The Recovery

The Recovery feature image
July 7, 2013
Four Years Into the Recovery and We’re Just a Fifth of the Way Out of the Hole Left by the Great Recession
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The Attempt to Halt the Atom Bombing of Japan

The Attempt to Halt the Atom Bombing of Japan feature image
July 7, 2013
It’s well known that as the Truman White House made plans to use the first atomic bombs against Japan in the summer of 1945, a large group of atomic scientists, many of whom had worked on the bomb project, raised their voices, or at least their names, in protest.
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What Do Ants Know That We Don’t?

What Do Ants Know That We Don’t? feature image
July 7, 2013
Ant colonies have been used throughout history as models of industry, obedience, and wisdom. Although the ants themselves can be indolent, inconsiderate of others, and downright stupid, we have much to learn from ant colony protocols. The ants have evolved ways of working together that we haven’t yet dreamed of.
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More Investment = More Profit ?????????

More Investment = More Profit ????????? feature image
July 7, 2013
Anyone who expects a huge uptick in investment to provide a major boost to demand is either smoking something serious or simply has never looked at the data. It hasn't happen in the last 65 years and it's not about to happen now.
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REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons

REWIND - A Week of Quotes and Cartoons feature image
July 6, 2013
Voting Rights, Tom Friedmnan,Student Debt, Kidnapped President, Frederick Douglass and Unemployment
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Profile - Mohamed ElBaradei

Profile - Mohamed ElBaradei feature image
July 6, 2013
Ex-IAEA chief and Nobel laureate to be named Egypt's new interim prime minister, three days after army ousts Morsi. The June 30 Front, an amalgam of several opposition groups, believe Elbaradei is "the voice of their demands"
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Egyptian Hip Hop Artists Rap on Social Ills

Egyptian Hip Hop Artists Rap on Social Ills feature image
July 6, 2013
'Amid political disturbances, it would be irrelevant to sing about cars or parties,' says rapper El-Banna to Ahram Online regarding the Breathe Hip Hop concert June 20.
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Victory over Major Healthcare Corporation

Victory over Major Healthcare Corporation feature image
July 6, 2013
A community and labor coalition has just won a years-long battle against the largest private healthcare provider in San Francisco
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Trade Talks Should Be in the Public Interest

Trade Talks Should Be in the Public Interest feature image
July 6, 2013
Instead a negotiation process that is neither democratic and or transparent is likely to perpetuate a managed trade regime. The US refusal to eliminate its cotton and other agricultural subsidies torpedoed the Doha round of trade talks.
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Elizabeth Warren Tackles Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren Tackles Wall Street feature image
July 5, 2013
The reform-minded senator talks tough, and she knows where the bodies are buried.
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Portside Culture

Inside a Bestselling Syrian Cookbook From the 13th Century

Hannah Walhout
Food & Wine Magazine
This 13th centure cookbook of Syrian recipes shows us the opulent upper limits of the cuisine from those who cooked and ate it—chefs developing recipes, explorers discovering ingredients, the wealthy elite who demanded luxury and ingenuity.

Grace in War

Stacey Walker
Boulevard Magazine
Stacey Walker’s astonishing lyric poem depicts the postwar trauma of an American veteran of the Iraq war and his wife, as the war lives on in their bed.

The Sense of Art: In Memoriam John Berger

Mike Gonzalez
International Socialism
British artist, novelist, prodigious essayist and poet John Berger, best known for her magisterial and approachable Ways of Seeing and who died in January, is remembered here for his radical approach to Art, when it functions to make sense of what life’s brutalities cannot, when it becomes a meeting place of the invisible, the irreducible, the enduring, what Berger called guts and honor.

A Great Vision

Kim Scipes
Substance News
A writer tells the story of his left wing family. Reviewer Scipes takes us on a tour.

Portside Labor

We Are a Sanctuary Union

Tim Goulet
Socialist Worker
International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Local 810 in New York City, has voted to declare itself a "sanctuary union," becoming the first Teamsters local to do so.

A New Farm Worker Union Is Born

David Bacon
The American Prospect
Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest. Members are filled with ideals, starting with their own organization. Its principles for organization sound like those of radical unions throughout U.S. history. Union leaders should be workers, and the rank and file should make all decisions. No leader or staff member should have a salary higher than a worker in the fields.

Seward Coop Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Unionize

Barb Kuzera
Workday Minnesota
Workers at Seward Coop three locations in Minneapolis are celebrating their decision Thursday to join United Food & Commercial Workers Local 653. Ninety-four percent of those who voted in the election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board supported union representation.

Greenfield Nurses to Go on Strike

Massachusetts Nurses Association
As a result nurses are working endless additional shifts usually without rest. In fact, 3,940 times in the past 12 months nurses had to work for longer than 12 hours because there was no one to relieve them.

Brazil: Workers’ Rights Under Threat From Government Reforms

Mathilde Dorcadie
Equal Times
The ousting of President Dilma Rousseff has provided an opportunity for the proponents of neoliberalism and those who want to break union power. Most of Brazil's union centers fear that proposed government reforms will weaken unions and further the spread of subcontracting.

L.A. and Long Beach Port Workers Begin Striking

Jack Flemming
Los Angeles Times
"Around 60 truck drivers and warehouse workers serving the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports began striking terminals across the region Monday morning. The strike was called by the Teamsters union Local 848 to protest what it alleges is illegal subcontracting, misclassification and wage theft by trucking companies."

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on June 28, 2017


Before Donald Trump's hundreds of lies as president, there was the Founding Lie that launched his political career, that Barack Obama was not a legitimate president.

Posted by Portside on June 23, 2017

Who's on Special Counsel Mueller's Russia investigation team and what do their qualifications say where the investigation is going?

Posted by Portside on June 24, 2017


Song by Jesse Winchester, from The Wire, Season 1. Winchester opposed the Vietnam War, moved to Canada in 1967, and after a Presidential amnesty in 1977 resettled in the United States.

Posted by Portside on June 23, 2017

Lawrence O'Donnell says Trump initially tweeted about "tapes" only because he can't keep himself from lying.

Posted by Portside on June 24, 2017

A group of protesters blocked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) office on June 22nd to oppose the GOP health-care bill and cuts to Medicaid.

Posted by Portside on June 23, 2017

Randy Bryce, local community activist and life-long resident of southeastern Wisconsin launches campaign for Congress in Wisconsin's first district to take on Speaker Paul Ryan.

Posted by Portside on June 16, 2017

Money laundering "cleans" money of its criminal origins. But how does it actually work?