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For Low-Wage Workers Fight For 15 Movement Has Been a Boon

Sarah Jones New York Magazine
Since Fight for 15 launched in 2012, the idea of a $15 minimum wage has become a popular cause for progressive activists, and an increasingly popular talking point for Democrats occupying or seeking elected office.

Once a Year We Ask Our Readers for Their Support - Now is That Time

Portside moderators Portside
We can move our country forward. The Resistance and the recent elections are dramatic evidence that something fundamental is happening. Portside will continue to do our part. Once a year we ask our readers to help. Now is that time.

Buckle up: GM Declares War on Oshawa

Gerard Di Trolio, David Bush and Doug Nesbitt RankandFile.CA
The problem facing autoworkers isn’t simply one or two bad rounds of negotiation, but a race-to-the-bottom pattern of bargaining. At the heart of this mess is the company pitting workers against each other in a competition to save jobs.

Unite Here Local 5 Workers Ratify Contract With Kyo-ya

Allison Schaefers Honolulu Star Advertiser
Hawaii hotel workers ended a 51-day strike Tuesday with the ratification of a new contract that would bring them up to $6.13 an hour in pay and benefit hikes over four years.

Professional Sports Players Unions & The Broader Labor Movement

Amy Livingston and Heidi Wagner  Workday Minnesota
Sports unions employee a 'empowerment unionism' strategy that sees the contract as a basic framework that sets some minimum thresholds and establishes a procedure for resolving disputes. Workers are free to negotiate their own salaries.

From Recovery to Union Renewal

Peter Ikeler Jacobin
What happens to worker power when the most pressing struggle in workers’ lives isn't against the boss but against addiction?