Chattanooga Tennessee

NLRB files complaint against VW over practices at Tennessee plant

Nick Carey
The complaint is part of a lengthy battle over the NLRB's recognition of the vote by roughly 160 skilled workers at VW's Chattanooga plant in Tennessee to be represented by the United Auto Workers union. The German automaker has argued against allowing a small group within the plant to have union representation, maintaining that all 1,500 hourly workers should be treated as one unit.

Union Drive Doesn’t Bother Management, But G.O.P. Fumes

Steven Greenhouse
The New York Times
Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tennessee are currently voting on union representation. While the company has remained neutral but national right-wing organizations and Republicans have been very vocal in calling for a no vote. A victory for the workers and the UAW would have major implications for union organizing in the South.