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Posted by Portside on July 17, 2017
Americans think they live in a democracy. But their workplaces are small tyrannies.
Posted by Portside on July 16, 2017
The Intercept
The coalition organized to bring universal single-payer health care to America for the first time has sparked an unprecedented level of enthusiasm in state politics. Behind the scenes, however, Campaign for a Healthy California is fracturing, amid complaints of brass-knuckle leadership on the part of the California Nurses Association, the public face of the movement.
Posted by Portside on July 13, 2017
Chicago Sun-Times
The Eisendrath group’s deal preserves two independent newspaper voices in Chicago, one of the last two-newspaper towns in America. Tronc had vowed to operate the Tribune and Sun-Times as independent titles, though media observers had expressed skepticism over how long that might last.
Posted by Portside on July 12, 2017
The New York Times
"On Tuesday, the U.A.W. said a petition for a union election had been filed by employees at a Nissan plant in Mississippi with more than 6,000 workers. They asked for a vote within a month."
Posted by Portside on July 13, 2017
Isolated examples exist of union resistance and victory. Important as these are, they do not yet approach the scale needed to respond to the challenges that labor faces in the coming years. But they show that it is still possible to strike, and it is still possible to win. In each case, building workplace union culture and organization was key. Broadening this model outwards could provide ways of reversing labor’s fortunes.
Posted by Portside on July 11, 2017
The removal of a single toxic CEO, like the condemning of a single home in the wake of a chemical leak, won’t make the region livable.
Posted by Portside on July 10, 2017
Working-Class Perspectives
A newly-mobilized working class could reshape the nation’s economic and political landscape. Women are the core of today's working-class, and that’s why women’s leadership – – especially among women of color — will be critical for that new working-class movement tp take shape.