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The Kidnapping Club

David Rosen New York Journal of Books
As this book shows, writes reviewer Rosen, “the slave trade persisted in New York in the decades before the Civil War because the city was the capital of the Southern slave economy.”

Chorus and Catharsis: A Breakdown of One Night in Miami's Best Scene

Isaac Feldberg Paste
One Night in Miami is incisive about the pressures of Black celebrity, and its central dialogue circles the question of what its characters—all icons in their own right—owe to both the Black community at large and a nascent civil rights movement.

Digital Food: From Paddock to Platform.

Richard Zimmer FoodAnthropology
This examination of how the digital world portrays food directly, represents people engaged in all aspects of food, and affects the politics and economics of the food world, foreshadows some of the directions the larger world of food is taking.

This Guilty Land

Eric Foner London Review of Books
A leading historian of 19th century US history reviews two recent books on Lincoln and John Brown, charting the background to the Civil War and its lingering heritage today.

Building Solidarity

Renée Feltz The Indypendent
The anarchist philosopher Peter Kropotkin, writing in 1902, called Mutual Aid "the conscience — be it only at the stage of an instinct — of human solidarity." This new book offers insight into how that idea can live in today's world.

Your Last Opportunity: Let's Make Waves Together

Because of Portside, a lot of people who are determined to make their own history will have the tools to do it -- the emotional sustenance, the information, the analysis, the connections -- to meet the extraordinary situation we all confront.