Friday Nite Videos -- February 12, 2016
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New Hampshire Primary | Full Frontal

Republicans debate, and the crazy spills forth.  Samantha Bee launches her new late night show with more to satirize than she knows what to do with.


It's Not Over -- Bernie Sanders

"I think we need to believe in a leader like Bernie Sanders. People are dying. This is real. We need a president that will talk about it. Bernie is a protester. He's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. He is not scared." - Erica Garner


300 Union Plumbers Volunteer in Flint

Hundreds of union plumbers volunteer their time to replace fixtures in Flint that get in the way of installing filters to counter lead contamination of the city's water supply.


The Legacy of Slavery

Slave labor helped build the "Wall" in "Wall Street" centuries ago. This video on the intertwining of our economic system with racial oppression was produced by Trinity Church, located at Broadway and Wall Street. Trinity Church takes an hard look at its own complex role in that history.


Gravitational Waves From a Dance of Black Holes

Two black holes, about 29 times and 36 times the mass of our sun, collide in this computer visualization of the event that provided the first direct evidence that black holes exist, can exist in a pair, and can collide and merge.

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