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Posted by Portside on July 24, 2017
Smithsonian Magazine
Nathan's may be famous, but it's only part of the Ellis-Island-meets-Coney-Island story. Outside New York, the Coney Island name evokes an entirely different hot-dog tradition.
Posted by Portside on July 23, 2017
Teen Vogue
In this op-ed, Lincoln Blades argues that HBO's new show Confederate is an unnecessary series that turns a blind eye to the world we currently live in.
Posted by Portside on July 21, 2017
The New York poet Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad offers a soulful Life Jacket to those displaced and forlorn by international tragedies: "remember," she writes, "you were born first/into a province of hope."
Posted by Portside on July 20, 2017
New Politics
A review of the martyred German/ Polish Marxist's revolutionary's writings, with special emphasis on her seminal work, Reform and Revolution (1900, revised 1908). The classic essay is available in numerous collections of her work, and is accessible on line at Marxists.org
Posted by Portside on July 19, 2017
Here is yet another entry in the history of how the blacklist impacted Hollywood during the McCarthy era, and how artists resisted through their art.
Posted by Portside on July 18, 2017
People seem to think that a movie or a television show or a book is "diverse" when there are "one or two black people or brown people, or one girl or a couple of girls," DuVernay says. "Inclusion is really half—half of the cast, half of the directors, half of the writers are women or girls, half of the room, more than half of the room is of color," she says. "I think we get really satisfied with less.
Posted by Portside on July 17, 2017
Modern Farmer
Although you still can’t get a decent sandwich in space (who knew?), plans are underway to develop a special dough for low-crumb bread and an oven in which to bake it on the ISS.