Friday Nite Videos -- November 27, 2015

Friday Nite Videos -- November 27, 2015 feature image
November 27, 2015
Nebraska Republicans Squash the Death Penalty. Alice's Restaurant, 50 Thanksgivings Later. Killer Mike Introduces Bernie Sanders in Atlanta. In America: Walmart Workers. How Puerto Rico's Economic 'Death Spiral' is Tied to Legacy of Colonialism.
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ISIS: This Is No 'Clash of Civilizations'

 This Is No 'Clash of Civilizations' feature image
November 27, 2015
For Baghdadi to call his band of human traffickers, rapists, drug smugglers, and looters the “Islamic State” is rather like a Mexican drug cartel adopting the moniker “the Vatican,” and our adopting that term thereafter (“The Vatican kidnapped 30 people today”) when reporting on its violence. Journalists would resist such linguistic coercion in the case of Catholics; they should resist it in the case of Muslims as well.
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'Suffragette' Foregrounds Working-Class Women

'Suffragette' Foregrounds Working-Class Women feature image
November 27, 2015
Suffragette is the first film to depict a women's movement with major Hollywood stars. And Gavron's introduction, skyped in at the preview I saw, was superb, emphasizing global women's struggles and class and race inequality as well as the historical fight for suffrage. As more celebrities come out as feminists, we can hope for more.
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Black Clergy: Think Before Meeting Trump

 Think Before Meeting Trump feature image
November 27, 2015
An open letter from more than 100 Black religious leaders and scholars to the African American ministers scheduled to meet with Donald Trump warn that such a meeting will serve to "de-radicalize the Black prophetic political tradition" and "give Trump the appearance of legitimacy" that he will use to harm Black communities.
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Healthy Coffee and Cigarettes

Healthy Coffee and Cigarettes feature image
November 27, 2015
Coffee and cigarettes. Well, it turns out that one of them is good for you. As for e-cigarettes ... hold the conclusions.
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A Thanksgiving Message

A Thanksgiving Message  feature image
November 26, 2015
Just click through the link to the Portside website to explore what we've had to offer, this year and before, about Thanksgiving and lots more.
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Joe Hill's Lessons for Today

Joe Hill's Lessons for Today feature image
November 25, 2015
Joe Hill -- executed 100 years ago by a Utah firing squad -- knew the power of harnessing creativity. The Wobblies embraced songs, comics, soapboxing, and other creative tactics in reaching out to unorganized workers as well as in direct actions on the job site. “A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over,” Hill wrote in a letter to the editor of Solidarity in November 1914.
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State of Emergency, State of Resilience

State of Emergency, State of Resilience  feature image
November 25, 2015
The complex intersectional identities of transgender women of color, who are dealing with the overlapping issues of transmisogyny, racism, and classism, leave them vulnerable to multiple forms of institutionalized oppression.While much more systemic work is needed to improve the quality of life for transgender women of color, transgender activists and organizations are leading the movement to rectify these injustices.
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I Sued for the Laquan McDonald Police Video

I Sued for the Laquan McDonald Police Video feature image
November 25, 2015
The lack of sound in the recording and the perfunctory way the officers moved and behaved made a horrifying act seem normal. Mayor Rahm Emanuel keeps implying that this incident is a one-off situation. But that’s wrong.
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From Mizzou to Yale: The Demands

 The Demands feature image
November 25, 2015
Across the nation, students have risen up to demand an end to systemic and structural racism on campus. Here are their demands. Note: These demands were compiled from protesters across the country. These are living demands and will grow and change as the work grows and changes. If you have demands that are not listed, please send them to or @samswey. Last updated on 11/23/2015.
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Portside Culture

Death Warrant

Alexis Rhone Fancher
State of Grace: The Joshua Elegies
From Alexis Rhone Fancher"s State of Grace (2015), an elegy to her son Joshua, we find compassion mixed with irony, grief with dark humor, as the poet's life must go in an absurd world.

Cooking Local

Meg Favreau
Table Matters
If you're looking for something special for the holiday table, Meg Favreau has some suggestions from her collection of 1970s and 1980s locally printed cookbooks.

'Suffragette': Why I Won't Write a Review

Ijeoma Oluo
The Stranger
'So I’m not going to write a review about 'Suffragette', because I’m no longer going to legitimize films that refuse to acknowledge the existence of people of color. And neither should you'.

The Savory Science of Umami

Lynn A. Kuntz
Food Product Design
In the 1980s and 90s, science rediscovered the existence of umami and in 2002 identified its taste receptor. And, as they say, the rest was history. Not only has umami been universally recognized in sensory science, it’s become the darling of professionals looking to enhance the taste of savory foods. Umami can be leveraged, not just for tastier foods, but for healthier ones.

Eden in Pilsen

Philip C. Kolin
Pilsen Snow: Poems
At the turn of the 20th Century Czech immigrants flocked to the Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen on the city's near west side attracted there by the offer of jobs. Mississippi-based poet Philip C. Kolin depicts their hopes and realities in a newly-published chapbook.

Doris Lessing's MI5 File: Was She a Threat to the State?

Lara Feigel
The Guardian (UK)
The security services set out to ensnare Lessing. But they weren't sure where she lived, why she went to Communist party meetings or even whether her nickname was Tigger or Trigger. M15 spied on Doris Lessing for 20 years, declassified documents reveal. Lara Feigel interrogates the secret archives.

Portside Labor

Workers Need a Better Deal on Thanksgiving Weekend

Jenny Wittner
The Progressive
Thanksgiving Day sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday prevent retail workers from enjoying family time. Employers aren’t just giving workers unstable, unpredictable shifts during the hectic holiday season — they’re doing it all year round. Nearly 40 percent of retail workers are given irregular schedules that wreak havoc on their lives.

How Higher Wages for U.S. Autoworkers Could Help You Get a Raise, Too

Jordan Yadoo
While new labor contracts cover only 140,000 unionized employees at the Big Three carmakers, they could lift pay standards for the nearly 1 million people who work in the U.S. auto industry and may also spur wage gains through the broader labor market. The deals come after a decade without raises for senior workers and lower wages and benefits for new hires--which almost completely eliminated the wage premium autoworkers once enjoyed over the average American worker.

Massive Rolling Strikes Shut Down Quebec

Sonia Singh
Labor Notes
After provincial bargaining stalled, 400,000 public sector workers across Quebec walked out in October and November on rolling one-day strikes.

Carhaulers Vote Down Awful Deal

Alexandra Bradbury
Labor Notes
"The IBT Carhaul Division has instructed all carhaul locals to hold meetings to ask members why they rejected the concessionary first offer. These guys are so out of touch, they need to be told the obvious: Teamsters are tired of concessions and want to protect their jobs and make reasonable gains in this boom year of auto sales." Teamsters for a Democratic Union

OFL Statement on the Paris Attacks, Refugees and the Path to Peace

Sid Ryan
Ontario Federation of Labor
There can be no justification or excuse for the mass killings of innocent people of Paris. The horror experienced in Paris last week is not isolated, it has been played out with ruthless regularity in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and many other countries, sometimes at the hands of Western forces. While Western hearts have been choked by the anguish of Parisians, we must also extend our horror and concern for millions of innocents throughout the world.

Friday Nite Videos

Posted by Portside on November 27, 2015

Desi Lydic examines how Republican officials in Nebraska were able to abolish the state's death penalty through conservative politicking. 

Posted by Portside on November 28, 2015

Arlo Guthrie's now-classic song was released in 1967, but the story begins, as the song explains, two years earlier. And 50 years into the story, its themes are strangely and sadly still relevant. And the movement it appeals for is no less needed.

Posted by Portside on November 27, 2015

Rapper and rights activist Killer Mike gives an eloquent introduction to Bernie Sanders at an Atlanta rally: "In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Sen. Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country." 

Posted by Portside on November 27, 2015

In America, on Thanksgiving, people working for our country's largest employer don't make enough to buy the food they need. Here are some of their voices, and what you can do.

Posted by Portside on November 27, 2015

Democracy Now! co-host Juan González addresses the question, "Could Puerto Rico become America’s Greece?" That’s a question many are asking as the island faces a devastating financial crisis and a rapidly crumbling healthcare system. 

Posted by Portside on November 25, 2015

After dashboard-camera footage of the shooting of Laquan McDonald was released, protesters took to the streets of Chicago.

Posted by Portside on November 20, 2015

A new poll says Donald Trump now captures 42% of likely Republican primary voters and the GOP is in a panic.