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Simmering Labor Fight Brings Crippling Delays to West Coast Seaports

Erik Eckholm New York Times
"...owners said they would suspend the unloading of container and other cargo ships on Thursday, Monday and the weekend because of what they called "a strike with pay." The move followed a similar two-day limit on work last weekend that angered many port workers. They saw it as a ploy to punish them and increase pressure to settle on a new labor contract after nine months of negotiations, which continue with the aid of a federal mediator."

No More Late Nights With Jon Stewart

Emily Nussbaum The New Yorker
The truth is that Stewart was often at his most exciting when he got down in the dirt, instead of remaining decent and high-minded, your twinkly-eyed smartest friend. That kind of digging, of disrespecting authority, was a model for reinventing journalism, not comedy.

24 Democrats Who Are Refusing to Attend Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

Zaid Jilani Alternet
The political calculation by House Speaker John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that they would reap dividends from a speech to a joint session of Congress is getting an unprecedented rebuff from both representatives and senators.

Crime Falls Along With Imprisonment

Pew Charitable Trusts
The latest findings from the FBI provide further evidence that states can reduce incarceration rates without compromising public safety.

Surviving the Nazis, Only to Be Jailed by America

Eric Lichtblau New York Times - Sunday Review
Today the U.S. government treats immigrants from Latin America the way liberated Jews were treated after World War II. Then a presidential aid reported: "we appear to be treating the Jews as the Nazis treated them except that we do not exterminate them. They are in concentration camps in large numbers under our military guard instead of S.S. troops." Our nation of immigrants treats modern immigrants with arrest and detention; and modern immigrant (concentration) camps.

Europe: What Is To Be Done?

Conn M. Hallinan Dispatches From The Edge
The Greek election was a warning that, while wealth and political power may be related, they are not the same thing: Governments can be overturned. Europe needs answers. The Greek crisis is a crisis of the entire EU. To one extent or other, every country - even Germany, the EU's engine - is characterized by falling or anemic wage growth, increasing economic inequality, spreading deflation, and an overall decline in living standards.

Nigeria's Elections: Will The Voice of the Working Class Be Heard?

Akhator Joel Odigie Equal Times
A powerful few benefit by dividing the Nigerian people along ethnic, religious and sectarian lines for political gain. Massive unemployment --particularly in Northern Nigeria -- has fed the insurgency; while Nigerian workers – bus and okada (motorcycle taxi) drivers, market stall holders, hawkers, teachers, commuters and others – are especially vulnerable to Boko Haram’s attacks.

'A Palestinian State Isn't the Solution, But it's a Step in the Right Direction': Meet MK Jamal Zahalka

Orly Noy +972 Magazine
Jamal Zahalka, Chairman of the Balad party (and Knesset member) says that unification of Israel's Arab parties is nothing short of historic - both in Israel and the Arab world: `There has never been unity between the communists, nationalists and Islamists.' In an interview, Zahalka talks about his party's appeal to Jewish voters, why the Joint List won't join an Israeli government and what compromises he is willing to make to end the occupation.