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July 9, 2020-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Standing Up to Trump and Racism; Black Lives Matter; Pandemic, COVID-19, Evictions; ICE Foreign Student Guidelines; Voter Suppression; Labor Unions and Police; Confederate Monuments; Big Oil; Margy Wilkinson; Hamilton; Announcements

Anti-Racism Means More than 'Checking Your Privilege'

Self-reflection is welcome. But until we undo the structures that hold up anti-blackness across the world, injustice will persist

Seattle Council Taxes Big Business to Fund Relief

"Working people and our movement have to unapologetically claim victory for what we've won, because we want to spread these victories to other cities."

Will the New NAFTA Make the Pandemic Worse for Mexicans

For Mexican workers, farmers, and the poor, the pandemic and the new treaty replacing NAFTA are a devastating one-two punch.

Pulling Down Statues? A Tradition that Started in 1776

Enthusiasm for the American Revolution led colonists to burn, disfigure, and deface any symbol of Britain and its hated king.

Global Left Midweek - July 8, 2020

No exit in Europe? Walden Bello says we can beat the far right, and more reports from four continents

The Merits of Medicare for All Have Been Proven

There is no rosy way to view tens of thousands of dead Americans—especially in contrast with other nations that have managed to control the outbreak. In the words of one New Zealand health expert, “It really does feel like the U.S. has given up.”

New Guidelines for International Students in US

“It’s going to cause enormous confusion and uncertainty,” Hartle said. “ICE is clearly creating an incentive for institutions to reopen, regardless of whether or not the circumstances of the pandemic warrant it.”

The “Camden Model” Is Not a Model; It's an Obstacle

In response to radical demands to defund and disband the police, liberal reformers are pushing the “Camden model.” Don’t fall for it. Camden relies on mass surveillance to pacify its population — all to benefit business interests.

'Historic Day' for Standing Rock, Pipeline Shut Down

From the outset of the pipeline’s construction, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Faith Jr. said the tribe stood against the project.
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The Revolutionary Life of Dr. Alan Berkman

Michael Steven Smith Mondoweiss
Susan Reverby’s riveting biography of Alan Berkman is a magnificent book. Berkman was imprisoned in the 60s, convicted for his political work. On regaining his freedom he devoted his life to public health and helping those the system abandoned.


Our Time Is Now

Charles Kaiser The Guardian
An eloquent and moving call for voting rights reform shows the former Georgia House minority leader is ready for higher office.


Say Thank You Say I’m Sorry

Jericho Brown NY Times Book Review
“I’d like us to rethink/What it is to be a nation,” writes the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet.



The Role of Labour Activism in Vietnam’s Coronavirus Success

Joe Buckley Equal Times
Worker action has helped push the Vietnamese government to address COVID-19. At the time of writing, there have been 334 cases and no deaths. Through strikes and workplace activity, workers have demanded protection and support.

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Native Americans Protest Trump Trip to Mount Rushmore

"I hope people begin to understand that these were racist white men." Writer Simon Moya-Smith says the Black Hills in South Dakota, where Mount Rushmore is located, have always been a holy place for the Lakota Nation.


“Make AMERICA Again” | Langston Hughes Poem Let America Be America Again

This Op-Ed celebrates Langston Hughes’ iconic poem, "Let America Be America Again,” by situating it in the context of current political traumas: the Trump administration’s assault on American values of equality, pluralism, and human dignity. Featuring found media footage and excerpts from public poetry readings by activists Nikki Giovanni and Michael Moore, this Op-Ed is a rallying cry for all Americans to join the Resistance.


The Chicks | March March

“If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.” - unknown. Use your VOICE. Use your VOTE. By The Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks).