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Solidarity NOT Forever: How the Supreme Court Kicked Retirees Into the Gutter

Prof. Ellen Dannin and Ann Hodges, Truthout News Analysis Truthout
The Supreme Court's decision in Allied Chemical Workers v. Pittsburgh Plate Glass to give employers complete control of retiree benefits undercuts the purpose of the National Labor Relations Act and leaves vulnerable, retired employees powerless to protect themselves from costly changes in benefits.

With Big Changes, Can Labor Grow Again?

Melissa Maynard Stateline
Union leaders are exploring new forms of organization. One such form is the “minority” or “pre-majority” union. Under that framework, workers could sign up members and bargain on behalf of a smaller group until they reached the 50 percent threshold and went through the traditional certification process. This article explores a number of non-traditional avenues for unions.

Reeling Elsewhere, Labor Poised For Minn. Gains

Bian Bakst Huffington Post
Democratic Party victories in 2012 Minnesota election make victories for labor a possibility. This is quite different from what is happening in its Wisconsin neighbor.

Fast Food Walkout in Chicago

Josh Eidelson Salon
Breaking: 500 low-wage workers expected to stop working from a dozen chains on Wednesday morning

Strategic Corporate Research, a new Website

Tom Juravich Strategic Corporate Research
I am delighted to announce the launch of a new website This is a comprehensive set of resources for conducting corporate research and strategic campaigns in the U.S. and Canada. Tom Juravich Professor of Labor Studies and Sociology University of Massachusetts Amherst

Why Women Are Leaving the Workforce in Record Numbers

Liz Peek The Fiscal Times
The number of women age 20 and older not in the labor pool has soared from 40 million in 2000 to nearly 49 million today; another 315,000 called it quits last month. The participation rate of women in the workplace has dropped from a high of 60.7 percent in 1999 to 58.8 percent today. By contrast, some 72.5 percent of men are either working or looking for a job. What’s going on?

Wal-Mart, Sears Refuse Compensation for Factory Victims

Renee Dudley Bloomberg
The Nov. 24 blaze in Bangladesh killed 112 garment workers and increased pressure on Wal-Mart and other Western retailers to help improve factory conditions and take more direct responsibility for their suppliers. Clothing bound for Wal-Mart and Sears was found in the charred ruins. Both companies have said suppliers used the Tazreen factory without their permission and were fired.

Achtung! German Amazon Workers out on Strike

Jasper Hamlll The Register
Hundreds of workers at web bazaar Amazon’s central depot in Germany have walked out on strike in protest over working conditions and pay. Around 500 people protested on Tuesday at the box-crammers' Bad Hersfeld site, which is one of seven distribution points in the country. It is the first time Amazon workers have launched industrial action in Germany.