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Why the UAW Lost Again in Chattanooga

Chris Brooks Labor Notes
Those losses are the result of highly sophisticated and intense anti-union campaigns by employers, business groups, and politicians. They are also the result of the unsophisticated, shallow organizing approach of the UAW.

3-D Chess? We Just Want Nancy Pelosi to Connect the Dots.

Elie Mystal The Nation
What I’m hearing and seeing are weak arguments made to gaslight late-night viewers into thinking that everything is under control, even as more and more members of her own caucus manifestly break with her position on impeachment in public.

Friday Nite Videos | June 14, 2019

Valedictorian Reveals Undocumented Status in Speech. Protest Music in the Era of Trump. Republicans for the Rule of Law. 93PUNX, Vic Mensa | Camp America. It's Even Worse When He Tells the Truth.