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Sales Practices of the Nation’s Biggest Title Lender

Margaret Coker, The Current Pro Publica
Former TitleMax store managers told ProPublica and The Current about how they were trained to keep customers unaware of the true costs of their title pawns. When they were more transparent, they faced repercussions.

How To Read the Communist Manifesto

James Robins The New Republic
The novelist China Miéville aims to show that Marx’s words remain just as vital as when they were first hastily composed.

Hanging Mohsen on the Gallows

Majid Naficy
The Persian poet Majid Naficy still awakens at night, mourning friends and family, victims of the Iranian regime.

The Science (and Business) Behind COVID-19 Disinformation

Katelyn Jetelina Your Local Epdemiologist
Covid-19 disinformation is coordinated, effective, lucrative, and costs lives. This is true during the pandemic and it will be true for other public health problems. It’s a public health and biosecurity threat. And we need to treat it like one.