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Organizing Continues in the South

Various authors
Lots of attention has been on the Amazon unionization campaign in Alabama. But other workers are organizing in the South too: to form unions, win contracts, defend gains and enforce labor laws. Here is a small sample.

Bessemer: No Organizing Effort Is Ever Wasted

Chris Townsend Marxism-Leninism Today
Amazon and the other major employers today will not be organized until the left wing does the hard, thankless, exhausting organizing work of patiently building real union structures and real organizational muscle.

Right to Work has Failed to Live up to Conservative Hype

Rick Haglund Michigan Advance
The annual decline in the number of union members actually slowed after the a right-to-work law in Michigan took effect in 2013. And membership grew to 604,000 in 2020 from 589,000 in 2019. 

Pandemic Discrimination Against Asian Americans Has Long Roots

Saurav Sarkar Labor Notes
The pandemic isn’t the whole story. Many working-class Asian American women have faced mistreatment throughout their working lives over their English language ability, class, gender, race, and immigration status.