Mass Civil Disobedience Against Keystone XL

Peter Rothberg
The Nation
The March 2 sit-in is expected to be the largest act of civil disobedience by young people in the recent history of the environmental movement and it will be led by just the demographic that helped propel Obama to the presidency. The protest, known as "XL Dissent," is meant to send a clear signal to President Obama that the base that helped elect him sees Keystone XL as a decision that will define his entire legacy.

The Truth

February 5, 2014

'Obama was correct in December when he called widening inequality “the defining challenge of our time.” He mustn’t back down now even if Democratic pollsters tell him to.


January 8, 2014

'Even the sometimes salacious excerpts from the former defense secretary Robert Gates’s soon-to-be-released book, in which he criticizes the president, the vice president and Hillary Clinton, are not wholly negative for the White House.

Obama Administration Stays Quiet as Boeing Strikes Major Blow to Pensions

Working In These Times
The loss of pensions at Boeing marks a major setback for unions, as employers typically follow the example of other employers at the bargaining table in terms of what constitutes a reasonable demand. Since the financial crash, unions have given up pensions for new hires at large, profitable, industry trendsetters such as General Electric, Verizon, Honeywell and now, Boeing.

The Obamacare We Deserve - How to Make it Better

Michael Moore; Jared Bernstein
Obamacare was conceived at the Heritage Foundation, and birthed in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney. Obama took Romneycare, a program designed to keep the private insurance industry intact, and improved some of its provisions. In deciding what course, the question for the new administration, which successfully ran a campaign with a large plank to make major changes to the health care delivery system, try to go around the existing insurance industry or through it?