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After Bernie: How the Left Can Grow and Change the Democratic Party

Osita Nwanevu The New Republic
Barry Sanders and Joe Biden.
The likely defeat of Sanders’s campaign is a setback, but no cause for retreat. The Democratic center is out of ideas, but to win electorally, the left must devise strategies for the electorate it faces now and not one it hopes to bring into being.

What Workers Have Already Won in the Face of Coronavirus

Mindy Isser In These Times
Worker seen cleaning a subway station
When things get dire enough, the working class fights back. In dealing with the outbreak of the coronavirus, people across the United States have organized at their workplaces, and also won major reforms in the housing sector.

We Are Entering a Recession – But What Did We Learn From the Last One?

Ken-Hou Lin and Megan Neely The Conversation
Government can either decide to continue the “trickle-down” approach to first protect banks, corporations and their investors with monetary stimuli, or can learn from the New Deal and provide support directly to the most fragile communities

The Coronavirus Might Kill Fracking

Alexander Sammon The American Prospect
The last recession brought us the fracking boom, but this one might end our addiction to cheap oil

The Unreliable Narrator

Peter Neil Carroll
A version of the boy who cried wolf, here now are the consequences of government lies.

Fox Endangers Viewers. Pence Says, 'Thank You.'

Max Gertz Media Matters for America
Polls show Fox viewers are much less likely to take the virus seriously than people who get their news from more credible sources. But the Trump administration is happy with the network’s spin, which prioritizes Trump's political standing.