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Posted by Portside on October 9, 2017
The New Orleans Advocate
Earlier this year, hundreds of workers at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, the city's largest hotel, voted to unionize, a rare development locally that labor leaders think could give them a long-sought foothold in the city's mostly low-wage but critical hospitality industry, which employs nearly 80,000 workers.
Posted by Portside on October 8, 2017
In These Times
The legislation, which addresses job insecurity, hiring discrimination and workplace safety, was championed by the Chicago Workers’ Collaborative (CWC) and Warehouse Workers for Justice (WWJ), as well as the Illinois AFL-CIO and Raise the Floor Alliance, a coalition of eight Chicago worker centers.
Posted by Portside on October 7, 2017
On Labor
It’s worth noting how much the five Republican appointees on the Court would have to put their thumbs on the scale to rule in favor of the employers.
Posted by Portside on October 5, 2017
The American Prospect
Once upon a time, more jobs meant higher wages. Not so today. The combination of globalization, automation, increased corporate strength, decreased union power has broken that connection.
Posted by Portside on October 4, 2017
The New York Times
Newsroom employees at The Los Angeles Times are trying to form a union, setting up a potential clash with the newspaper’s parent company, Tronc. Cost-cutting measures, including sweeping layoffs, have agitated the staff. Last year, Tronc instituted an abrupt change to the vacation policy that effectively eliminated accrued vacation days, according to several employees interviewed.
Posted by Portside on October 4, 2017
The University of Chicago is fighting its graduate union tooth and nail — with a little help from the Trump administration.
Posted by Portside on October 3, 2017
The Seattle Times
The Mexican workers reached a settlement that obligates their employer to address complaints.