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Posted by Portside on July 5, 2017
"It’s unclear exactly how many jobs are on the line. But public health experts at George Washington University estimate that 912,000 health care workers in the United States could lose their jobs if Congress rolls back the Medicaid expansion and removes tax credits to help people buy private insurance."
Posted by Portside on July 4, 2017
Associated Press
United Steel Workers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones grabbed headlines in December after he publicly accused then-President-elect Donald Trump of lying about how many jobs he was saving in a deal with furnace and air conditioner maker Carrier Corp. During a hyped-up announcement at its Indianapolis factory, had Trump inaccurately said that 1,100 jobs would be saved. The number was closer to 800.
Posted by Portside on July 3, 2017
In These Times
While student activism can’t be a lone focal point of a broader social justice movement, defending higher education and organizing on campus is still of tantamount importance for the Left.
Posted by Portside on July 2, 2017
In These Times
Vermont farmworkers are escalating their Milk With Dignity campaign, building from years of organizing in an industry fraught with abuses. The Milk with Dignity campaign was birthed after years of movement dialogue and research, including the release of a survey showing that 40 percent of Vermont farmworkers earn less than minimum wage
Posted by Portside on July 1, 2017
The Transnational Institute
How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation
Posted by Portside on June 29, 2017
Union Solidarity International
With Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, everything about the company is changing. But there remains one constant: Whole Foods still intends to be “100 percent union-free”. The hostility to worker rights that the two companies share is the future they envision for the entire hospitality industry.
Posted by Portside on June 28, 2017
Socialist Worker
International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Local 810 in New York City, has voted to declare itself a "sanctuary union," becoming the first Teamsters local to do so.