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Young People Take Center Court

Dave Zirin’s extraordinary new book is devoted to telling how a star athlete “taking a knee” inspired young athletes across the country to join a historic social movement.

The War on Terror Was Corrupt From the Start

The war in Afghanistan wasn’t a failure. It was a massive success — for those who made a fortune off it. Instead of a nation, what we really built were more than 500 military bases — and the personal fortunes of the people who supplied them.

Making Sense of the Eviction Crisis

Multiple crises have merged: a crisis of democracy; a climate crisis with lives and livelihoods upended in the Gulf Coast, the Northeast and in the West; and an economic crisis in which millions are being cut off from Pandemic Unemployment Insurance

Top 5 Lessons of Newsom’s Big 66% Win

Six weeks ago, conventional wisdom said that California Governor Gavin Newsom would either be recalled or narrowly avoid that fate. Instead, anti-recall forces won in a landslide.

Sept. 16, 2021-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcement

Reader Comments: 9/11 Failed Policy; Medicare Advantage for Profit Scam; Myth of Robert E. Lee; We Remember Birmingham Church Bombing; Chile; Resources - Jobs Report; Climate Change; Lots and lots of Announcements...

Teaching Without Mask and Vaccine Mandates

At the University of Iowa, faculty are forbidden from asking students to wear masks in classrooms or offices.

The California Recall’s Warning for Democracy

Governor Gavin Newsom will remain in office, but GOP attempts to undermine elections aren’t going anywhere.

Afghan Women on the Lives They Left Behind

Four Afghan women who sought refuge in America talk about their lives now and everything they gave up.

The Supreme Court is Drunk on Its Own Power

A Court that used to prize careful deliberation now seems to care more about making big change quickly.

Global Left Midweek - Election News

Labor unrest, European elections, signs of a people's war in Myanmar, and a left perspective on vaxxing
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United States of Amnesia. The Tulsa Massacre

Eric Foner London Review of Books
A noted historian digs deep into the latest work by an equally eminent scholar who spent much of his career fruitfully exposing the 1921 massacre of thousands of black Tulsa citizens. The book and the review coincided with the mass-murder’ centennial


The Kremlin Letters

Jonathan Steele The Guardian
This newly published edition of this exchange of letters between the leaders of the three major countries of the anti-fascist alliance sheds new light on an almost forgotten aspect of the World War II years.


Growing Food Justice in Brooklyn

Monica R. Goya & Valery Rizzo Yes Magazine
ENYF! is an urban agriculture, food justice-led project in East New York.They grow produce and also hire and train community members—people who love food and want to learn how to cook. They basically educate the community on healthy eating.


Professional Rioters

José A. Alcántara Plainsongs
Colorado poet José A. Alcántara has a thing or two to say about the difference between so-called professional revolutionaries and mere amateurs.



Can Unions Turn the Covid Crisis Into a ‘1945 Moment’?

Dave Ward interviewed by Ben Chako Morning Star
Identifying allies to build labour movement power in localities is a key part of making the New Deal a success. “Who can we work with to build collectivism and rebuild our movement from the ground up, renewing our connections with working people?"


Labor Day 2021: UNITE HERE, the 2020 Elections and Beyond

Martin Bennett Beyond Chron
The key takeaway from the election is that workers saved our democracy—workers did the essential door-to-door canvassing and everyday working voters turned out. With their votes comes a mandate for change to help working and low-wealth people.

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CODA | Movie

Every family has its own language. A CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) has two. Now on Apple TV+ and in select theaters.