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Seize the Time: Biden’s Labor Board and a New Workers’ Up-Rising

Peter Olney and Rand Wilson Stansbury Forum
It’s not often there is a strategic opening created by the confluence of a favorable NLRB, a supportive presidency, a tight job market, and a roiling economy. This is not a time to cling to paradigms wedded to past conditions. Now we can "Think Big."

Amazon Workers Fall Short on Second Staten Island Union Vote

Josefa Velasquez THE CITY
Out of nearly 1,000 ballots cast at the LDJ5 warehouse, just 380 supported joining the Amazon Labor Union, which made history last month with a scrappy campaign that defeated the e-commerce giant at a neighboring warehouse.

Socialists Are Trying To Revive the American Labor Movement

Gabriel Winant and Teagan Harris Jacobin
The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee, a partnership between socialists and the United Electrical Workers union, is trying to be at the heart of a new mass labor resurgence. Their success could help millions of workers.

Today, We Celebrate the Carnation Revolution

Raquel Varela and David Broder Jacobin
On April 25, 1974, a mutiny in the Portuguese army put an end to five decades of dictatorship. The revolution that followed showed how working people can take a modern economy into their own hands.

The Revolt of the College-Educated Working Class

Noam Scheiber The New York Times
Since the Great Recession, the college-educated have taken more frontline jobs at companies like Starbucks and Amazon. Now they’re helping to unionize them.

Union Wins Two Elections Among Clinical Staff at McLean Hospital

Mark Herz GBH NEWS
Local union organizers have scored another victory at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts after winning two votes on Friday to unionize all hourly clinical staff like nurses and mental health specialists who assist with patient care.