Tidbits - April 27, 2017 - Reader Comments: Peoples Climate March; Science; Korea; Nuclear War Danger; France; Hawaii IS a State; GOP Health Plan; Single-Payer; Fascism Today; Resources; Announcements-MAY DAY; Labor Film Festival; and more....

Reader Comments: Peoples Climate March and a Defense of Science; Korea; Danger of Nuclear War; Marine Le Pen is a Fascist, Not a Populist; Hawaii IS a State - Understand Jeff Sessions; GOP Health Plan - A Disaster; Attraction of Single-Payer; Airline Abuse, Profits and Deregulation; Fascism Today - Portside readers exchange views; Resources; Announcements-MAY DAY; Trump and the Left; Labor Film Festival; Left Forum; Oscar López Rivera is Coming to New York; and more...

A New Beginning

Clémentine Autain and David Broder
Early results place left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon third, behind Macron and Le Pen. But his campaign, under the banner of France Insoumise, has succeeded in shifting the debate in France’s presidential election to the Left, forcing discussion of democracy and redistribution into a terrain previously dominated by the Right. What does it mean for France’s left?

The Return of the Left

Cédric Durand & Razmig Keucheyan
Mélenchon’s election campaign has galvanized the Left by doing what Hamon couldn’t — making a clean break with the political center. In France, history is back. Here as elsewhere, the social tectonics of the great economic crisis of 2008 are doing their work. The routine presidential stables are recomposing at great speed. They are realigning political forces around the three options (Three Monsters) nestled within the infra-world of our political modernity.