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History Is a Human Right

From Stone Mountain to the Stonewall Inn, the #TeachTruth National Day of Action fights back against anti-history legislation.

This Week in People’s History, June 6 to 12

Civil rights activist James Meredith wincing in pain just after he was wounded by a sniper
Bullets don't stop March Against Fear. Strikers' play fills Madison Square Garden. Court rules for lunch-counter sit-in. Cesar Chavez gets started. CIA lawbreaking whitewashed. Environmental racism costs Shell Oil. Paul Robeson defies witch-hunters.

What Happened When a Neighborhood Policed Itself

On a two-block stretch of Brownsville in April, the police stepped aside and let residents respond to 911 calls. It was a bold experiment that some believe could redefine law enforcement in New York City.

Liberalism and Inverted Totalitarianism

What is paradoxical is that U.S. imperial ideology happens to be not fascism but an all-encompassing and intolerant liberalism refitted for rationalizing military and political expansion.

Latino Activist Rudy Lozano Was Murdered 40 Years Ago

An organizer for the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, he had made an unsuccessful run for 22nd Ward alderman in the same election that produced Chicago’s first Black mayor.

A New Way To Study Biology

Research suggests that quantum effects influence biological functions. If true, this means that we could possibly control physiological processes by using the quantum properties of biological matter.

What Will Be Left of the Voting Rights Act?

The Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority returns to one of its favorite victims.

The Little Man’s Big Friends

This book covers more than two centuries of American history, seeking to explain the evolution and enduring power of a racially inflected understanding of freedom.

Getting Across Baltimore

Gov. Wes Moore’s credibility in the largest city in Maryland rides on building a light-rail line long blocked by racist fears.

It's Not the End of the Supreme Court War on Labor

With Glacier, eight justices sabotaged the most powerful weapon unions have: the strike.
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Food Innovations That Came From War

Diana Hubbell Atlas Obscura
Many processed foods now common in civilian life were first created by and for the military-industrial complex. Thank Uncle Sam for Cheetos, air fryers, and other modern mainstays.


Upon Voiding Pills

Lavinia Kumar New Verse News
Lavinia Kumar’s poetry protests the government’s repression of safe medical abortion.


The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On “Liberal” as an Adjective

Mario Clemens LSE Review of Books
In this new book, writes reviewer Clemens, author Walzer "muses on the evolution of the word liberal, from indicating a fixed ideology to signifying a ‘universal’ set of values that can be attached to a diverse array of political projects."


The Discovery of a Little-Known History of the Nuremberg Trials

Peter Canby The NewYorker
“Filmmakers for the Prosecution” producer describes emptying out her mother's loft and under a daybed, found boxes of documents concerning the first Nuremberg trial and a 1948 never-released 16 mm film "Nuremberg: It's Lesson's for Today."


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The Boys – Season 3 Official Trailer

The Boys learn of a mysterious anti-Supe weapon, crash into The Seven, start a war, and chase the legend of the first Superhero: Soldier Boy. Arrives June 3.