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Victims of Nuclear Bomb Tests on U.S. Soil Seek Justice

nuclear explosion sign on fence
Before the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it conducted tests that have caused serious health issues to generations of New Mexico residents—who remain uncompensated.

Far Right Militias Recruiting Vets

rightwing militia members
The war machine conditions vets to embrace white supremacy. In order for soldiers to kill, racist indoctrination needs to be part of the training.

‘Crime-free Housing’ Deepens Racial Disparity

sign posted at apartments' gate
Police program meant to empower landlords leads to more people of color being excluded.

A Washington Echo Chamber for a New Cold War

demonstrator with protest sign
A Rising China Lifts All Boats (Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, and Surface Ships), Not to Speak of Fighter Planes, in the Military-Industrial Complex.

Pivot of U.S. Politics: Racial Justice and Democracy

Black women with Black Voters Matter signs and fans
The United States will be a multiracial democracy – a democracy in which people of color have full democratic rights — or it won’t be a democracy at all.

Coronavirus: Why Are We Still Scrubbing Surfaces?

Scientists who initially warned about contaminated surfaces now say that the virus spreads primarily through inhaled droplets, and that there is little to no evidence that deep cleaning mitigates the threat indoors.

Puerto Rico Election Signals End of Two-Party Dominance

“There is no question that the old monopoly of the two political parties that have dominated Puerto Rican politics for decades is coming to an end, and that’s a very good thing,” says historian Rafael Bernabe

Tracing the Roots of Socialism’s Enduring Slogan

In a 1987 survey, nearly half of Americans surveyed believed the phrase “From each according to ability; To each according to need” came from the U.S. Constitution.

‘Small Axe’ Brings Untold History to the Screen

Mangrove opens "Small Ave" on a rousing note, a portrait of an immigrant enclave and electrifying courtroom drama telling the true story of the Londoners known as the Mangrove Nine.

Trump's Desperate Fight to Stop the Minority Vote

How Republicans applied old school racism to new demographics, and lost.
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Donna Pucciani Plainssong
Chicago poet Donna Pucciani speaks to the cruel conditions facing young refugees, the idea they are not even people.


The Long Shadow of Racial Fascism

Alberto Toscano Boston Review
Recent debates have centered on whether it’s appropriate to compare Trump to European fascists. But radical Black thinkers have long argued that racial slavery created its own unique form of American fascism.



Steward's Corner: A Path Out of Fear

Ellen David Friedman Labor Notes
Right now, it feels like fear is saturating us. But fear, confusion, and delusion are combining to squander the power we could have. There is a lot we can do to help each other combat the source of fear. The first step is talking to one another.


Unions Disagree over Biden's Labor Secretary Pick

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and some of his organization’s largest affiliate unions are getting behind Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. But others are pushing Michigan Rep. Andy Levin, a former Service Employees International Union organizer.

Friday nite video


Trump & Election Results | John Oliver

A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.


Beethoven 250 tribute

In honor of Beethoven's 250th anniversary, the complex and beautiful cymatic geometry embedded in Beethoven's gorgeous melody are revealed. The imagery is the actual geometry of music imprinted onto pure water and is not computer generated.


Election Results 2020 | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


What Are mRNA Vaccines?

The first Covid-19 vaccines employ a biotechnology never before used. Find out how mRNA vaccines work.