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The Chitlins Question

Mecca Bos Taste
For some black families, chitlins are essential. For a younger generation, the polarizing dish is a dirty trick.

My Small Reality

Beau Beausoleil Moving Parts Press
Has the war become boring, asks San Francisco poet Beau Beausoleil, how can you not hear the mourning birds?

Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers

Matt Sharpe Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
John W. Dean and Bob Altemeyer's study, writes reviewer Sharpe, offers "considerable insight concerning the question of why the MAGA base shows itself so impervious to reasoned criticism of their hero, and so determined to stand by him."

How Foreign Private Equity Hooked New England’s Fishing Industry

Will Sennott Propublica
In recent years, the port of New Bedford has thrived, generating $11.1 billion in business revenue, jobs, taxes and personal income in 2018, according to one study. But a quiet shift is remaking the city and the industry that sustains it, realizing local fishermen’s deepest fears of losing control over their livelihood.

The Faces We Envision in the Scrapbook of the Dead

Martin Espada North American Review
On the third anniversary of the El Paso Massacre of Latin Americans, prize-winning poet Martin Espada offers a tribute to a human rights lawyer killed by a shooter.