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Posted by Portside on February 15, 2017
The Concourse
"If the American labor movement thinks that we can just go out there and start and control the organizing that takes place, we’re not going to be successful," says Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. "I think what we can do is create an environment in which organizing takes place... We have to think of ourselves less as an institution, and more as a movement."
Posted by Portside on February 13, 2017
Labor Notes
A bill proposed in the Republican controlled state legislature in Iowa will make it illegal for all public employees except “public safety employees” (police and fire) to negotiate over health care, transfers, job evaluations, procedures for workforce reductions, subcontracting, or anything related to seniority.
Posted by Portside on February 12, 2017
Pro Publica
The president has cultivated a relationship with the building trades unions. But early hires at the Department of Labor are opponents of wage standards for construction contracts.
Posted by Portside on February 11, 2017
Labor Notes
A free on-line course for organizing in your workplace.
Posted by Portside on February 9, 2017
Working In These Times
Labor sould figtt the proposed National RIght to Work Law. But it is more imortant to continue to build alliances among other progressive groups to fight other reforms that have a serious chance of passage. In particular, labor should put its resources into organizing government workers who are under attack on all sides.
Posted by Portside on February 8, 2017
The New York Times
The alliance that some labor leaders made with Trump is built on sand. The author believes they will come to regret it.
Posted by Portside on February 7, 2017
The Daily News
"I don't think that the model that Scott Walker has put forward is a model for success," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. "That's the model that the Koch Brothers have tried to spread everywhere." Charles and his brother David Koch operate one of the most powerful conservative groups in the nation and have supported efforts across the country to curtail union rights.