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Star Wars’ Evil Empire Can Feel a Little Corny — But Then Came Andor

Sonia Saraiya Vox
Andor actually shows why the Empire is terrifying. We see the Empire’s strategy over and over again: Extract resources. Displace indigenous populations. Partner with corporations for profit. And when all else fails, suppress dissent — increasingly, as the show progresses, by any means necessary.

Weighing In

Alice Friman Southern Review
Entering the year’s end, Georgia poet Alice Friman suggests how much, how little, time carries as life goes on.

An Obituary for Originalism

Stephen Rohde Los Angeles Review of Books
This book is a detailed critique of the judicial philosophy to which the current majority of the Supreme Court of the United States adheres.

Mindful Eating

Editors, Harvard T. H. Chan The Nutrition Source Harvard T. H. Chan The Nutrition Source
Eating mindfully means using all of your physical and emotional senses to experience and enjoy your food choices which can increase gratitude and the overall eating experience.

A Group of Rats Is Referred to as a Mischief

Joseph Zaccardi Salt Poetry Journal
For poet Joseph Zaccardi, the Vietnam war lingers in memory for the fear it wrought among soldiers, but also the loss of camaraderie “after all these/years scattered across American towns and cities…”

The High Price of Delusion

Guy Miller Against the Current
This book explores the impact of modern conservative talk radio, which is a byproduct of the 1996 media deregulation legislation that President Bill Clinton signed into law, on our political and social life.

Drinking Cultures Around the World

Gavin Lapidus eshores travel guides
Different cultures have important rules, traditions and customs that reveal interesting things about them.