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Friday Nite Videos | March 31, 2023

Criminal Defendant Trump's First Court Date. The January 6th Prisoners Choir Had It Comin’. Bernie Unloads on Howard Schultz at Senate Hearing. Crossborder Mural Project 1997. What America Gets Wrong About the Southern Border | John Leguizamo.

Act Like a Mob Boss, Be Indicted Like One

The mobster comparisons are befitting not just in Trump’s life and business modus operandi, but also now in the way Trump is finally being held accountable.

I Stopped Trying To Be a Woman – And I Felt Resurrected

My decision to come out as a trans man was lifechanging. What’s so scary about the possibility of choice when it comes to gender?

Israeli Right’s Arrogance Made a New Struggle Possible

The mass protests have opened the possibility, however slight, that Israelis will begin to demand fundamental changes we haven't seen since 1948.

Math Amateur Solves ‘Einstein’ Problem

An “einstein” is a shape that tiles an infinite flat surface without repetition. It all began with a hobbyist “messing about and experimenting with shapes.”

Chronology in Trump-Cohen Hush Money Investigation

Former President Donald Trump was indicted today by a New York Grand Jury for criminal violations that may have occurred when Trump’s team paid two women to stay silent about alleged affairs with candidate Trump in 2016.

Israeli Protest Bringing Confrontation to a Head

The protests roiling Israel represent a struggle over its future. The traditional elite is in an existential fight to maintain power, while the ascendant religious-nationalist majority seeks to redefine the state.

About Russian Neo-Imperialism

Bernd Gehrke is critical of those in the peace movement and left who dismissed the threat of invasion coming from Russia - a failure to understand the genesis of today’s Russian capitalism and its emergence from Soviet-era party bureaucracy.

Retirees Fight to Stop Catastrophic Health Care Cuts

New York City’s Municipal Labor Committee voted March 9 to scrap some of the best retiree health care coverage in the country. The change would put 250,000 city retirees into a for-profit Medicare Advantage plan run by Aetna.

Mar 30 2023 - Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Attack on Public Education; Transgender Phobia; Guns, Schools, Children; Wisconsin; Florida; War in Ukraine; Nuclear Weapons; Fossil Fuels; Travel to Cuba; April 4 - Dr. King's Legacy; Building Socialist Alliances for Policy;
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A Guest From War

Oksana Maksymchuk Manhattan Review
Ukrainian refugee poet Oksana Maksymchuk depicts life in exile as “an endless cellar/that’s now her mind.”


Staughton Lynd: The Perils of Sainthood

Paul Buhle Portside
Staughton Lynd seemed like a personal force almost more than a person within the antiwar movement of the 1960s. My Country Is the World largely and usefully recounts the controversies that came with his rise in the peace movement of the middle 1960s


The Untold Story of Capitalism

Joel Wendland-Liu Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book, writes reviewer Wendland-Liu, shifts the geographic focus of "origins of capitalism" debates from Europe "to the motion, spaces, circuits and conflicts in multiple global sites and stages of economic production relations."


Jesus in America

H.C. Palmer
When the newly elected Governor of Oklahoma committed his state to Christian nationalism, the poet and war veteran H.C. Palmer raises some objections to such gestures.



The Dangers of Being a Female Rideshare Driver in Jakarta

Photo of a woman on a motor bike. In Jakarta, women take to the roads out of desperation. Drivers for ride-hailing platforms have a tough gig. For women in Indonesia, gender norms can mean they’re demeaned, and still carry responsibility for the household when they get home.


The Class Struggle With Tommy and Gina

Eric Dirnbach Eric Dirnbach
Bon Jovi’s hit “Livin’ on a Prayer” is an anthem about working class survival. But it also contains a deeper message about class struggle.

Friday nite video


Crossborder Mural Project 1997

Witness the creation of two labor murals (Mexico City / Chicago), linked by the collaborative efforts of unions from both sides of the border.