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Meet the Trillions of Viruses That Make up Your Virome

The race is on to find those viruses in our viromes that have already figured out how to protect us from the bad guys, while leaving the good bacteria intact.

Women in Prison Punished More Harshly than Men

Female prison inmates are being disciplined at much higher rates than men for lower-level offenses in many states.

Cartoonist Rube Goldberg’s Machines

Rube Goldberg’s machines are unparalleled monuments to the analog era, the very last time in history when complex machines were simple enough for ordinary people to understand.

Why Women Won Right to Vote in Colorado in 19th Century

One hundred twenty-five years ago, prioritizing local contexts and coalition-building, paying attention to political, economic, and social developments, and connecting to national allies brought Colorado’s campaign for equal suffrage to a successful

Honor Reconstruction Legacy: Educate Southern Children

During Reconstruction, those who had been discarded by Southern society — Blacks, the poor, people with disabilities — gained access to an education and other basic rights they never had before.

Germany Protest: 200,000+ Against Racists

More than 200,000 people have been marching in the German capital Berlin to protest against xenophobia and the increasing influence of the far right.

An Iowa Insurgent

Seed, Pesticide and Banking Monopolies — Not Immigrants — Are Destroying Farm Country. An Iowa Insurgent Hopes That Message Can Dethrone Steve King

Americans Maintain a Positive View of Bernie Sanders

53% view the Vermont senator favorably, 38% unfavorably Nearly four in five Democrats have a positive view of Sanders Ocasio-Cortez's ratings are mixed, and half of Americans don't know her

Trump on Medicare - Fact Check on Trump

Trump's Op Ed in USA Today and a Fact article on his claims.

Why We Are Losing the Global Fight Against Tuberculosis

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa
Tuberculosis, a largely poor peoples’ disease, has killed more people than smallpox, malaria, the plague, influenza, HIV and AIDS and Ebola combined. Yet the global response has been ineffective and shows a basic lack of respect for human rights.
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Amoroleck’s Words

Karenne Wood Markings on Earth
On the anniversary of Columbus’s landing in the Caribbean, Virginia poet Karenne Wood depicts the tragic result for North America’s indigenous people.


Review: ‘Warrior Women’

Chelsea Phillips-Carr POV Magazine
Warrior Women is about progress, and this extends to the personal sphere as well as the public. It is a progress that comes with respect for the women that came first--the ability to use knowledge of the past to build something even more powerful.


Nut Milks are Milk!

Benjamin Kemper Smithsonian Magazine
To the consternation of the dairy industry, in many cultures labeling the juice from almonds and soy beans ‘milk’ follows centuries of history.



UPS Contract "Ratified"?

Dave Jamieson Huffington Post
UPS Drivers Voted Down Their Union Contract, But The Teamsters Are Ratifying It Anyway


Steelworkers Demand Their Share of New Profits

Carl Green Labor Tribune
US Steel uses new profits from tariffs to attack union rights and conditions. USW Local 1899 charges that the future of the union is at stake in contract negotiations.


Unions Show Support For Hotel Strike

Allison Schaefers Star Advertiser
Unions representing sheet metal workers, flight attendants and public service employees took steps Tuesday to support the 2,700 Marriott hotel workers in Hawaii who were on their second day of a strike for higher wages and better benefits.


Marriott Workers on Strike in Eight US Cities

Nancy Trejos USA Today
“There is no end date. It’s an indefinite strike until we achieve our demands,” says Anand Singh, president of the union's Local 2 in San Francisco.


The Automation Charade

Astra Taylor Logic
Woman vacuuming. The rise of the robots has been greatly exaggerated. Whose interests does that serve?


Socialists Can Seize the Moment at Amazon

Rand Wilson and Peter Olney Jacobin
Amazon plays a key role in the twenty-first-century economy and has shown it’s vulnerable to pressure. Socialists should get jobs there and organize.

Friday nite video


I Shot the Sheriff | Playing For Change

We invite you to enjoy this classic Bob Marley song, "I Shot the Sheriff" performed live outside by Mermans Mosengo and Ali Boulala in the beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain.


Brazilian Elections

Brazil is about to elect a new president during a turbulent period of political corruption and economic uncertainty. John Oliver urges the people of Brazil not to figuratively fingerbang their democracy.