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Colonial Panic Over Syphilis in Uganda

Joanna Naylor Lady Science
The campaigns aimed to create feelings of guilt amongst those believed to be suffering with STDs, particularly syphilis.

Michigan Nurses Defeat AFT-Backed Raid

Ted McTaggart Labor Notes
The Michigan Nurses Association, which beat back a raid by the AFT, is the largest union for registered nurses in the state.

The Long Haitian Revolution

Pierre Labossiere, Margaret Prescod, Camila Valle Monthly Review
“The Haitian movement, though the most pivotal to the abolition of slavery in the Americas, is the most neglected—we all owe a great debt to Haitians and must pay it.”

Class Blind in Afghanistan

Jack Metzgar Portside
Our leaders’ tendency toward imperial arrogance is often recognized, especially when we lose a war. But it is not often suspected that our leaders reflect a broader professional class insularity and blindness that is toxic abroad as well as at home.

Looking for Nat Turner

Alberto Toscano Boston Review
Frightened slaveowners cast the rebel leader as a monster. Scholars have misunderstood his religiosity. A new creative history comes closer than ever to giving us access to Turner’s visionary life.

Kremlin in Decline?

Ilya Matveev and Ilya Budraitskis New Left Review Sidecar
Putin's United Russia sought to maintain its authority in recent election. It remained in power, but weakened. The biggest winner: Russia's Communist Party which showed some signs of possible renewal.

America Is in the Midst of a Dramatic Labor Resurgence

Faiz Shakir The New Republic
As corporations fail to meet worker demands, they are increasingly encountering a labor force that isn’t going to take it. They are striking; they are picketing; they are demanding fair contracts. They are forming new unions. It's a beautiful thing.