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We’re Winning the Fight Against Gerrymandering

Zachary Roth Brennan Center for Justice
No thanks to the Supreme Court — but grassroots reform efforts, pro-voter court rulings, and new political dynamics in key states mean the next round of redistricting is shaping up to be a lot fairer than the last one.

Building a Solidarity Economy in Jackson, Mississippi

Cheree Franco The Indypendent
Cooperation Jackson is a long term vision. “We’re going to ultimately have to create our own network of supply and value chain. If we exist in a bubble, we won’t survive. It’s a big experiment in democracy."

Do We Deserve to Heal?

Max Page Boston Society of Architects
In this era of memorial building, how do we acknowledge history and spur justice?

Why Israel is Struggling to Find a Way Out of Its Political Deadlock

Jonathan Cook The Nation, Abu Dhabi
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The sad reality is there is strong unity in Israel – over shared, deeply ugly attitudes towards Palestinians, whether citizens or under occupation. Paradoxically, the only obstacle to realizing that unity is Mr. Netanyahu’s efforts to cling to power.