling of professionals looking to enhance the taste of savory foods. Umami can be leveraged, not just for tastier foods, but for healthier ones.

Okinawa delegation in Washington to Challenge Construction of U.S. Marine Air Base Runway

Ann Wright
World Beyond War
A 26 person delegation from the All Okinawa Council visited Washington, DC November 19 and 20 to ask members of the U.S. Congress to use their power to stop the construction of runway for the U.S. Marine base at Henoko into the pristine waters of the South China Sea. The delegation is concerned about the environmental impact of the new facilities and the continued militarization of their island.

HangOut on Strategy for Liberation

Please join us for our next national HangOut, which is being jointly hosted by LeftRoots with the former Left Strategies network. Featuring special guests M Adams and Biju Mathew on left strategies for liberation! Together we will discuss what we mean by ‘transformational strategy’, why it is crucial and how we can move forward together to build a movement that wins!

TEDxHavana Speech 2015 by Tom Hayden

Tom Hayden
Democracy Journal
Speech broadcast Saturday, Nov. 14, to the TEDxHavana conference on the Cuba-United States normalization process. More than two thousand attended.

Paradise Burned: How Climate Change Is Scorching California

Gary Cohn
Capital and Main
California is facing the gravest threat to its natural beauty on record but many of us view the state’s expanded fire season as a cyclical anomaly – a belief sometimes spread by the mainstream media. To climate and environmental scientists, a new kind of fire and the expanded fire season are evidence that global warming is creating a new and vastly expanded fire danger to the West.

Equity, Growth and Community

Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor
Equity, Growth and Community, a new book by Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor

Almost a Century Ago, another Democratic Socialist Ran for President of the United States—from His Prison Cell

Lawrence S. Wittner
LA Progressive
In response to the Congressional declaration of war in April 1917, delegates at a Socialist party convention declared their “unalterable opposition” to it. The federal government began prosecuting Socialist Party leaders. Socialist Congressman Victor Berger, convicted under the Espionage Act, was expelled from the House of Representatives, re-elected by the voters, and then expelled again. Debs responded with a blistering speech at a party rally in Canton, Ohio.