Pope Francis and the Radical Jesus

Pope Francis and the Radical Jesus feature image
December 26, 2013
Pope Francis, in his messages and appointments, seems to be steering the Roman Catholic Church into more moderate terrain, away from some of the conservative ideological interpretations of the recent period. Jim Williams reviews The Radical Jesus. "Who was Jesus anyway? What did his life and teaching mean? There are so many views - from the Religious Right to Rev. Cornell West. My view is that Jesus is whoever you want him to be. You can find the quotes to fit....
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Film Review - Inside Inside Llewyn Davis

Film Review - Inside Inside Llewyn Davis feature image
December 26, 2013
Dave Van Ronk's ex-wife, Terri Thal, reviews the film, Inside Llewyn Davis. Llewyn Davis differs from David. - there are so few similarities. The Coens say the movie isn't about Dave, and they are correct. Most of the acting is very good. Oscar Isaac is excellent -- he's real, and he brings pathos and anger to Llewyn Davis. His performances of David's songs are good. The music? It's done well, but the movie never shows how it comes about.
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Tidbits - December 26, 2013

Tidbits - December 26, 2013 feature image
December 26, 2013
Reader Comments - Flashmob for Mandela; The Progressive 'Left"; War and Christmas Truce of 1914; Socialist Origins of the Pledge; Radicals in City Hall; Fidel Castro on Mandela's Death and Who Supported Apartheid; Korea; MSNBC; Announcements - "No Separate Justice" Launch in New York City Jan. 7; Esperanza Spalding Protest Song & Video Calling For Guantanamo Bay
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Cuban Economic Reforms

Cuban Economic Reforms feature image
December 26, 2013
Large new cooperative opens in Havana. The official view is that cooperatives are a more social form of production that private businesses and therefore will receive preferential treatment with respect to taxes and other fees. The government also is making credits available to cooperatives, credits denied private business owners.
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2013 “Are You Serious?” Awards

2013 “Are You Serious?” Awards feature image
December 25, 2013
Every year Dispatches From The edge gives awards to news stories and newsmakers that fall under the category of “Are you serious?” Here are the awards for 2013.
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Millions to College Presidents, Not Students

Millions to College Presidents, Not Students feature image
December 18, 2013
The state of education is in disarray just like the state of capitalism.
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Have a Great 2013 on Faith-based Issues

Have a Great 2013 on Faith-based Issues feature image
December 25, 2013
Liberals are on the ascendance on faith-based issues, and as a long-time advocate of these views, I think it's great.
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Dispatches from the Culture Wars-Dec 24, 2013

Dispatches from the Culture Wars-Dec 24, 2013 feature image
December 25, 2013
Pioneering Porn Publisher Al Goldstein Passes Away; Spy Agencies Bring Real Espionage to Virtual Worlds; Duck Dynasty Embraces Jim Crow; Pope Francis Embraces Just Catholic Economics; Islamophobia Pretends to be Feminism
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Socialist Origins of the Pledge of Allegiance

Socialist Origins of the Pledge of Allegiance feature image
December 25, 2013
Bellamy wrote the Pledge in 1892 to express his outrage at the nation's widening economic divide.
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Advice for Young Women: Get a Union Job

 Get a Union Job feature image
December 23, 2013
According to a new paper on women and unionization by progressive think tank the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), "Even after controlling for factors such as age, race, industry, educational attainment and state of residence, the data show a substantial boost in pay and benefits for female workers in unions relative to their non-union counterparts. In other words, all other things being equal, unions are good for working women.
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Black People Can’t Swim

Diana Goetsch
Gettysburg Review
In our age of cultural pluralism, mixing ethnicity, race, religion, gender, not to mention economics, the poet Diana Goetsch enjoys an evening celebrating what’s different and what’s not

Was Aaron Burr the Embryo Caesar?

Eric Foner
London Review of Books
Little is known about the veracity of the so-called Burr Conspiracy, the alleged effort by Aaron Burr to split off the western territories to form a separate nation in the early 1800s. People, the book's author writes, clung to familiar stories; they ‘embraced different certainties’ regardless of new information and revelations.

Future Home of the Living God

Robert Goodman
Newtown Review of Books
Erdrich takes up the genre of literary dystopia in a manner that is focused, writes reviewer Goodman, "on the agency of women and the centrality of procreation and pregnancy in the way they are treated by society."

Santa Barbara Film Festival To Open With Emilio Estevez’s ‘The Public’

Bruce Haring
Deadline Hollywood
'The Public' follows a group of homeless library patrons, who, after learning that emergency shelters are at capacity during a brutal Midwestern cold front, refuse to leave Cincinnati’s downtown public library at closing. What begins as a nonviolent Occupy sit-in and ragtag act of civil disobedience quickly escalates into a stand-off with local riot police, a no-nonsense crisis negotiator, and a savvy DA with lofty political ambitions.

West Africa steams over jollof rice war

Anisa Subedar & Iqbal Ahmed
BBC News
Jollof rice is a dish hugely popular in countries such as Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon. Somehow, Mark Zuckerberg got into the fray about which country's recipe is best.

Portside Labor

NLRB moves to roll back rule giving workers' contact information to unions

Sean Higgins
Washington Examiner
"This action indicates an intent to appease employers who want every tool possible to defeat workers’ efforts to form a union, instead of ensuring the fairness of the union representation process," said Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia, the top Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

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Shift Change: How New Orleans Hospitality Workers are Organizing Their Industry

Kat Stromquist
In an echo of national worker's rights movements such as Fight for $15 and OUR Walmart, New Orleans hospitality workers are coming together in an attempt to rearrange the building blocks of their industry. Both on their own and with the support of a union, workers are becoming their own advocates, in an effort to — as Marlene Patrick-Cooper, the local organizing director for the UNITE HERE union, often says — "turn poverty jobs into middle-class jobs."

Leaving the Fortresses: Between Class Internationalism and Nativist Social Democracy

Gareth Dale
Viewpoint Magazine
The left often falls victim to the myth that globalization and migration pose big threats to jobs and wages. This is a mistake. International migration is high, but not significantly so. And the idea that labor market competition can be overcome by raising borders, defending the “nation,” and excluding immigrants is a Sozialismus der dummen Kerle [a socialism of chumps, of numpties].

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on December 15, 2017

Dulce Sloan breaks down why African-American women are responsible for helping Roy Moore lose the Alabama Senate race.

Posted by Portside on December 15, 2017

Many Bible verses actually have a pretty icky description of what marriage ought to be. As this song reminds us.

Posted by Portside on December 15, 2017

A closer look at the Democrats' shocking Alabama election victory, which delivered a stunning blow to both Steve Bannon and President Trump.

Posted by Portside on December 15, 2017

Hurray! No child molesters in the U.S. Senate. But don't celebrate too soon. Francesca Fiorentini explains.

Posted by Portside on December 15, 2017

Stephen has a message for the FCC that also involves a phrase beginning with 'F.'

Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Former President Barack Obama urged voters this week to stay engaged in democracy, warning that complacency was responsible for the rise of Nazi Germany.


Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Preacher Celebrates his 69th birthday at the Granite Rail in Quincy MA (2011)!