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What Can ‘True Detective’ Tell Us About Race?

Micah Peters The Ringer
The casting of Mahershala Ali provided an opportunity for the HBO show to explore new themes it its third season, but in the end it all felt a little vague and perfunctory

The Business of Guns

Anne Champion Chiron Review
Massachusetts poet Anne Champion raises a protest against the sale of guns and weapons of mass destruction.

Inside Every Foreigner

Jackson Lears London Review of Books
With public support rising for a living-waged Green New Deal as a job creating and environmental lifeline, its a good time to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of FDR's program. The review of his recent biography does that.

Talking Sense about North Korea

Carlos Martinez Morning Star
Glyn Ford's book is a timely antidote to dangerous Western misconceptions about the country, says reviewer Martinez

The Documentary Highlighting the Real Green Book

Hannah Giorgis The Atlantic
The real 'Green Book' made Jim Crow-Era Travel safer. The documentary, which aired February 25 on the Smithsonian channel, positions Green’s ambitious project as a necessary response to white-supremacist violence—and as a community-building tool.

Warp-speed Capitalism

Yiannis Baboulias New Humanist
The sci-fi series The Expanse imagines what society will look like if we colonise space – a universe in which might is right and there are no good guys.

What does a healthy meal look like?

Lisa Zwirn Boston Globe
Healthy meals should include including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts; fish, lean poultry, minimal red meat; healthy fats such as olive oil instead of butter.

After the Election, I Lose Desire for Men

Anne Champion Chiron Review
Anne Champion writes of a woman’s rage upon realizing after a certain election “how much the world/would hate me for being a girl…/how much men could get away with."

From Marx to Ecosocialism

Michael Löwy New Politics
A red and green upsurge is challenging capital internationally. The two books under review outline its thinking, chart its course and weigh its prospects.

How Change Happens

Karina Kloos Stanford Social Innovation Reveiw
This book showcases conservative and liberal movements aimed at social advocacy and change, in an effort to draw a portrait of what makes social movements effective in contemporary society.