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Supreme Court Green Light: Bosses, Steal From Workers

Robbing workers’ pension funds has long been central to Wall Street's business model. A recent Supreme Court ruling opened the door for financial managers to take their looting of those pension funds even further.

Defunding the Police: Ending Surveillance of Muslims

Local police departments are trained to view youth as would-be terrorists, criminalizing Black Muslim youth with federal dollars and remaking local law enforcement agencies into miniature national security agencies.

How Palestine Advocates Can Support Black Struggle

demonstration protsting police murder of George Floyd and other Black people
Recent Black Lives Matter protests have sparked conversations about how to act in better solidarity with the Black struggle. How to move beyond rhetorical statements? How to address anti-Blackness among non-Black Arab communities?

Veterans Go to Washington: So What?

What, then, has been the actual influence of the military veterans now in Congress on this country's war policy?

Colombians Question Deployment of U.S. Security Forces

Colombian demonstration
The United States backs anti-narcotics operations as Colombia’s military faces a storm of criticism.

School Reopening -- Experts Warn of ‘Highest Risk’

A briefing packet for federal emergency response teams details the steps schools should take to reopen safely.

The Halted Progress of Criminal-Justice Reform

Prosecutors are charging protesters with federal crimes, exposing them to long prison sentences, in another example of the Justice Department’s grotesque overreach under Attorney General William Barr.

How One Woman Pulled off the First Consumer Boycott

While many companies have trumpeted their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, others are beginning to face consumer pressure for not appearing to do enough.

Most Important Indian Law Case in Half a Century

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that much of eastern Oklahoma, constituting nearly half the state, is Native American land, recognizing a 19th century U.S. treaty with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Public Banking Can Help Bridge the Racial Wealth Gap

By using public money to create local funds, public banks can reverse decades of racist disinvestment to repair Black and Brown communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 recession.
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How the Ice Cream Truck Made Summer Cool

Colin Dickey New Yorker
Harry Burt became the frst ice cream vendor to move from pushcart to truck, a move that changed how countless Americans eat—and how they experience summer.


It Happened Here

Alisa Solomon Jewish Currents
The Plot Against America—Philip Roth’s 2004 novel, as well as David Simon and Ed Burns’s recent television adaptation—imagines what might have transpired if the fascist tendency in the United States had gained power.


False Flag

Jed Myers
After nights of fire and looting, the poet Jed Myers asks in “False Flag” the simple question: who is shifting the blame to whom?


The Revolutionary Life of Dr. Alan Berkman

Michael Steven Smith Mondoweiss
Susan Reverby’s riveting biography of Alan Berkman is a magnificent book. Berkman was imprisoned in the 60s, convicted for his political work. On regaining his freedom he devoted his life to public health and helping those the system abandoned.


Our Time Is Now

Charles Kaiser The Guardian
An eloquent and moving call for voting rights reform shows the former Georgia House minority leader is ready for higher office.



Texas Teachers Union May Strike Over COVID-19 Precautions

Jef Rouner Reform Austin
The president of the Texas branch of the American Federation of Teachers says that going on strike is an option if teachers are forced back into the classroom this fall without proper precautions for COVID-19.

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The Myth of De Facto Segregation

‘The racial segregation in every metropolitan area in this country was created by racially explicit government policy, designed to create racial boundaries.’


Irresistible | Movie

Get ready for the most irresistible comedy event of the summer. From writer/director Jon Stewart, the world premiere of #Irresistible is now in theaters and on demand