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Eric Adams Can’t Be Allowed To Scrap New York’s Right To Shelter

Craig Hughes Jacobin
Mayor Eric Adams has suggested that New York’s response to Governor Greg Abbott’s busing of migrants into the city include rethinking its “right to shelter” law. But the solution to the homelessness crisis is in strengthening housing laws, not eroding them.

A Lesson From the Past for Ron DeSantis

Joshua Zeitz Politico
In the 1960s, Southern organizations tried sending African Americans to Northern states in a “cheap” PR stunt designed to embarrass and expose Northern liberals. It didn’t work.

Polio: Facts, History and Why We’re on High Alert

Rosemary Rochford The Conversation
Fears of a polio resurgence in the US have health officials on high alert. A virologist explains the history of this dreaded disease, why it's resurfacing today and what we need to do to combat it.

Meet the Georgia Farmers Who Love to Jam

Emily Baron Cadloff Modern Farmer
The goal of Farmers Jam is to create a more sustainable regional food system, and fruit trees are an integral part of that. They also prioritize BIPOC farmers, in part because of “the history of agriculture in the south and the lack of reparations.”

Workers at Big Brands Like Starbucks Aren’t the Only Ones Unionizing

Christopher R. Martin Jacobin
The uptick in union organizing at brands like Amazon and Starbucks has rightly drawn attention from mainstream media. But worker organizing is underway at companies you’ve never heard of, too — and drawing little attention from outlets like the New York Times.