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Remembrance of John Sweeney, Former SEIU and AFL-CIO President

Jon Hiatt OnLabor
Both at SEIU and the AFL-CIO, President Sweeney felt a particular responsibility to those workers most exploited, most vulnerable, and historically most ignored or worse by organized labor. In my opinion, this was his most important legacy.

Rest in Power, Anne Feeney (1951-2021)

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
She sang for steelworkers, carwash workers, miners, strawberry workers, railroad workers, anti-sweatshop activists, homeowners fighting foreclosure, public transit supporters, auto workers opposing NAFTA, and many more.

Paying Symbolic Tribute to César Chávez Isn’t Enough

Armando Ibarra The Progressive
Chávez and the UFW exposed a paradox that still affects most farmworkers. No matter how hard they work, most will never achieve the so-called American Dream as they are bound to a system of agricultural production that thrives on labor exploitation.