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Corey G. Johnson, Rebecca Woolington and Eli Murray Tampa Bay Times
Man sitting on a stoop.
Hundreds of workers at a Tampa lead smelter have been exposed to dangerous levels of the neurotoxin. The consequences have been profound.

8 People Describe How Unions Changed Their Lives

Reina Sultan Vice
Through unions, workers are able to fight for protections and benefits they might not otherwise have because of collective bargaining power. There are very many reasons people might want to unionize and you will read about some of them here.

Wage Rule Trifecta Poses Test for Marty Walsh’s DOL Leadership

Ben Penn Bloomberg Law
The pending rulemakings involve legal questions that are frequently tested in Dept. of Labor investigations and in class actions pitting plaintiff’s attorneys and unions against management: contractor status, joint employment and tipped wages.

Joe Biden Will Not Save the Labor Movement

Joe Burns Jacobin
Talk of Joe Biden as a transformational president is getting ahead of itself. Historically, labor law reform has triggered some of the fiercest battles from business — and Joe Biden has shown no evidence he’ll go to the mat for the PRO Act...