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Posted by Portside on October 17, 2017
New York Daily News
Labor leaders in the U.S. have made it clear they are supportive of a NAFTA overhaul — but only if it helps eliminate the wage gap with Mexico and includes Canada’s long-shot demands for labor reform.
Posted by Portside on October 16, 2017
Common Dreams
Union members step up to provide assistance to Puerto Rico.
Posted by Portside on October 15, 2017
Globe and Mail
Beyond film-industry stakeholders, lawmakers need to act. Stronger laws and punishments are needed to curb sexual impropriety.
Posted by Portside on October 14, 2017
Working In These Times
If successful, the bill would mark a historic shift in labor law. Millions of low-wage workers across the country would be directly impacted, losing a key mechanism to protect their rights on the job, while corporations which regularly escape liability would gain protections.
Posted by Portside on October 12, 2017
Democratic Left
That Dolores Huerta is not better known in the nation provides a commentary on how little the mainstream media, and much of the Left, know about the growth of Latino power in the labor and feminist movements.
Posted by Portside on October 11, 2017
Charges have been filed against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to the National Labor Relations Board in Fort Worth, after he made statements threatening to bench players who did not stand for the national anthem.
Posted by Portside on October 10, 2017
The Washington Post
With the GOP running the White House and Congress, membership in federal unions is on the rise, fed by an administration and legislature that leaves the workforce anxious about budget cuts, layoffs and an erosion of civil service protections.