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Friday Nite Videos | June 24, 2022

Jordan Klepper Shows Trump Supporters Jan. 6 Hearing Clips. The Pandemic's Unequal Toll. How Realistic Is Your Favorite Movie Dinosaur Scene? Lauren Boebert's Jesus Christ Superstar. In Buffalo's Black Community: "I Can't Promise Them Safety."

Investigating an Attempted Coup

The real object of the Jan. 6 Committee investigation is the “political coup” that Trump sought to orchestrate as he attempted to cling to power. The January 6th insurrection was simply the last desperate gasp.

The Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis

The right-wing supermajority on the Court is the result of a movement determined to seize power at any cost. It's time to critically assess and reconfigure the Court’s role in our society. Our democracy depends on it.

Supremes Show What Happens When Democracy Is Thwarted

Voter suppression, gerrymandering, and campaign finance loopholes have resulted in a decision at odds with the will of the people.

Abortion Pills Will Change a Post-Roe World

The reality is that abortion pills will be available to people in the United States — no matter what the Supreme Court does and regardless of whether states give permission.

Did Trump's Actions Jan 6 Reach the Level of Treason?

The hearings have shown, Donald Trump was in the room. Was it treason? The framers of the Constitution had “a very specific image in mind — men gathering with guns, forming an army and marching on the seat of government.”

Megan Rapinoe on Title IX, Transgender Sports Bans

While female athletes have enjoyed great gains, inequalities do persist. Here Megan Rapinoe discusses how Title IX can be improved, the leadership lessons that came out of the equal pay fight, and the importance of transgender inclusion in sports.

Poor People’s March Call: Moral Fusion of Everybody

Young people are with this movement because they understand it is not about left and right and the normal politics — it’s about right versus wrong.

Today’s Republican Party

Judge J. Michael Luttig, appointed as a Federal Judge by President George H. W. Bush, testified to the House Committee last Thursday. The same day in Texas, the state GOP convention rejected the election results, declaring Biden not the president.

June 23, 2022 - Reader Comments, Resources, Cartoons

Reader Comments: Sheroes! Ruby Freeman and Shaye Freeman Ross; Medical Debt; Rent (and Profits) Driving Inflation; AFL-CIO Convention; HBO Documentary - The Janes; New U.S. Postage Stamp Honors Pete Seeger; more ...
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Dance to the Music

Amy Soricelli Freshwater Literary Review
Amy Soricelli’s poetry captures the grit of The Bronx: the passing “radio from an open car window” or a “random gunshot.”


Plant of the Month: Peanut

Kristan M. Hanson
Weaving together new research and rich primary sources, the Plant Humanities Initiative recounts stories of global foods, such as peanuts, to illuminate their extraordinary significance to humans.


I Just Read His Name Is George Floyd

Zillah Eisenstein Medium
George Floyd was committed to being a person that mattered. But he was also Black, so he could never catch a break. As he got older the police were always at the ready. The day Chauvin murdered him was not the first time he had met Chauvin.



Union Kitchen Workers Declare Victory in Their Efforts To Unionize

Amanda Michelle Gomez dcist
The National Labor Relations Board determined Tuesday that a majority of Union Kitchen workers in Washington,DC voted to unionize, according to the freshly-minted labor union’s collective bargaining agent, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 400.


Half Moon Bay Ritz Workers Form Union

Catholic Labor Network Catholic Labor Network
When hotel workers at the Ritz-Carlton in California’s Half Moon Bay, many of them recent immigrants, decided they wanted to form a union, the company hit back – hard. Several of the workers were parishioners at nearby Our Lady of the Pillar Parish, and they turned to their Pastor, Fr. Jose Corral. After meeting with the workers and hearing their stories, Fr. Corral reflected on Catholic Social Teaching and then penned a remarkable letter to the group,

Friday nite video


The Pandemic's Unequal Toll

The pandemic has touched every corner of the globe, but its impacts have not fallen on everybody equally. The latest data and projections in two fundamental areas - health and wealth.