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They Killed Frank Ordoñez

Joe Allen, Andrew Sernatinger New Politics
The widespread support and touching memorials for Frank Ordoñez reveal the depth of pain and identification with the working conditions that delivery drivers face across the United States.

2019 Year in Review: Workers Strike Back

Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Dan DiMaggio Labor Notes
But workers across the country rose to the occasion, making 2019 one of the most exciting years for the labor movement in recent memory.

Local 594 and the Lost History of Oil Worker Unionism

Doug Nesbitt and Andrew Stevens
Although largely forgotten, Canadian oil workers have a long history of militant struggle rooted in the struggle for workers rights, democracy and socialism. This is being put to the test today as management has locked out over 700 workers.

Portside Message: A Holiday Like No Other

This holiday season is truly different. Alongside the festivities, battle lines have been drawn. The survival of democracy is at stake. We ask readers for their support once a year. If you like what we do, this is the time to support Portside.

Just Recognize It

Paul Blest The Outine
Hearst is pushing back against its employees’ union drive, but it would be advantageous for them to support it.