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Protecting Rights of Domestic Workers in Massachusetts

Editorial Board Boston Globe
The Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights is the result of four years of organizing work by the Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers, which campaigned on behalf of the estimated 65,000 domestic workers in the state. The law went into effect on April 1 in Massachusetts.

NLG Calls for Immediate, Independent Medical Attention for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Tasha Moro National Lawyers Guild
On March 30, Mr. Abu-Jamal collapsed in the prison infirmary at SCI Mahanoy from diabetic shock before being hospitalized in the ICU at Schuylkill Medical Center. Despite his serious condition, he was transferred back to the prison just two days later. The medical attention given to Mr. Abu-Jamal thus far has been administered without adequate information and has raised questions of medical neglect.

Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations That Feed on Prisons

Chris Hedges Truthdig
“Organizing boycotts, work stoppages inside prisons and the refusal by prisoners and their families to pay into the accounts of phone companies and commissary companies is the only weapon we have left,” said Amos Caley, who runs the Interfaith Prison Coalition, a group formed by prisoners, the formerly incarcerated, their families and religious leaders.

Netanyahu Slips, Reveals Reason for Opposition to Iran Deal

Juan Cole Informed Comment
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was given repeated access to millions of Americans to talk trash about the deal over the weekend and to make mostly false allegations about its contours. What does he want? Netanyahu wants to keep Iran poor and undeveloped. He wants to make sure that “crippling” sanctions aren’t lifted. He wants to keep Iranians in grinding poverty.

Are Unions and Democrats Still Happy Together?

Jeanne Cummings Bloomberg
The conflict over fast track is fundamental. Organized labor wants to kill the legislation. Obama wants to sign it. The rough outlines of the bill would enable Congress to make its preferences known and receive updates while trade negotiations are under way in exchange for a clean vote -- no amendments -- on a final trade agreement.

Power and Resistance at the World Social Forum in Tunisia

Hamza Hamouchene Middle East Eye
The World Social Forum is one of the few remaining places where tens of thousands of people from all over the world meet annually to discuss, debate, plan and organise under the banner of “Another World Is Possible”. Though the WSF continues to provide a space in which radical thinking, networking and organising can and does take place, it is not immune from power politics and attempts to neutralise, hijack and convert it to a status-quo agenda.

Why So Many Celebrities are Scientologists: "Going Clear", Revealing New HBO Doc, Holds Clues

Eileen Jones In These Times
One explanation of why do many celebrities are Scientologists is hidden in plain sight: The way the cult mirrors the star-obsessed, profit-driven culture of Hollywood. "Going Clear" also posits the rest of the answer: Stars stick with Scientology because of the meticulously kept notes, recordings and videos from E-meter "auditing" sessions that are central to the religion's practice, and make for ideal blackmail material.