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Nurses in Massachusetts Are Waging the Longest Strike

The longest active picket line in the US is in Worcester, Massachusetts, where over 700 union nurses are entering their third month on strike. Their chief demand: safe staffing for patients.

Corporations Pumped Up CEO Pay While Workers Suffered

More than half of the country’s 100 largest low-wage employers rigged pay rules in 2020 to give CEOs 29 percent average raises while their frontline employees made 2 percent.

Break the Fear Barrier and Speak Up for Palestine

Saying the Palestinian issue is ‘complex’ is no excuse for not speaking up against Israeli crimes.

Cob Structures in West Oakland Homeless Community

A community of homeless residents lives near Cob on Wood, surrounding the site. Advocates and some residents estimate the population of that community to be about 100 people.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars - May 11, 2021

Who's getting canceled? The disabled, critical race theory, and more reports from the cultural front

Biden's 100 Days

We use the Filipino American Agenda to launch local and national campaigns advocating for concrete solutions to problems our kababayan are facing here. We advocate for our kababayan in the Philippines demanding passage of Philippine Human Rights Act.

Anti-Asian Violence and the U.S. Role in Asia

What are fundamental causes resulting in thousands of documented acts of anti-Asian hatred and violence, in many instances directed at Asian American women and elders? This analysis must include the long history of U.S. global anti-Asian animus.

WWII: UE Fought for Child Care as “Infrastructure”

“An adequate child program must be made available to every child of working mothers, regardless of race, creed or color.”

Fossil Fuel Phase Out: Begin Where People Hurt Most

“We must move funds to frontline communities for clean energy projects and stop fossil fuel developers from perpetuating conventional investments in dirty energy and injustice.”

Biden’s Jobs Plan Could Build Racial Equity With One Si

How the infrastructure bill could easily be engineered to also build justice.
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Is It Time for a Second White House Summit on Food?

Josh Voorhees Modern Farmer
The first White House food summit took place a half-century ago and changed the trajectory of hunger in America. Has the time come for a serious rethink about the way we approach food and nutrition policy?


The Strange Bipartisan Appeal of Ted Lasso

Joanna Weiss Politico
It's an apolitical show. So why do politicians keep talking about it? It’s ironic that so many people have hung the American self-image on a show with its roots in a mildly condescending joke about ugly Americans.


Under Corporate Skies

Al Young afropoets
“Where profit ignites,” writes the late poet Al Young, “lives go out.”


Epidemic Empire: Colonialism, Contagion, and Terror 1817-2020

Joshua Moufawad-Paul Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book offers an examination of how the language of imperialism portrays anti-imperialism and rebellion as infection and pestilence, and how that language is "central to the management of empire and neoimperial formation."



Who Cares?

Sarah Jaffe The Baffler
Before Covid-19, American women were already in crisis


Save the Post Office

Dennis O’Neil Labor Notes
The Postmaster General’s New Attack on the Mail is a Fig Leaf for Privatization.

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A 60-Second Rant for DC Statehood | Mehdi Hasan

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and politicians who ignore their state's own history shouldn't decry DC statehood. In a mini-rant, NBC’s Mehdi Hasan introduces the pot to the kettle. Start the clock!


Yasmin Williams | "Restless Heart"

Yasmin Williams only started playing the guitar after beating all the songs on expert-level on Guitar Hero II. Now she is one of a new generation who are changing the face of guitar soloists.


We Will Transform Kentucky | Charles Booker

Charles Booker believes that there is a progressive movement rising in Kentucky, and if people work together they can win back the Senate seat held by Rand Paul for the people.