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Manchin Called to 'Do What's Right' and Confirm Haaland

Kenny Stancil Common Dreams
"The opposition to Congresswoman Haaland's confirmation is narrow and guided by money, not the qualifications or historic importance of what the nomination of Deb Haaland will do for this country."

How Wall Street Killed Grandma

Julia Rock and David Sirota David Sirota's The Daily Poster
20,000 nursing home residents died from 2004 to 2016 because they lived in nursing homes run by private equity firms, according to updated data.

Build New Infrastructure for a Broader Movement

Jeff Ordower Organizing Upgrade
There is need to invest in different structures, organizing alongside or outside of the traditional unions, base-building and nonprofit organizations for multi-year struggles, especially worker organizing and scaled disruptive direct action.

Appalachia’s Fracking Boom Has Done Little For Local Economies: Study

Kristina Marusic Environmental Health News
Appalachia's fracking boom has failed to deliver on promises of jobs and benefits to local economies, according to a new study. The analysis concluded that about 90 percent of the wealth created from shale gas extraction leaves local communities.

Taking it to the street: Food vending during and after COVID-19

Catherine Brinkley The Conversation
Yusuf Abdullah, one of the city’s horse-cart produce vendors known as arabbers, leads Tony and his cart through the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.
Curbside produce vendors often help communities that lack a grocery store to maintain access to healthy, inexpensive food. But long before the pandemic, many cities made it difficult for mobile produce sellers and other street food vendors to operate