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Global Left Midweek - Die Linke and the German Left

German Parties Realign * Solidarity Protests Against the Far Right * Reports from South Africa, Mexico, Canada

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How to Turn Your Yard Into an Ecological Oasis

Replacing grass with even a few plants native to your region can save insects and the ecosystems that depend on them.

High Stakes Tests Aren't Better—And They Never Will Be

Accountability is important. But tests that tie school funding to student performance only make things worse.

The Wet’suwet’en Take Another Anti-Pipeline Struggle

Protests have brought rail travel in Canada to a standstill and introduced the fight against Coastal GasLink to the broader public.

Michael Bloomberg and the Dangers of ‘Any Blue Will Do’

The presidential candidate is a mirror image of Trump.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars - February 18, 2020

Corruption on top, rebellion on the bottom, and Bernie on the ballot

Corporations Forcing Their Way Into America’s Schools

Teacher carrying protest sign
“We’re not against teaching students career skills” that could eventually help them find employment, Flinn explained. “We’re against corporations writing the curriculum.”

The Shame of Child Poverty in the Age of Trump

young girl holding cardboard sign "Please Help"
...according to the Children's Defense Fund, kids now constitute one-third of the 38.1 million Americans classified as poor and 70% of them have at least one working parent -- so poverty can’t be chalked up to parental indolence.

How the Supreme Court Could Gut Reproductive Rights

pregnant women carrying closed lock
...the Supreme Court, by ruling in favor of Louisiana, could make it practically impossible to challenge states’ increasingly draconian and punitive restrictions on abortion and ultimately eviscerate reproductive autonomy.
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Afterlives of the Emergency

Divya Subramanian Dissent
Responding to widespread popular discontent, Indira Gandhi marshaled the powers of the Constitution to suspend the rule of law. Her actions anticipated the crisis of democracy in India today.


Parasite Is Our Film

Eileen Jones Jacobin
Filmmaker Bong Joon-ho on his film Parasite: " I tried to express a sentiment specific to Korean culture, [but] all the responses from different audiences were pretty much the same. Essentially, we all live in the same country, called Capitalism."


We Didn’t Need the High Fidelity TV Show

Jillian Mapes Pitchfork
A generous reading might consider the show a corrective to the original, particularly because women, people of color, and queer folks now work the stacks at Championship Vinyl. A more skeptical take is that even this is morally suspect.


Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump's Speech

Beau Beausoleil
San Francisco Poet Beau Beausoleil answers the mysterious question, why did Nancy Pelosi tear up the State of the Union speech?


Can Journalism Be Saved?

Nicholas Lemann The New York Review of Books
The evolution (or devolution) of journalism from reporting of facts through investigatory exposes to today's spread of Internet chatter.



Driven to Organize: App-Based Drivers Launch New Global Network

Bama Athreya Medium
Drivers from 27 different countries launched the International Alliance of App Based Transport Workers (IAATW); a rare case where workers who fall outside the scope of traditional labor law and union structures have been able to come together.


Why Would A Union Oppose Medicare For All?

Rolando Jackson Current Affairs
The Culinary Union’s stance on Medicare for All raises serious questions for the immigrant labor movement. It is in Labor’s interest to back M4A.


Why Is Nevada’s Most Powerful Union Turning on Bernie Sanders?

Workers in UNITE HERE teeshirts rallying Top leaders in Unite Here Local 226 in Las Vegas have been circulating attacks on Bernie Sanders and his Medicare for All proposal. They should listen to their membership and stop slandering the most pro-worker candidate in the race.

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Hasan Minhaj Sits Down With Bernie Sanders

Hasan and Bernie talk presidential campaign, foreign policy in the Middle East, student loan forgiveness, and how Bernie plans on working with Republicans if he becomes president