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Global Left Midweek - June 3, 2020

World responds to Minneapolis police murder, and much more

Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War

And with the Insurrection Act, he has the statutory authority to do so

American Exceptionalism Moves To Most Dangerous Period

The U.S. continues to pour its money into military technology and its political energy into defense strategies against what it perceives as threats to its global hegemony from China and Russia—even during a pandemic.

Demands for Trump Removal Grow

"Trump needs to be removed now, because after the massacre it will be too late."

It's Time to Take Radical Steps Toward Housing Equity

Housing under capitalism produces inequality, houselessness, and chronic displacement on a grand scale. It also makes strangers of those who remain in place.

Media Bits and Bytes - Trump's War on Free Speech

Zuckerberg For Trump, Against Twitter and Facebook Employees ... Full Court Press Against Speech Rights ... The Press and the Protests

Veterans to Minnesota National Guard: Stand Down

We are appalled to see military weapons, vehicles and equipment once again deployed in U.S. cities to control community members who are reacting to a long history of state-sanctioned violence.

Coming Soon: Bipartisan Deficit Hawks for Austerity

people waiting in line
Right now, government money is flowing. But soon the self-appointed guardians of “fiscal responsibility” will call for cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and SNAP, while leaving the defense budget and large tax breaks for the wealthy intact.

Solidarity Means Palestinian Right Of Return

The right of return for Palestinians uprooted by Zionist forces in 1948 – including their children and grandchildren – is the central issue of justice for Palestine. Yet it often remains an afterthought for solidarity activists.

Imagine Post-Pandemic: Less Policing ann No New Jails

In this time of heightening crisis, we must be brave enough to use our full imaginations — and listen to those who have been dreaming of and fighting for just cities and communities for years.
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5 Ways to Leave Behind the “Warrior Cop” Mentality

Norm Stamper Yes! Magazine
In this review from five years ago, a retired Seattle Police Department official writes about a book that addresses some of the problems of U.S. policing as an institution. Both the strengths and weaknesses of this review are revelatory.


What Life Looks Like From Here: Dinners for Long Days

Deborah Perelman Smitten Kitchen
My street in NYC has many smashed storefronts and as we went by I explained to my 10 year old that it's essential we're not more concerned about property that can be repaired than human lives that cannot.


Unstable Histories

Steffan Blayney Radical Philosophy
In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, radical psychologists and psychoanalysts sought to transform their profession. This book shows how those efforts intersected with the radical cultural and political movements of the day.



United Steelworkers on Solidarity and Justice for Black Lives

United Steel Workers
The murder of George Floyd, which was preceded by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor illustrates the devastating impact racism. At moments like these, we in the labor movement cannot be silent and must express our outrage.

Friday nite video


Da 5 Bloods | Spike Lee Movie

From Academy Award® Winner Spike Lee comes a New Joint: the story of four African-American Vets who return to Vietnam,  confronted by the lasting ravages of The Immorality of The Vietnam War.


The Legal Marijuana Industry Is Rigged | Hasan Minhaj

As rich, white business owners monopolize newly-available marijuana licenses, states continue to arrest people of color for cannabis crimes, even after it’s legal. This leads Hasan to ask: if cannabis can’t be legalized fairly, should it be legalized at all?