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Working or Unemployed, Construction Workers Are Screwed

Hamilton Nolan In These Times
With no firm national standards about shutting down construction projects as the coronavirus stalks the nation, building trade unions and their members are facing a grim multidimensional crisis.

Humanity's Origin Story Just Got More Complicated, and Fascinating

George Dvorsky Gizmodo
Replica of the Broken Hill skull, found in Zambia in 1921.
Human evolution was a complex process with many human species living and interbreeding at the same time. This emerging narrative, which challenges the old theory of human evolution as a linear march of progress, was bolstered by three new studies.

Reflections on the Sanders Campaign so Far

Sam Lewis Organizing Upgrade
Socialism is no longer marginal due to Bernie's campaigns. But his support has been insufficient to win. Key now will be to back the eventual Democratic nominee but still oppose neo-liberalism in its Republican and Democratic guise.

Are We Really All ‘In This Together’?

Sarah Lustbader The Appeal
The penal system remains a source of diseases that spread among prisoners at rates far exceeding those in the communities from which they came.

Thaddeus Stevens, Revolutionary

Bruce Levine Jacobin
Thaddeus Stevens was born on this day in 1792. A fierce, uncompromising opponent of slavery, he was a true American revolutionary.

It’s Not Just Old People: Covid-19’s Unique Threat to the South

Vann R. Newkirk II The Atlantic
Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp.
One in 10 Covid-19 deaths in the US have occurred in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The virus is rampant in New Orleans and growing in Georgia’s southwest. These outbreaks are unique because so many younger people are dying.