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Organizing Railroad Track Workers in Yuma last week….

Carey Dall Stansbury Forum
Like most union workers, railroaders have been slammed with escalating health insurance costs – a reality lost on many Democratic Party candidates, we learned from the debates, who mistakenly think union members are in love with their employer-based

The Student Movement Standing Up to the Honduran Regime

Tom Sullivan Jacobin
It’s been ten years since a US-backed coup installed a repressive neoliberal regime in Honduras. Now, a student movement has emerged to challenge the government’s agenda of privatization and militarization.

Guatemala’s Presidential Election: Out with the Old, In with the Older

Vaclav Masek NACLA
Guatemala’s President-Elect Alejandro Giammattei.
Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala’s perpetual presidential candidate, finally won his country’s “unpopularity contest” and will take office in January. But what every Guatemalan wants to know is what will he do about the Safe Third Country Agreement.

For True Climate Justice, Abolish ICE and CBP

Josue De Luna Navarro
A policy that incarcerates immigrants of color, allows white supremacy to secure its safety from climate change. We need to make sure that the Green New Deal, includes our brothers and sisters immigrating from climate crisis.

China’s Tobacco Industry is Taking Lives and Building Schools

Jennifer Fang The Conversation
A young smoker in China.
The Chinese National Tobacco Corporation is the largest tobacco company in the world, a powerful state-owned enterprise with a monopoly on supplying tobacco to China’s more than 316 million smokers. And now it is also in the education business.

The Persistence of School Segregation

Alexandria Millet The Progressive
Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, school segregation remains a fact of life. As a nation we are moving to undo even the partial progress made since the 1950s.