Child’s Play: Trump's New Lesson for Kids

 Trump's New Lesson for Kids feature image
February 17, 2017
Effort meant to inform younger generations about energy and the environment sees sentences reworked and pie charts eliminated.
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'One-State' Spurs Right – Jews and Christians

'One-State' Spurs Right – Jews and Christians feature image
February 17, 2017
President of oldest US pro-Israel group salutes ‘new sane era’ as Trump’s views underscore divisions among Jews and influence of evangelical Christians
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Peekskill Blues: Sounds of Fascism

 Sounds of Fascism feature image
February 17, 2017
How a race riot in New York state inspired a generation to reconsider America’s vulnerability to fascism.
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Trump Preparing New Front in War on Immigrant

Trump Preparing New Front in War on Immigrant feature image
February 16, 2017
President Donald Trump is actively considering opening a new front in his war on immigrants through another hastily drafted and vaguely worded executive order. This is the latest piece of his damaging agenda to dehumanize immigrants. It willfully ignores the reality that immigrants are not only valued members of American families and communities but also tremendous contributors to the nation's economy and prosperity.
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Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War

Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War feature image
February 16, 2017
The world today is overwhelmed with problems. Policymakers seem to be confused and at a loss. But no problem is more urgent today than the militarization of politics and the new arms race. Stopping and reversing this ruinous race must be our top priority. While state budgets are struggling to fund people's essential social needs, military spending is growing.
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Direct Action-Protest and American Radicalism

Direct Action-Protest and American Radicalism feature image
February 16, 2017
This is more than a book. It is a life. L.A. Kauffman is a battle-scarred veteran of the Movement, early 1980s to the present, and in particular one sector, for want of a better term, the "direct actionists."
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Harry Belafonte Knows the Score

Harry Belafonte Knows the Score feature image
February 16, 2017
The city native, about to turn 90, looks back at a glorious past and wonders what his next act will be. The rise of Donald J. Trump alarmed him, but not as much as the passion and numbers of Mr. Trump's supporters. 'I've never known this country to be so' - he paused before saying the word.' Though encouraged by the energy in the Black Lives Matter and Occupy movements, he felt that both lacked an ideology to make real change.
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Tidbits - February 16, 2017 - Reader Comments

Tidbits - February 16, 2017 - Reader Comments feature image
February 16, 2017
Reader Comments - Lots: James Baldwin: "I Am Not Your Negro"; Elizabeth Warren - Nevertheless, She Persisted; Know Your Rights guide from the ACLU; Readers debate role of Russia; Iowa's New Union Busting Law - what it means for the whole country; Lessons from the Japanese Internment for Today's Anti-Immigrant Hysteria; Exploiting Black Labor after the Abolition of Slavery; Resources; Announcements: and more...
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We Need Answers about Russia. Now.

We Need Answers about Russia. Now. feature image
February 15, 2017
Donald Trump's embrace of Russia and Vladimir Putin and that country's interference with our election could drag democracy to an early grave.
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The Crisis at Oroville Dam, Explained

The Crisis at Oroville Dam, Explained feature image
February 15, 2017
The crisis at Oroville Dam should be a wake-up call to take these warnings seriously, though it’s hardly the first.
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Portside Culture


Philip Fried
The weather report is never good news, in Philip Fried's poem, about the atmospheric patterns of the nuclear age.

Remembering Martin Luther King's Last, Most Radical Book

Peter Kolozi and James Freeman
New Politics
Martin Luther King's last book was downplayed when it was first published in 1967; even radicals thought it passe. On the 50th anniversary of its first publication--it is still in print-- the reviewers find much of value here for contemporary readers.

When Stuart Hall was White

James Vernon
Public Books
Stuart Hall, the Jamaican immigrant who became one of the premier left wing intellectuals in the United Kingdom during the last half century, was a pioneering theorist on the rise of the right wing in modern politics, an major exponent of postcolonial theory, and a founder of Cultural Studies as an academic discipline. In this ironically titled review of two new important books of Hall's writing, Vernon offers a compelling portrait of this important figure.

‘The Salesman’: Will Academy Members Give it an Oscar To Protest Trump?

Anne Thompson
Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, who won an Oscar in 2012 for “A Separation” and whose second Oscar-nominated film, “The Salesman” is playing on more than 65 screens and could pass the $1 million mark this weekend, grabbed a lot of press when he canceled his plans to attend the February 26th Oscars ceremony following President Donald Trump’s 90-day visa ban for citizens from seven Muslim countries, including Iran.

The New Deal Meal

Rachel Laudan
Wall Street Journal
During the Depression, a loose coalition of Progressives set out to remake the American diet. Milk was regarded as the perfect food. This tension between scientific advice and traditional preferences can be traced back to the Great Depression, suggest Jane Ziegelman and Andrew Coe in “A Square Meal.”

FX’s Taboo Is More Fun to Think About Than to Watch

Matt Zoller Seitz
Taboo is about the return of the repressed, but also the suppressed, with the protagonist serving as a vessel for social commentary about the species-wide violence and corruption wrought by imperialism, racism, and capitalism.

GREED, Exercising Noblesse Oblige

Rebecca Foust
Paradise Drive
Tongue-in-cheek, Marin poet Rebecca Foust offers a sonnet about the seven deadly sins, and rich people who have their trickle-down rationalizations.

Portside Labor

Remembering Bob White

Herman Rosenfeld
Bob White played an historic role in building working class understanding of key principles: the need for workers to control their own class institutions; the need to maintain an understanding of the conflict of interests between workers and employers, the need to maintain a capacity to collectively struggle and resist, a rejection of competitiveness as a goal or concessions as a strategy, and the need for unions to develop an independent political capacity.

Union Sues Over Iowa's New Collective Bargaining Law

Grant Rodgers and William Petroski
The Des Moines Register
The new law bans public employee unions in most cases from negotiating over issues such as health insurance, evaluation procedures, staff reduction and leaves of absence for political purposes. Police officers and firefighters are exempted from that portion of the law, a move that AFSCME argues in the lawsuit violates the Iowa Constitution by creating "favored" and "disfavored" groups of government workers.

Workers, Businesses Back Proposal to Stop Wage Theft

Barb Kucera
Workday Minnesota
About 39,000 Minnesota workers suffer from wage theft each year, resulting in $11.9 million in wages owed, and that's only what goes reported. The union-backed Wage Theft Initiative proposes policy changes to give the state Department of Labor and Industry more enforcement tools and an increased budget.

Bank Workers Will Protest to Form Their First US Union — And The Whole World Is Watching

Jack Smith IV
On Tuesday, over 15,000 U.S. bank workers with the Spain-based bank Santander will declare their intent to establish this country's first bank workers' union. They'll deliver petitions, take over corporate lobbies and begin the long struggle to bring collective bargaining to an industry with predatory practices and lots of low-wage workers.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on February 24, 2017 National Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre discusses the Resistance Recess protests nationwide on MSNBC's Meet The Press Daily with Katy Tur.

Posted by Portside on February 24, 2017

Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

Posted by Portside on February 24, 2017

This video details a system of seven planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, an ultra-cool dwarf star, a discovery of the Spitzer Space Telescope operated by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

Posted by Portside on February 24, 2017

Trump's new confidant is a right-wing conspiracy theorist whose rants are best enjoyed on mute.

Posted by Portside on February 24, 2017

Kellyanne Conway has a supernatural ability to derail any interview that paints Donald Trump in a negative light. How does she do it?

Posted by Portside on February 17, 2017

During a no-holds-barred press conference, President Trump lashes out at the media, pushes lies about his Electoral College victory and boasts that he's not anti-Semitic. 

Posted by Portside on February 17, 2017

This song expresses the urgency we all face and offers us wisdom with the words, "War, children, it's just a shot away... Love, sister, it's just a kiss away".