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Saving Detroit is a Step towards Saving America

National Nurses United National Nurses United
“If Detroit fails it will hurt our nation as a whole. It will send a message to minority and urban youth that their futures are as hopeless as they seem and the country doesn't care. It will add to a national atmosphere of hopelessness and decay. And we will have missed an opportunity to turn the tide for America's cities.”

America's Class War: A Dispatch From the Front

Lee A. Saunders The Huffington Post (Huff Post Politics, The Blog)
No corporate CEO will ever negotiate on behalf of his or her company's employees, keeping their interests as the top priority. So who will? It would be nice to think that the public officials we elect protect the interests of America's working women and men. But too many politicians from both major parties are failing to stand up for the American worker. Who's left? Unions.

We're Taxing the Rich... and So Can You

Fred Glass Labor Notes
Despite the odds, competing measures, and conventional wisdom that says voters will not approve tax hikes, unions and community groups built a successful campaign to pass a tax hike for California's richest residents.

Proposed NC Budget Ends Teacher Tenure, Pays Tuition Vouchers

Lynn Bonner News & Observer
Legislators are set to vote on a historic $20.6 billion budget this week that would have the state take a giant step toward further privatization of education, end teacher tenure, and compensate victims of the government eugenics program.

Detroit Bankruptcy Takes Aim at Pensions

The bankruptcy will enable an appointed judge to impose further cuts to city expenses and to void union contracts. A prime target for cost-cutting is the pensions owed to 21,000 city retirees and 9,000 active workers.

Who Should Fund Alt-Labor?

Josh Eidelson The Nation
As the AFL-CIO prepares for its upcoming national convention, the issue of non-traditional workers' organizations looms heavy on the agenda. As so-called alternative labor organizations - a.k.a. "alt-labor" - have multiplied, the question of funding organizations and activities without a traditional negotiated dues check-off system is being debated.

Walmart face-off with D.C. Fuels Wage Debate

Sam Hananel - Associated Press Boston Globe
Walmart Stores Inc., the nation's largest private employer, is fuming about a ''living wage'' bill approved by the D.C. Council that has an unusual twist: It would apply only to certain large retailers, forcing them to pay at least $12.50 an hour, nearly 50 percent higher than city's minimum wage of $8.25.

Greeks Take to Streets Again Amid General Strike Over Job Cut Plans

Helena Smith The Guardian
Commentators questioned the wisdom of inflicting further austerity on a nation where more than 1.3 million are out of work, salaries have been cut by an average 25%, and poverty has been imposed on more than a third of the entire population.