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Can democracy in the United States survive naked dictatorial ambition and Christian nationalism in 2024? The biggest danger today: a vengeful would-be dictator and a cultist Christian nationalist movement that are reaching for absolute power in our country. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2024.

Why Arab States Aren’t Using Oil Against Israel

During the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Arab oil producers cut off exports to Israel’s allies. Faced with today’s Israeli war on Gaza, Gulf states dismiss the idea of using the “oil weapon” — an index of how much they have abandoned the Palestinian cause.

“We Want Freedom”

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza has killed the acclaimed Palestinian academic and activist Refaat Alareer, along with his brother, his sister and her four children. Alareer was just 44 years old.

Notes on Craft: Writing in the Hour of Genocide

An early version of these remarks was delivered as part of the “Palestine as a Craft Question” panel at the Radius of Arab American Writers (RAWI) Fest in Minneapolis, on October 27th, 2023.

The Driver of Economic Inequality Nobody Talks About

Care for children, the elderly and disabled is among the lowest-paying industries. Poo thinks federal investment could become reality.

The Life-and-Death Cost of Conservative Power

New research shows widening gaps between red and blue states in life expectancy.

Bernie Sanders Votes Against Funding for Israel

In an interview with VTDigger on Wednesday afternoon, the independent senator from Vermont said he was opposed to providing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government ‘money with no strings attached.’

The Transit Equity Movement Wins

A racial justice-focused community organizing group led the charge for Albuquerque’s free bus fare policy.

Minnesota Women Labor Journalists

Was objectivity really a historical norm? Not for these pioneering labor journalists and advocates.

Libertarian Reaction in Argentina

How can we understand the political shift in Argentina that led to an extreme right-wing outsider coming to power? Here are seven key points for unpacking the unprecedented election.

US Police Agencies Took Intelligence Directly From IDF

Analysis of BlueLeaks trove also shows police received training on domestic ‘Muslim extremists’ from pro-Israel groups
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Homeless America

Philip C. Kolin
Poet Philip Kolin depicts the plight of the homeless: “They give/American progress a bad name…”


Trump and His Evangelical Believers

Lloyd Green The Guardian
Tim Alberta is a fine guide to the world of conservative US Christians, their dispiriting march to the right, and its ugly cost.


Why Turkey for Christmas and Thanksgiving?

Troy Bickham, The Conversation Modern Farmer
Turkey is practical for serving to a large crowd. In England, King Henry VIII regularly enjoyed turkey on Christmas day a century before the Pilgrims’ feast.


Rustin the Liberal Biopic Versus Rustin the Labor Activist

Netflix’s new feel-good Bayard Rustin biopic, Rustin, claims the civil rights hero has been forgotten because of his sexuality. But it was his fiery and provocative class politics that makes him both controversial and prophetic today.


Taking Sides

Irwin Keller
California Rabbi Irwin Keller chooses no sides in the wars but pleads for unconditional peace.



The Challenge to the Left in 2024

Portside Moderators Portside
Can democracy in the United States survive naked dictatorial ambition and Christian nationalism in 2024? Here is how we -- the Portside moderators -- see it. And how you can help Portside.

Friday nite video

We WILL Fix Climate Change!

The future looks grim. Giving up seems the only sensible thing to do. But that’s not true. You are not doomed.