Privatization and Budget Cuts in Chicago

July 31, 2013
A school boycott will be painful for families, but I think it is worth a parent-led debate and discussion. The alternative is too costly. Once the public schools are gone, they are gone for good.
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Another Perspective on Worker Ed Program

July 31, 2013
A few days ago, Portside shared with its readers a request to sign a petition protesting the elimination of funding for the Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education. Today, we are sharing a response to that petition from Corey Robin, a political scientist and interim direct of the center.
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Walmart Strikers Punished

Walmart Strikers Punished feature image
July 31, 2013
The firings are almost certainly illegal retaliation under the National Labor Relations Act, but workers may have to wait to see justice carried out. The labor board has a slow process even in good times, but in recent years it has been declawed by Congressional Republicans—who have obstructed the appointment of board members, leaving the board without a quorum to conduct business.
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Detroit Bankrupt But Hockey Stadium On Track

Detroit Bankrupt But Hockey Stadium On Track feature image
July 31, 2013
“These are more than just remedies that didn’t work. They are part of the problem because stadiums don’t address the central issues of falling population, falling tax base, declining wages, unemployment and the underfunding of schools.”
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Media Bits and Bytes - July 30, 2013

Media Bits and Bytes - July 30, 2013 feature image
July 30, 2013
Palestinians Blocked from Getting Smartphone Service; NSA Technology Simply Too Old to Search; Who Owns Your Data When You Die?; New Computing Physics Soon to Emerge from NASA-Google Partnership; GED Gets a Digital Makeover and Faces Competition
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Another Citizens United—but Worse

Another Citizens United—but Worse feature image
July 30, 2013
Citizens United was not an aberration for this Court. It emerged from a definite view about the intersection of campaigns and free speech.
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Abortion Rights Activists Losing? Where?

Abortion Rights Activists Losing? Where? feature image
July 30, 2013
While national attitudes about abortion have stayed relatively the same since the 1990s, regional attitudes are shifting in opposite directions.
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Fast Food Strikes Catch Fire

Fast Food Strikes Catch Fire feature image
July 30, 2013
The fast food strikes are part of a broader movement by low-wage workers for higher pay and union representation that has caught fire over the past year. Targets include a range of employers, including Wal-Mart, federal subcontractors, warehouses, retail stores and car washes. This low-wage service and retail worker movement has tapped into a vein of discontent. But it has also created hopes for change through the fledgling campaign’s remarkable successes.
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Blow the Whistle, Face Life in Jail

Blow the Whistle, Face Life in Jail feature image
July 30, 2013
'The US government will come after you, no holds barred, if you're thinking of revealing evidence of its unlawful behavior', says Amnesty - Jon Queally, staff writer
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State Capitols Rumble with Citizen Protest

State Capitols Rumble with Citizen Protest feature image
July 29, 2013
Three State Capitols in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida are echoing with the songs and chants of people who feel scorned by their state government.
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Portside Culture

What Is The Healthiest Way to Cook Vegetables

Markham Heid
TIME Health
Boiled down, there are a few simple rules when it comes to the best way to eat your vegetables. Just as eating a variety of vegetables is a good idea, enjoying them in a variety of ways seems to maximize their health benefits.

Return to Sender

Julayne Elle
Cultural Weekly
Southern California poet Julayne Elle explores the injustices of a US law involving the adoption of children from foreign countries who remain exposed to deportation.

FIFA and Soccer’s Culture of Corruption

Simon Kuper
The New York Review of Books
In 2015, FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, was brought down by allegations of industrial-scale bribes, kickbacks, money laundering, racketeering and tax evasion. Its corruption extended from the decision to send the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar to cases of embezzlement worldwide. The author even interviews its bent former president Sepp Blatter.

Portside Labor

How Hurricane Harvey Is Affecting Houston’s Restaurant Employees

Amy McCarthy
Hospitality union UNITE HERE represents more than 3,000 restaurant and hotel employees in the greater Houston area, and around 250 of its members have experienced “catastrophic losses,” according to Texas organizing director Danna Schneider. UNITE HERE arrived soon after Harvey made landfall, and the organization has since been delivering groceries and checking up on its members.

From 'Labor for Bernie' To 'Labor for Our Revolution'

Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Organizing UpGrade
For the first time in anyone’s memory (and for that matter for the first time since Eugene Debs in 1920) a self-identified Socialist rallied large numbers behind an explicitly anti-corporate, anti-Wall Street, pro-working class platform.

Labor’s Southern Strategy

Chris Brooks and Gene Bruskin
Dollars & Sense
It was clear to us in the Justice@Smithfield campaign that you could not win relying solely on worker meetings and house visits or relying on solidarity in the community. We had to had to build visible activity inside the plant. Having workers see one another in collective action, not being fired and even winning things is how the union takes on a living presence.

Unions Aren't Obsolete, They're Being Crushed by Right-Wing Politics

Livia Gershon
A new report lays out how effective the assault on organized labor has been. The decline of unions—which now represent just over one in ten US workers, down from one in five from 1983—has been less about their value for workers than the result of a concerted effort to destroy the labor movement.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on September 15, 2017

The New York Times reports that President Trump wanted to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions after hearing of Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel. Ari Melber breaks it down.

Posted by Portside on September 15, 2017

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick hasn't been signed by any team in the NFL because they can't tolerate his silent public protest of police killings. But here's what the NFL does tolerate ...


Posted by Portside on September 15, 2017

Christian Picciolini describes how he became a neo-Nazi, why he stopped being one, and what he's doing to help people leave hate groups.

Posted by Portside on September 15, 2017

Haitian Raoul Peck ('I Am Not Your Negro') directs an indie biopic that narrates the early stormy development of communism through the prism of the Marx-Engels partnership. In select theaters.

Posted by Portside on September 15, 2017



Dave Van Ronk ('The Mayor of Macdougal Street'), performs a tragic ballad about drugs, poverty and domestic violence.

Posted by Portside on September 8, 2017

The shameful role of eugenics in U.S. immigration policy in the 1920s and Jeff Sessions' praise for those policies as an example of their resurgence in the Trump administration.

Posted by Portside on September 8, 2017

Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker produced compelling combinations of jazz-infused guitar and elusive lyrics. Sound from the 1972 studio version, video from the 1973 Midnight Special. RIP 1950-1917.