As Arkema Plant Burns, Six Things We Know About Petrochemical Risks in the Wake of Harvey

Gretchen Goldman
Union of Concerned Scientists
We knew that climate change stands to make such events worse. We knew how to prepare communities and infrastructure for major storms. We knew why we shouldn’t build infrastructure in floodplains and why we shouldn’t design infrastructure that can’t withstand wind and water risks.

Beyond `No' and the Limits of `Yes': A Review of Naomi Klein's 'No Is Not Enough'

Robert Jensen
Building on her past work analyzing capitalism, Naomi Klein, in the book under review, does not stop with an analysis of the crises. She not only argues how to defeat the new shock politics of Trump (explicit in the subtitle), but outlines a resistance politics that not only rejects what she terms a domination/subordination dynamic but proceeds from saying "no" to the existing order to a "yes" to other values.