Socialists Made Strong Showing in Elections

Socialists Made Strong Showing in Elections feature image
November 7, 2013
Tuesday's election showed gains for progressives and labor-backed candidates, and also for socialists. In Seattle, Kshama Sawant received 46.1% of the total vote for City Council. However, the count of the most recently counted votes gives her 49.69%. Even if her opponent holds on, he has announced that he will not run again - against her or anyone else.
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JFK Assassination @ 50 - Was There Cover-up?

JFK Assassination @ 50 - Was There Cover-up? feature image
November 7, 2013
President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas fifty years ago. And, fifty years later, a complicit media still covers up for the security state. We need to reclaim our history, writes David Talbot, the founder of
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Saving Worker Education at Brooklyn College

Saving Worker Education at Brooklyn College feature image
November 7, 2013
Brooklyn College's plan to dramatically scale back the Graduate Center for Worker Education is one of the latest efforts to curtail examination of working class issues done in a way designed to provide students with activist skills.
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Los Angeles Walmart on Strike, Stage Sit-in

Los Angeles Walmart on Strike, Stage Sit-in feature image
November 7, 2013
In a preview of what will be a nationwide day of action on Black Friday, Walmart workers at several Southern California stores walked off the job this morning to protest Walmart's low wages. Just minutes ago, sixty Walmart workers were arrested for engaging in a peaceful sit-in in downtown Los Angeles.
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Off-Year Elections Show Reaction Can Be Beat

Off-Year Elections Show Reaction Can Be Beat feature image
November 6, 2013
Elections show the tide can turn against the unholy alliance of big business, the Tea Party, and the religious right. Growing protests - the "Moral Monday" movement in North Carolina, militant immigrant rights activism, battles to protect women's health clinics from state budget cuts, strikes by low-wage workers, civil disobedience actions to challenge voter suppression, & campaigns against global energy corporations. Virginia - win in a race lost by...
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Flipping the House in 2014

Flipping the House in 2014 feature image
November 6, 2013
We need to get much more organized on the democratic side of the divide in the Democratic Party. We may not be in a position for million-dollar media buys, but we can field tens of thousands of new organizers. Next year's congressional elections call for a more unified, progressive and revitalized Democratic Party.
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Chicago's 99% Against Rahm Emanuel

Chicago's 99% Against Rahm Emanuel feature image
November 6, 2013
Will Rahm Emanuel's effort to establish a privatized neoliberal outpost in Chicago succeed? Not if the ongoing uprising brushfires turn from kindling wood into a contemporary Chicago fire of political resistance. Kari Lydersen, author of "Mayor 1%," tells Truthout Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is representative of the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party, and he's getting significant pushback in his efforts to expand privatization and limit protests.
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Casino Workers Stage Las Vegas Sit-in

Casino Workers Stage Las Vegas Sit-in feature image
November 6, 2013
Las Vegas workers, stage sit-in on casino floor of the Cosmopolitan, demanding the Vegas resort recognize their union. For two years the $4 billion casino has refused to negotiate with their workers, and their union - Culinary Workers Union or UNITE HERE local 226.
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The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution

The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution feature image
November 6, 2013
An overview of the Algerian Revolution, on it's fiftieth anniversary -the Algerian Revolution as something that was itself productive - of repertoires of contestation, of ideas about a "social contract," of something that could later be "confiscated" - rather than as a historical bookmark.
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Anti-Discrimination Bill Makes Progress

Anti-Discrimination Bill Makes Progress feature image
November 5, 2013
Senate voted 61-30 on Monday to advance debate on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
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Portside Culture

West Africa steams over jollof rice war

Anisa Subedar & Iqbal Ahmed
BBC News
Jollof rice is a dish hugely popular in countries such as Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon. Somehow, Mark Zuckerberg got into the fray about which country's recipe is best.

Outlander Introduces Slavery Into Its Narrative So Claire & Jamie Can Make Heart Eyes in Jamaica

Princess Weekes
The MarySue
The moral of the story is “don’t tell stories about these big topics if you can’t do it well.” And by “well,” I don’t mean create a post-racial utopia. I mean have the ability to give that story its own weight and importance beyond what it does for your two white leads. I mean the very least you can do is not make Jamie and Claire white saviors. At the very least. But that isn’t possible because they are the people this story is about.


Peter Neil Carroll
Chiron Review
"Oral history we call it: I want his past, he hopes/ for my future." So poet/historian Peter Neil Carroll traces the story of a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who fought the good fight, stuck to his principles to the end.

We Know About Bad Books, But Are There Bad Readers, Too?

Merve Emre
Boston Review
The author queries the existence of bad readers, linking causes not to illiteracy or injuries of class or the diffusion of mass culture, but to a Cold War literary trend sporting "an abundance of paraliterary works," such as memoirs, diaries, biographies, diplomatic studies, and feature reports as primers for engaging with literary texts as seemingly historically accurate yet stressing outcomes and expectations consonant with systemic social ends.

Acting Natural

J. Hoberman
The New York Review of Books
The camera, just by its presence, altered human behavior. The motion picture camera changed the nature of acting. Among other things, it created that apparent oxymoron, the non-actor, the subject of an unusually rich and stimulating series now at the Film Society of Lincoln Center entitled "The Non-Actor".

How Food Packaging Claims Can Fool You

Sally Wadyka
Consumer Reports
Food manufacturers use language to magnify the desirability of a product and can lead you to believe it’s something to make you healthier—even though what’s inside that box may not be all that good for you.

Portside Labor

Leaving the Fortresses: Between Class Internationalism and Nativist Social Democracy

Gareth Dale
Viewpoint Magazine
The left often falls victim to the myth that globalization and migration pose big threats to jobs and wages. This is a mistake. International migration is high, but not significantly so. And the idea that labor market competition can be overcome by raising borders, defending the “nation,” and excluding immigrants is a Sozialismus der dummen Kerle [a socialism of chumps, of numpties].

Where to Begin? Lessons from the Fight for $15 Beyond North America

Jonathan Rosenblum Interviewed By Yuri Lobunov
Socialist Project
Jonathan Rosenblum lives in Seattle, Washington, and is a member of UAW 1981/National Writers Union. He is the author of Beyond $15: Immigrant Workers, Faith Activists, and the Revival of the Labor Movement (Beacon Press, 2017). More about him can be found at The interview was counducted by Yuri Lobunov, editor-in-chief of, where this interview was published in Russian.

#MeToo Solidarity

Lane Windham
Working-Class Perspectives
Many women aren’t surprised by the accusations that dominate news headlines. What’s new is that we are openly recognizing and naming the hidden dangers that women have long navigated at work wordlessly and alone. The question is whether women will be able to turn their solidarity into an inclusive movement that can transform the workplace.

Fordham Adjuncts, Instructors Vote Union Yes

The Catholic Labor Network
The Catholic Labor Network
In an election concluded in November, contingent faculty at Fordham University have voted overwhelmingly to form a union and bargain collectively.

As The Gig Economy Grows, Advocates Raise Concerns About Workers' Safety

Samantha Raphelson
Here & Now, NPR
"Workers who work in the gig economy are making money but missing out on other standard benefits of having jobs: health care primarily but also paid sick leave and worker's compensation," says Jessica Martinez, co-executive director of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. "It's essentially the Tinder economy. When a temp worker is done with his or her shift, the boss swipes left and claims to have no further obligation."

A Plan To Win The Socialism Sweden Nearly Achieved

Peter Gowan
People's Policy Project
The status quo is both undemocratic and morally repugnant. The only long-term alternative is to take control of our economy — and the moral imperative is to do so as soon as possible. Here is a plan to do that.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Former President Barack Obama urged voters this week to stay engaged in democracy, warning that complacency was responsible for the rise of Nazi Germany.


Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Preacher Celebrates his 69th birthday at the Granite Rail in Quincy MA (2011)!


Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Russian cyber experts were arrested for treason a year ago because they helped the U.S. figure out who was responsible for the DNC hack.

Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Republican women are divided on Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race following sexual abuse allegations against Moore.

Posted by Portside on December 8, 2017

Washington Post reporters detail how they broke the story that multiple women accused Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore of pursuing, dating, or sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers.

Posted by Portside on December 1, 2017

Rachel Maddow looks at the warnings Donald Trump received about Mike Flynn and the inexplicable way Trump held Flynn in favor even after he left office.

Posted by Portside on December 1, 2017

Struggling to survive, two families work the same land in the Mississippi Delta but live worlds apart. Directed by Dee Rees, Mudbound | A Netflix film, now streaming on Netflix.