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How Federal Govt Can Hold Oil Industry Accountable

Oil and gas companies have been cheating the leasing and drilling system for years, but the Biden administration has the tools to hold them accountable.

Labor’s Militant Creativity

UAW builds on a tactic—selective strikes—pioneered 30 years ago by the Flight Attendants. It conserves the strike fund, which would only last about 90 days if all workers were out. Not knowing which plant will be struck keeps companies off-balance.

Trump Attacked Me. Then Musk Did. It Wasn’t an Accident

Donald Trump publicly attacked me. Two years later, following his acquisition of Twitter and after I resigned my role as the company’s head of trust and safety, Elon Musk added fuel to the fire. I’ve lived with armed guards outside my home

Mayor Adams - Wrong About Migrant Crisis

No sensible New Yorker should believe for a moment that a stream of migrants — despite the daunting financial and logistical issues involved in giving them food and shelter, as required by law — can literally destroy our city.

Sept 21, 2023 -Reader Comments, Announcements, Cartoons

Reader Comments: Auto Strike; Ukraine War; Billionaire Tax, Dems and Supreme Court; Africa and France; Walter Mosley's New; Nuclear Truth Telling; Remembering Barbara Ehrenreich; Nano Stern Sings Victor Jara; Vito Marcantonio; Cartoons; more ....

The Two Santa Clauses Scam Rearing Its Ugly Head Again

Hopefully this time Democratic politicians and our media will, finally, call the GOP out on Wanniski’s and Reagan’s Two Santa Clauses scam and put an end to it once and for all…

Iranian Women and African American's Shared Struggle

The far reach of the Iranian and U.S. struggles for freedom is a testament to the tenacity and resistance of both Iranian and African American women against master-slave relations.

Biden Latest President To Tout the Vietnam War

You might think that—after killing such a vast number of people in a war of aggression based on continuous deceptions—some humility and even penance would be in order.

Half a Million California Workers Get a Raise

Fast-food workers compel McDonald’s and Starbucks to abandon a ballot measure that would have squelched both.

Global Left Midweek – September 20, 2023

News and analysis from, and about, left social movements and parties around the world
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America’s Bee Problem Is an Us Problem

Lex Pryor The Ringer
You may have heard America’s honeybees are dying. But what does that mean for the people on the front lines—and what could it mean for what ends up on your plate?


Yellow Stars

Elizabeth Zelvin
“I will not be invisible,” writes NY poet Elizabeth Zelvin of her Jewish female identity, “I will not be herded/…I do not accept your yellow stars.”


The Red and the Queer

Alan Wald Against the Current
Reviewer Wald praises this book's "grace," for the way its author "puts into conversation the deeply intertwined histories of what he calls 'straight, gay, or otherwise queer' people and the radical anti-capitalist movement."



Bernie Sanders to UAW Rally: “We Refuse To Live in an Oligarchy”

Bernie Sanders Jacobin
Bernie Sanders headlined a United Auto Workers rally in Detroit on the first day of the strike, declaring that “every worker, white collar, blue collar, in between, has got to stand with the UAW in your struggle for justice.” We reprint his remarks


Here’s What Striking Autoworkers Are Fighting For

Jeff Schuhrke Working In These Times
The Big 3 automakers have made record profits in recent years. Now, union workers are calling for big raises, an end to tiers, a shorter work week and a just transition.


Auto Workers Strike Plants at All Three of the Big 3

Luis Feliz Leon, Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
Photo of happy workers walking out of a plant. “For the last 40 years, the billionaire class has been taking everything and leaving everybody else to fight for the scraps,” UAW President Fain said. “We are not the problem. Corporate greed is the problem.”

Friday nite video

Paul Robeson | "Joe Hill"

The towering cultural and political figure, Paul Robeson, memorializes a great labor organizer and martyr in song

Why Auto Workers Are Striking

Auto workers are fighting for a 40% pay increase — the same raise that Ford, Stellantis & GM CEOs have seen over the past 4 years.