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A Day of Protest and Resistance Across Palestine

Palestinians responded to Israel's "massacre" in Jenin with protests and resistance across the West Bank, including an attack on an East Jerusalem settlement where at least seven Israelis were killed.

‘We’re Tired of Being Beaten’

Protesters across US call for justice for Tyre Nichols

German Tanks Against Russia? A Mistake

Those now promoting the path to war with ever more, ever heavier weapons, sparing no thought for the costs, are the expression of a veritably apocalyptic mood in our society which no longer believes in real social progress

Amilcar Cabral and South Africans

Amilcar Cabral was assasinated 50 years ago. His influence stretched far beyond the Portuguese colonies, profoundly influencing the political struggle in South Africa, past and present.

What the Media Forgot About David Crosby

Crosby was an unreconstructed 1960s radical who kept his political commitments til he died.

Friday Nite Videos | January 27, 2023

Roy Wood Jr. Explores Police Militarization & Atlanta's "Cop City." Make the Super-rich Pay Their Fair Share. Memphis BLM Activist on Tyre Nichols' Killing. Why We All Need Subtitles Now. When Culture Changes Our DNA.

Trump, Russia and the Indicted Ex-FBI Agent

Ex-FBI official McGonigal worked for a sanctioned Russian oligarch, prosecutors say. Earlier, he was in charge of investigating the Trump campaign's Russian connections. Historian Timothy Snyder lays out the tangled web of facts.

The Constitution Has an Answer to the Debt Ceiling

“The validity of the public debt of the United States,” the 14th Amendment declares, “shall not be questioned.” If Congressional Republicans violate this, President Biden, acting along, should do as the Constitution requires.

Why CRT Belongs in the Classroom and How To Do It Right

If classroom realities matter at all to governors and state legislators who have imposed CRT bans on schools, they would be embarrassed at having barred students from the kind of thought provoking teaching we witnessed in this project.

Trump's Secret $1M Donation to Arizona ‘Audit’

Arizona Republican leaders who asked Cyber Ninjas to carry out the audit publicly denied that Trump was involved, saying “this absolutely has nothing to do with Trump”. Documented’s analysis pierces that denial.
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Big Bird Died for Your Sins

Martín Espada Virginia Quarterly Review
The poet Martín Espada recounts a childhood encounter of death, mourning the loss of baseball’s Puerto Rican star, Roberto Clemente.


The Problem of Democracy

Jonathan Freedland The Guardian
In this book, author Hamid writes about what he calls a "democratic dilemma" facing U.S. policymakers, who, he says, "want democracy in theory but do not necessarily want its outcomes in practice.”


“Argentina, 1985”: Oscar-Shortlisted Film Depicts Historic War Crimes Trial of U.S.-Backed Generals

Democracy Now Democracy Now
Democracy Now interviews director Santiago Mitre about “Argentina, 1985,” his dramatization of the Trial of the Juntas, when a civilian court prosecuted Argentina’s former military leaders for brutal crimes committed during the U.S.-backed right-wing military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983. The film just won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in a Non-English Language and is also shortlisted for an Oscar for best international film.


Why We Can’t Turn Off the NFL

Dylan Scott Vox
America’s unbreakable fixation with football will only lead to more injuries like Damar Hamlin’s. A uniquely American concoction of capitalism and culture has allowed football to continue to thrive, even as the dangers it presents to players, both professional and amateur, have become clearer. Football remains the biggest hit on TV.


Hanging Mohsen on the Gallows

Majid Naficy
The Persian poet Majid Naficy still awakens at night, mourning friends and family, victims of the Iranian regime.



How We Began To Bring the Mail Back

Jamie Partridge Labor Notes
In the 1980s and 1990s, after we secured local contract language against delivery in the dark (“both inefficient and unsafe”), carriers in Portland would bring the mail back, instead of delivering in the dark.


If America Had Fair Laws, 60 Million Workers Would Join a Union Tomorrow

Luke Savage Jacobin
According to the latest data, the ranks of unionized workers grew by 200,000 between 2021 and 2022. If the United States’ unionization rules in place weren’t so biased toward bosses, tens of millions more workers indicate they would have joined a union, too.

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When Culture Changes Our DNA

Thanks to our ability to develop and share complex learned behaviors across generations - a thing we sometimes call culture - we have become the ultimate niche builders.


Life And Death 3,000,000 Years Ago

What was life and death like for some of our earliest ancestors, like famed australopith  Lucy, who lived almost three million years ago?