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Posted by Portside on April 19, 2017
The Street
'The largest airline union is expanding its reach, organizing the ground service workers who have largely been left out of the airline industry's remarkable post-recession recovery. The International Association of Machinists said that in the past 10 months it has organized more than 2,000 ground service workers at two leading providers: McGee Air Services, a newly formed subsidiary of Alaska (ALK) , and at United Ground Services, a United (UAL) subsidiary.'
Posted by Portside on April 18, 2017
The new deal gives women in the industry a maternity package that few outside of Silicon Valley can currently access.
Posted by Portside on April 17, 2017
Dollars and Sense
Imperialism has changed form, which has tremendous implications for workers worldwide. Sadly, this hasn't yet created conditions for international solidarity but the potential exists. The new situation requires new and more relevant economic models of socialism to be developed, if they are to capture the popular imagination.
Posted by Portside on April 16, 2017
Huffington Post
Seattle law Judge Lasnik placed a temporary restraining order on a law that prevents these companies from exploiting their workers as “individual contractors,” rather than employees who have the right to form a union.
Posted by Portside on April 15, 2017
Labor for Our Revolution
On May 1, 2017 millions of immigrant workers will engage in public resistance to the Trump administration. In some places that resistance will include labor strikes and boycotts. Millions will march in cities and towns all across the country. We pledge to support these protests and will urge our organizations' leaders and members to participate in whatever way we can.
Posted by Portside on April 13, 2017
New York State's constitution mandates that every 20 years a referendum be held on whether to hold a constitutional convention. Some government reform groups are advocating a "yes" vote, but so too are right-wing groups that want to eliminate worker rights and social service protections. Unions are therefore urging a "no" vote this November, just as they did in 1997.
Posted by Portside on April 12, 2017
The New York Times
The building trade unions are basically pro-Trump. They like his positions on infrastructure including his position on building the Keystone Pipeline. His withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership is viewed favorably. Many of the public service unions are very much opposed to what they they perceive as his anti-worker agenda.