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Grassroots Uprising in Amish Country - Real Resistance

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania might be called Trump Country. It is rural and deeply religious, went solidly for Republicans in 2016, as it had consistently in years past. After Trump’s election we knew we needed a protest and an electoral movement.

Parsing the UK’s Anti-Semitism Debate

In a nakedly political move, Jeremy Corbyn's right-wing critics are painting the lifelong anti-racist's criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. Corbyn’s wing of the Labor Party is accused because criticism of Israel is now defined as anti-Semitism.

Sept20, 2018-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments, Julia Salazar victory; Hurricane Maria one year later; International Movement against New Right-Wing Axis; Second Amendment; Public Libraries in Civil Society; Resources; Announcements-Chicago, Boston; Bay Area, New York; and more..

If They Wanted Truth, They Would Subpoena Mark Judge

What seems evident, however, is that Republicans on the committee know that Judge would be a disaster as a character witness for Kavanaugh.

Puerto Rico Has Not Recovered From Hurricane Maria

To say that the island of 3.3 million has not yet recovered – from the damage or the trauma – is an understatement. One year after Maria, nearly every pillar of Puerto Rican society remains devastated.

Lula's Support for Haddad's Presidential Campaign

Lula's response to Court decision denying his right to run for President: "If they wish to silence our voices and defeat our project for the country, they are fooling themselves. We are still alive, in the hearts and memories of the people."

US Economy: Reality Behind Growth

To most Americans, the best marker of a healthy economy will always be a decent-paying, full-time job. An economy only deserves celebrating when people with full-time jobs have rising paychecks. In America today, they don’t.

Global Left Midweek - September 19, 2018

Costa Rica On Strike, EU, Bloody Syria, Mass Protests in India, Irish Options, Nigerian Left, Iranian Kurds

Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry to Bother You, directed by Boots Riley, Annapurna Pictures, The film’s real heroes are the people, the modern Levellers and Diggers—the gravediggers of capitalism.

Georgia Governor's Race-Can a Black Woman Make History?

Progressive Democrat Stacey Abrams is taking on Trump-style Republican Brian Kemp in a state where all 82 of its governors have been white men
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From Academia to Art School: An 'Old Black Woman' Starts Anew

Paul Von Blum Truthdig
Renowned social historian and scholar Nell Painter went back to school to study art after retiring from her tenured professorship. This book is the story of how she found herself anew, and what the search can teach the rest of us.


The Fake That’s Real

By Mary Elise Bailey
Poet Mary Elise Bailey has studied and re-studied the rhetoric of 2016 presidential shopping. This selection is part of a longer work, Duct Tape.


Bob Woodward’s Dragnet Descends on Donald Trump

Lloyd Green The Guardian
Woodward, one of the two Washington Post city reporters who broke the Watergate story that led to bringing down a president has written another sober, must-read dissection of corruption and rot at the White House.



An Immigrant Woman Takes Charge of the United Farm Workers

David Bacon American Prospect
Teresa Romero was just selected as the new president of the United Farm Workers -- the third person to hold that office following Cesar Chavez and Arturo Rodriguez. She is the first woman and first immigrant to serve in that position.


You Can Be Fired for Not Showing Up to Work During a Hurricane

Even when there are mandatory evacuation orders, many businesses insist that employees still show up for work. Many more This forces many to make an impossible choice between protecting their lives or protecting their jobs

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Beto O'Rourke: We Don't Need a Wall

The man running against Ted Cruz to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate says we should be focused on smart security solutions and citizenship for DREAMers


Senator Elizabeth Warren at Netroots Nation 2018

Warren tells her own story to show how radically government has abandoned its responsibility to help the poor and working class. A speech about fighting the politics of division in the age of Trump.


'Job Shaming' Actor Geoffrey Owens Totally Backfired

Actor Geoffrey Owens (“The Cosby Show”) speaks out after articles from Fox News and other media outlets attempted to “job shame” him for working at Trader Joe’s. Owens says the Fox News article about him was “an attempt to make someone feel small about what they do for a living” but it has “totally backfired”.


Skin Deep | Buddy Guy

Playing For Change and Buddy Guy unite to record and film his anthem, “Skin Deep.” The song includes over 50 musicians from coast to coast.