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The Foreclosure Crisis and the Resegregation of Urban America

Sarah Lazare Common Dreams
The displacement of black and Latino households was so dramatic during the recent foreclosure crisis that it should be seen as a 'mass migration event,' according to the lead author of a new Cornell University study. The study found Black and Latino neighborhoods faced home-loss rates at approximately three times that of white areas. This high rate of home-loss, along with white flight, resulted in a massive resegregation of urban America.

Friday Nite Videos -- May 8, 2015

Key & Peele - Negrotown. 2016 Could Dramatically Alter Social Security. Tracy Chapman - Stand By Me. What Energy Democracy Looks Like. Bill Withers: Grandma's Hands (Live at Carnegie Hall).

Just a whisper Now: a Look Back at the AFL-CIO New Voice After 20 Years

Peter Olney and Rand Wilson Stansbury Forum
The New Voice wasn’t just about growth, it envisioned a labor movement that reclaimed its place as a powerful force for justice in the community and strongly allied with the country’s progressive intelligentsia. But organizing was the magic word.

This Woman to The Dark Angels

Jared Smith To The Dark Angels
Amid controversies about surveillance from Big Brothers, there's also the matter of what the Little Brothers and Sisters know and exploit. Colorado poet Jared Smith takes an ironic view of what it means to know too much and therefore nothing at all.

Six Remarkable Facts About the Science of Motherhood

Joseph Stromberg Vox
Science has told us all sorts of fascinating things about the uniquely intimate link between mother and child at the biological level, and reminds us how essential motherhood really is to human experience as a whole.

From Good Ole Boy to Progressive Activist: One Man's Story

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout Book Review Truthout
Born into the segregated rural South, James Gustave ("Gus") Speth didn't see the oppression and poverty his black neighbors faced. A confrontation at a northern university with civil-rights advocates in the early 1960s triggered a life-long moral compulsion to support the burgeoning civil rights struggle. The newly minted anti-racist grew into a leading environmentalist, political activist, prolific author and Yale dean. The book under review is his memoir.

The Wretched of the Sea: An Algerian Perspective

Hamza Hamouchene Middle East Eye
In Algeria, as elsewhere in Africa, economic neglect and despair at corrupt authoritarian regimes compels the continent's young people to risk death to escape to Europe.Due to the restrictions on freedom of expression and association and also because of the lack of space of entertainment, art and creativity, young people feel suffocated, humiliated, without dignity - foreigners in their own country and the only horizon they can see is the one beyond the sea.