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You Do Not Have the Right to Remain Silent (a Rant)

Terry Adams
World of Change edited by David Madgalene
Poet Terry Adams lives in the house formerly occupied by the hipster Ken Kesey, famous for his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the influence of the latter on the former may give a clue for understanding the style and point of Adams’s poem dealing with the rights and wrongs of the universe.

Southern Bands That Are Politically Progressive, and Proud of It; 'More Southern Dudes Need to Say Black Lives Matter'

Brett Anderson; Mark Guarino
New York Times
'More Southern Dudes Need to Say Black Lives Matter.' From police treatment of African-Americans to the current presidential election, the issues roiling America today have led the Drive-By Truckers to drill down on the topic that has preoccupied them for 20 years - the South - while bringing a relatively unheard perspective to pop music's discourse: that of the progressive white Southerner.

Learning to Claim Our Victories - Finding Hope in Dismal Times

Rebecca Gordon
Tom Dispatch
'Luckily, not everyone has been glued to the screen, eternally watching The Donald. From Black Lives Matter to the climate change movement, activists have, as TomDispatch regular Rebecca Gordon points out, never stopped working to make this a better world and, as she indicates, if we can take our eyes off the media spectacle-cum-circus for a few moments, they offer us a kind of hope for our future that shouldn't be ignored.' - Tom Engelhardt

Dump Trump, Defeat Racism and Misogyny, Build the Left

In These Times
An open letter to the left from 47 grassroots organizers. Defeating Trump in the presidential election is a top priority for the left. And at a minimum, that means mobilizing voters for Hillary Clinton in swing states. When we hear people say they don't know who to vote for because both candidates are equally bad, we get worried. A Trump victory would embolden hard-core racists, Islamophobes, misogynists, and anti-immigrant groups.

When Librarians Are Silenced

Francine Prose
The New York Review of Books
A librarian in Kansas City, Missouri was arrested for standing up for a library patron's free speech rights. The right to read, to think, to discuss and listen to ideas in a public forum is essential to an open society, as is our individual privacy. One hopes that the Kansas City case-only the most recent of many-will be resolved, and that librarians there and everywhere will be able to do their jobs without taking on the added burden of battling for our freedom.

Tidbits - October 20, 2016 - Reader Comments: Trump-A Setting Time Bomb; Help Protect Our Elections; Lift Us Up - A song for America; Thoughts on Syria; Announcements; and more ...

Reader Comments: Trump-A Setting Time Bomb; You Can Help Protect Our Elections; Inequality (and Climate Change) ARE Defining Issues of Our Time; Women Share Rape Stories; Paul Ryan's Fear - GOP Loss is Win for Bernie Sanders; Lift Us Up - A song for America (Sung by Bethany Yarrow; written by Peter Yarrow); Thoughts on Syria; Announcements: 70th Anniversary of Southern Youth Legislature; Justice for Laquan - Chicago; Book Talk: Women Fight the Islamic State

Argentine Women March in Black Against Gruesome Gang Rape

Tens of thousands of women rallied across Argentina in response to a call for a national strike against gender violence. The labor strike also aimed to emphasize the crucial role of women in the country's economy as well as highlight the fact that they have been the first victims of massive layoffs by the current right-wing government. Organizers highlighted the link that makes poor and disadvantaged women more vulnerable to sexual violence.

Claudia Rankine and the Racial Imaginary Institute

Steven W. Thrasher
The Guardian
Claudia Rankine is extremely interested in whiteness, believing that “it’s important that people begin to understand that whiteness is not inevitable, and that white dominance is not inevitable.”

Fifty Years Later, Black Panthers’ Art Still Resonates

Angelica McKinley and Giovanni Russonello
New York Times
The Black Panther Party was founded 50 years ago in Oakland, on Oct. 15, 1966, and within two years it had chapters across the country. The New York Times is taking this opportunity to explore the Black Panthers’ legacy, through their iconic use of imagery and how they were covered in its own pages. The Black Panther Party is often associated with armed resistance, but one of the most potent weapons in its outreach was its artwork.

The Many Costs of Campus Carry

Minkah Makalani
The New Yorker
Last June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law Senate Bill 11. The law, which went into effect in August, allows anyone with a license to carry a handgun to bring a handgun onto campus, and even into the classroom. Private universities and colleges can ban guns on their campuses, but public universities must comply.

Chimes of Freedom: The Politics of Bob Dylan’s Art

Stephan Schindler
Political Animal Magazine
The Nobel Prize to Bob Dylan is the Nobel committee's first literature prize to a musician, an almost revolutionary break with tradition. Dylan’s originality as a surrealist lyricist was elevated by his engagement with profound social and political themes.