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The Reagan Hostage Plot That Defeated Jimmy Carter

David Cay Johnston DCReport
A long-time Republican operative has come forward to spill the beans about the extensive plotting by Reagan allies to force the hostages to endure captivity for months so that voters would deny Carter a second term.

The Sweet and Sour Origins of Amish Soul Food

Sam Lin-Sommer Atlas Obscura
In Pennsylvania Dutch Country, African Americans have created a distinct, delicious cuisine, combining Southern and Amish cooking from Coatesville, PA, where the cuisines of Amish and African American communities have commingled over generations.

Monopolywood: Why the Paramount Accords Should Not Be Repealed

Vaughn Joy Red Pepper
Repealing the Paramount accords could set independent cinema back in favour of corporate giants. When larger studios can buyup properties or drive competitors out of business, that monopoly over our cultural media is truly dangerous.