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Posted by Portside on May 3, 2017
City Living Seattle
More than a thousand people rallied and marched on May Day as part of the Seattle March for Workers and Immigration Rights. -
Posted by Portside on May 2, 2017
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Democrats and coal-country Republicans say miners are uniquely deserving because of an agreement in 1946, when the government seized mines and ended a strike by agreeing to provide health and pension benefits. Legislative leaders have agreed to the provisions as part of a $1 trillion government funding bill, and rank-and-file members are expected to approve it later this week.
Posted by Portside on May 1, 2017
In These Times
A consumer pressure campaign against labor abuses in the chicken-processing industry has produced some initial results, with a detailed pledge this week from Tyson Foods to build a better workplace for its 95,000 employees.
Posted by Portside on April 30, 2017
Mother Jones
Wisconsin's war on unions has gutted schools. The rest of America could be next.
Posted by Portside on April 29, 2017
Capital and Main
“We should have the right to distribute information to our co-workers without intimidation,” said Michael Sanchez, who works on door panels at the factory and has joined the unionizing effort. “You can’t fix problems if you’re not allowed to talk about them.”
Posted by Portside on April 27, 2017
Nationally, at all workplaces, one employee is killed on the job every other hour. Twelve a day. These are not all accidents. Too many are foreseeable, preventable, avoidable tragedies. With the approach of April 28, Workers Memorial Day 2017, the USW is seeking in America what workers in Canada have to prevent these deaths. That is a law holding supervisors and corporate officials criminally accountable and exacting serious prison sentences when workers die on the job.
Posted by Portside on April 27, 2017
Yale News
Eight members of the graduate student union Local 33 began an indefinite, collective fast in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home on Tuesday in an effort to persuade Yale to begin collective bargaining.