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New Court Decision Wrecks Church-State Separation

After decades of affirming that prayers led by school officials are unconstitutional, said Justice Sonia Sotomayor, "the court now charts a different path."

Nonprofit, Human Services Workers Are Unionizing

Makayla Wahaus and her co-workers are part of a trend in the union movement in which employees at nonprofits including human service agencies, museums, think tanks and other such organizations are starting to look to traditional labor unions as a way of improving their finances and, they say, democratizing their workplaces.

It’s the Christian Right’s Court. They Want More.

Understood in the context of the movement that created the Supreme Court in its current incarnation, there is nothing surprising about their overturning Roe. In fact, it marks the beginning rather than the endpoint of their agenda.

Paraguay’s Left Has a Chance To Regain Power

The 2012 coup against Fernando Lugo cut short the only period of left-wing rule in Paraguay’s modern history. But in elections next year, the country’s progressives have their best shot in years at unseating the corrupt, reactionary Colorado Party.

Washington Post’s Anti-Socialist Politics

For the Post—a paper owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos—scaremongering about lefties is job one. On a national level, that’s led to the Post’s hysterical coverage of Bernie Sanders. On a local level, it’s led to the paper’s attacks on Elrich.

Neutrinos Become Even More Mysterious

Experiments cannot confirm what theory predicts about neutrinos. And particle physicists have no idea why.

Canceling Student Debt Should Be a Universal Benefit

The lesson from the Corinthian debt strikers: Should President Biden cancel student loan debt, it should be done without making debtors jump through hoops.

How To Discipline a Rogue Supreme Court

The power to check the Supreme Court is there, in the Constitution. The task now is to seize it.

Make Progressive Politics Constitutional Again

We must reject the legal liberalism that attempts to cordon off constitutional questions from democratic politics.

The Supreme Court’s Faux ‘Originalism’

The conservative Supreme Court's favorite judicial philosophy requires a very, very firm grasp of history — one that none of the justices seem to possess.
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Biden Signs the School Meal Waivers Bill Into Law, but Free Meals Are Over for Many

Ximena Bustillo
Before the pandemic, meals were either free, reduced price or full price to students. During the pandemic, the waivers allowed for all meals to be free. The House bill included only free and full-price options. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., blocked the bill in the Senate, urging lawmakers to bring back the "reduced price" category of the National School Lunch Program.


Dance to the Music

Amy Soricelli Freshwater Literary Review
Amy Soricelli’s poetry captures the grit of The Bronx: the passing “radio from an open car window” or a “random gunshot.”


Plant of the Month: Peanut

Kristan M. Hanson
Weaving together new research and rich primary sources, the Plant Humanities Initiative recounts stories of global foods, such as peanuts, to illuminate their extraordinary significance to humans.



We Won! • We Won Our Union!

SCU Adjuncts and Lecturers Union SCU Adjuncts and Lecturers Union
After a Five-Year Campaign, Adjuncts Faculty and Lecturers at Santa Clara University win their union and vote SEIU 1021 as Bargaining Representative. Union-yes votes win in a landslide (72.5%) in the National Labor Relations Board-overseen election.


The Beating Heart of the US Labor Movement Was at Labor Notes

Alex N. Press Jacobin
This past weekend, 4,000 labor militants gathered near Chicago for the Labor Notes conference. Amazon and Starbucks workers, teachers, Teamsters, Bernie Sanders — Labor Notes is a mosaic that brought the labor and leftist upsurge under one roof.


Union Kitchen Workers Declare Victory in Their Efforts To Unionize

Amanda Michelle Gomez dcist
The National Labor Relations Board determined Tuesday that a majority of Union Kitchen workers in Washington,DC voted to unionize, according to the freshly-minted labor union’s collective bargaining agent, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 400.

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The Pandemic's Unequal Toll

The pandemic has touched every corner of the globe, but its impacts have not fallen on everybody equally. The latest data and projections in two fundamental areas - health and wealth.