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Historians Expose Early Scientists’ Debt to the Slave Trade

Sam Kean Science Magazine
By examining scientific papers, correspondence between naturalists, and the records of slaving companies, historians are now seeing new connections between science and slavery and piecing together just how deeply intertwined they were.

Congress Invokes Powers to Challenge Trump on War in Yemen

Susannah George AP News
“The president will have to face the reality that Congress is no longer going to ignore its constitutional obligations when it comes to foreign policy,” said Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel of New York, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

How Class Should Be Central

Eric Blanc, Jeremy Gong Jacobin
A strategic focus on uniting the working class doesn’t mean marginalizing the struggle against racism and sexism.

The Aid Paradox: U.S. Security and Development Assistance in Central America

Laura Weiss North American Congress on Latin America
A march in support of refugees.
U.S. assistance has caused great harm in Central America. But Trump’s decision to cut it off is nothing to celebrate. He seeks to deprive Central Americans of all options, suffocating legal pathways to migration, while cutting much needed resources.