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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Making The Case That Discrimination Is Bad For Your Health

Gene Demby NPR
Having a longer life expectancy and averting death and averting hypertension, or diabetes, or their complications are good things. But without dealing with the kind of more structurally rooted factors that lead to weathering across class, we're not going to end weathering.

Ruby Pinto on Art and Activism Working Together

Christian Belanger, Ruby Pinto Chicago Magazine
The focus of the exhibit, Do Not Resist? 100 Years of Chicago Police Violence, curated by For the People Artists Collective, is on the past 100 years of police brutality in Chicago. In particular, we wanted to draw attention to the resistance that’s happened here.

It HAS Happened Here

Van Gosse History News Network
We have to stop treating the deep anti-democratic currents in modern U.S. history as exceptions—mistakes that will never happen again. We should know better

Union-busters Set Themselves Up for Janus Backfire

IUOE Local 150 IUOE Local 150
Unfortunately, for the special interest groups that are pushing this agenda, the ramifications of a win will have the opposite of the desired effect. If not bargaining is protected free speech, then bargaining will conversely be protected free speech, giving union workers new protections that we’ve never enjoyed before.

From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish Voices for Peace Have Long Been Banned– by Jews

Jonathan Ofir Mondoweiss
This throws me 362 years back, to the expulsion of the legendary philosopher Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza in 1656, from the Amsterdam Jewish-Portuguese community. There are admittedly differences, which I shall address, between that expulsion and the banning of Jewish Voice for Peace – but there are also striking similarities, which I believe are instructive for understanding the psychological mechanisms at hand.

Jeremy Corbyn is About to Transform the Labour Party – Again

Richard Power Sayeed The Independent
If the Labour leader gets his way, when you think of Labour, you won’t imagine rows of MPs on green leather benches. Instead, you’ll think of activists reinvigorating their estate’s tenants association.