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Posted by Portside on August 21, 2017
Pacific Standard
Rulings in recent years have effectively forced consumers to file class actions in the jurisdiction where the corporation is based or to disaggregate the claims into separate filings.
Posted by Portside on August 20, 2017
Labor Notes
With teachers facing similar attacks in school districts across the country, it makes sense to share strategies for fighting back. That’s the goal of the United Caucuses of Rank-and-File Educators (UCORE), a growing network of locals and caucuses within the teachers unions.
Posted by Portside on August 19, 2017
Working In These Times
Though the law is set to take effect on August 28, the pro-union We Are Missouri coalition, led by the Missouri AFL-CIO, says it has collected enough signatures from voters to call for a state-wide referendum in November 2018 that could nullify the legislation.
Posted by Portside on August 17, 2017
Trump has been apt to condemn and mock anyone he finds offensive. He has no problem commenting on women bleeding, but has no comment when someone is bleeding from being hit by a car. His lack of commentary is indicative of his relationship to the white racists. While I do not believe all those who support this president are racist, I do believe all racists support this president. His lack of actions and words have reinforced this fact.
Posted by Portside on August 16, 2017
Jewish Labor Committee
The neo-Nazis, The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists must be condemned, and defeated, in the press, on the streets, in the classrooms, in the workplaces, and in the halls of government, from the highest levels in the White House to every town hall and union hall across the United States.
Posted by Portside on August 15, 2017
The Bullet
The salvation of unions resides in joining with allies to fight the coming Trump onslaught – and then to go beyond that to define a bold, unapologetic vision of society and economy, one that inspires millions of workers to engage and take action.
Posted by Portside on August 14, 2017
Labor Notes
As alt-right and white supremacist movements grow it is important to revisit history and see the ways in which most hate movements are intertwined.