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The Delusion of Plastic Recycling Using Pyrolysis

The world is drowning in plastic. Experts say we need to stop making so much. But the plastics industry peddling a "solution" that works like magic. Don't be fooled.

Shell’s Exit From Nigeria: To Dodge Legal Problems?

The oil giant is selling its Niger Delta subsidiary – but lending the new owners the money for the purchase.

NLRB Is Testing Out a New Tool To Stop Union Busting

This week, the NLRB handed down its first Cemex order against Station Casinos in Las Vegas, which engaged in heavy-handed union busting before workers lost a vote to unionize. The ruling may force the casino chain to bargain with the union anyway.

29 Years Without Jonas Salk

Nearly three decades after Jonas Salk’s passing, his legacy continues to highlight the need for building a different pharmaceutical industry.

Corporate Media in the Age of Fascist Politics

Deceit, ignorance, and the death of civic responsibility now function as the perfect storm enabling fascist politics. America is no longer ashamed of its ignorance; it is now a matter of fondness and serves as a measure of loyalty.

The EU Elections: All Is Not What It Seems

The danger from the right is becoming more marked and is shifting West, whereas until a few years ago the right was rooted in former socialist countries. The hope is now that moderate components of the center looks unambiguously towards the left.

Friday Nite Videos | March 22, 2024

Jordan Klepper at First Post-Conviction Rally. Jesus Christ | Woody Guthrie. William Barber | “White Poverty” & Poor People’s Campaign March. A Time for Choosing. Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown | Hulu.

Dem Governor Demonstrates How To Use the Pardon Power

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore’s clemency forgives low-level marijuana possession charges for an estimated 100,000 people in what he said is a step to heal decades of social and economic injustice that disproportionately harms Black and Brown people.

Europe: The Left Can’t Win by Running to the Right

The far right showed disturbing strength in the European Parliament elections, but there’s nothing inevitable about a far right wave. To win, the left needs to stick to principles — and stick together.

Cooling California Could Heat Up Europe

Scientists call for regulation to stop regional use of marine cloud brightening that may cool one region in the short term but have negative impact elsewhere
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Sweet Rain

Teresa Pham-Carsillo Catamaran Literary Reader
California poet Teresa Pham-Carsillo opens the reader to summertime; show some gratitude!


How To Be a Nonviolent Second-Wave Feminist

Eleanor J. Bader The Indypendent
In 47 essays written from the early 1970s to the late 1990s, prominent Second Wave feminists question how nonviolence might be applied to effectively transform violent systems of aggression, from rape to war.


An Amish-Chinese Mushroom Collaboration

Laura Reiley Ambrook Research
A business born of necessity and the pandemic, Amish Agriculture Inc and its mushrooms are finding fertile ground. The collaboration, rooted in urgency and with high-tech assistance, is believed to be the first formal Amish-Chinese business venture



Peter Neil Carroll
Enslavers typically insisted that Africans lacked "civilization," culture, religion until scholars like P. Sterling Stuckey showed beyond doubt the rich complexity --and survival-- of African traditions among African Americans.


Israel’s Descent

Adam Shatz London Review of Books
Exterminationist violence is almost always preceded by other forms of persecution, which aim to render the victims as miserable as possible, including plunder, denial of the franchise, ghettoization, ethnic cleansing and racist dehumanization.



The Passing of a Troublemaker

Paul Buhle The Progressive
Frank Emspak, anti-war activist and labor leader, spent his life advancing workers’ rights.


Insurgent Slate Wins UFT Retiree Chapter Election

Crystal Lewis Chief
In balloting for leadership of the union’s Retired Teachers chapter, the Retiree Advocate slate received 17,226 votes, or 63 percent of the total, while Unity, which is aligned with UFT President Michael Mulgrew, got 10,114 votes, according to unoffi


There’s a Reason Trump Has Friends in High Places

Jamelle Bouie New York Times
Some business leaders see “the threat to capitalism from the Democrats is more concerning than the threat to democracy from Trump.” Biden’s efforts to regulate markets have led them to look past their misgivings about the Jan. 6th insurrection.


Unions Must Seize the Moment To Organize the South

Ben Carroll Jacobin
After a victory in Tennessee and a loss in Alabama, the UAW is pressing onward in its fight to organize the notoriously anti-union South. The fate of Southern workers — and all workers — depends on the movement’s willingness to think big.

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A Time for Choosing

THE SENECA PROJECT is a bipartisan superPAC, led by women, dedicated to mobilizing moderate women voters in key swing states in support of President Joe Biden’s re-election


Deep-Sea Mining | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses deep-sea mining, whether or not it’s worth doing, and which undersea creature he most wants to eat.