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The life-changing magic of cookbooks

Gemma Croffie Vittles
Recently, the boundaries of what a cookbook is or should be are changing, including cookbooks as a form of resistance.

Generous Ellen Grants Bare Standard of Living to Her Serfs

William Hughes AV Club
You know you’re not doing great when you make a public show of giving some new privileges and benefits to your employees in the wake of a scandal, and the general reaction is “Wait, you weren’t letting people take paid time off to go to the doctor?"

There Are No Unsacred Spaces

Cynthia Manick AGNI
“I’m trying to tell you that the world is beautiful,” writes Brooklyn poet Cynthia Manick; and in her rendering it is.

Seattle’s General Strike 100 Years Ago Shows Us Hope for Today

Jeff Johnson Labor Notes
An epochal general strike of workers in Seattle a century ago was not just an event in labor history but a testament to what workers can achieve when they organize. The book under review charts sharp lessons for today.

Can We Unlearn Imperialism?

Stephen Sheehi Hyperallergic
This book uses the history of photography and the history of imperialism to shed light on both the work of images and on the work of colonial and imperial domination.

Nominative Determinism--A found poem*

Ellaraine Lockie
Nominative determinism, explains poet Ellaraine Lockie about a certain president, is the hypothesis that people gravitate towards areas of work that fit their name.

Walking the Tightrope: Latin America’s Pink Tide

Frederick B. Mills New Politics
The lessons of the Pink Tide of leftist and leftish governments in Latin America that marked much of the period following 1998 but were undone by rightist movements, US meddling, world economic crisis and internal weaknesses are aptly told....