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Friday Nite Videos -- September 20, 2013

Back in Brown with Aasif Mandvi. Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? The Black NRA. After Tiller: Documentary. Copenhagen Metro Peer Gynt Flash Mob. NFL: League of Denial.

Yesterday's Internment Camp - Today's Labor Camp

David Bacon Truthout
In the picking of the strawberry crops - many workers are needed and in the name of immigration reform the growers are seeing their dream - a huge cheap source of labor. Congress is debating bills that would expand the number of recruited workers many times over, possibly even reaching the 500,000 worker peak of the bracero program in the mid-1950s.

Syria: Accidental Diplomacy in the Devils' Playground

Iara Lee Huffington Post
Washington politicians' chagrin at the prospect of a peaceful resolution makes one thing very clear: they do not care about chemical weapons, they do not care about dead children, and they do not care about Syrians, period. If they did, they might have themselves put forth the fairly unimaginative proposal that Syria give up its stockpile of chemical weapons. They might have not helped to nurture the Islamist insurgency.


Stuart Carlson uclick

Tidbits - September 19, 2013

Reader Comments - U.S. Support Military Rule in Honduras; the New New Left; Stephen Colbert and Vladimir Putin; Income Inequality; Still more - GMO labeling; Occupy Wall Street and NYPD police tactics; Announcements - Welcome to Hebron - Bay Area-Sept 25; Lopsided Crisis: Ongoing Impact of the Great Recession - New York-Sept 27; Immigration Reform Concert & March - Oct 8- Washington, DC; Jobs with Justice-San Francisco - Bridging Solidarity and Power Together -Oct. 10

Democrats Have Reached a Watershed?

Harold Meyerson; Sarah Jaffe
Democrats have reached a watershed. After two decades in which the party has moved leftward on social issues but has largely accepted the financial sector's economic preferences - the abject failures of the market economy are pushing the party leftward. The revolt against Summers was less about his positions on today's economic issues but his opposition to regulating derivatives. In Congress, in New York City and Chicago, Democrats are feeling the heat of the people.

Syria Chemical Attack Underlines Need for Israel Shift on Non-Conventional Weapons (Jewish Daily Forward)

Aaron Magid Jewish Daily Forward
Although Israel has refused to publicly acknowledge its chemical weapons program, the U.S. Office of Technology has identified Israel as a nation with likely offensive chemical weapons capabilities. In addition to Israel's controversial chemical weapons program, Israel is one of few nations not to ratify the nuclear non-proliferation agreement.


Gayle Allard Christian Science Monitor