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Where the N Train Stops

Belal Mobarak Apogee Journal
Where is Home, asks the young immigrant poet who is uprooted, transplanted, partly assimilated as he searches for a sturdy identity.


12 Rules for Spitting on the Poor

Noah Berlatsky Dollars and Sense: Real World Economics
A survey of a dozen self-help books reveals a genre with an ideological axe to grind: it’s not the system that needs changing, it’s you.


Broad Band

Dylan Schleicher 800-CEO-READ
A "computer" used to be a job description, not just a machine. At the time, most computers were women. Dylan Schleicher reviews a fascinating history of how "computers" helped make the computer networks that are so interwoven into contemporary life.


Modernist Cuisine's Next Tome Tackles Pizza

Daniela Galarza
Modernist Cuisine's next project will attempt to analyze all styles of pizza, try them all and see what works and what doesn’t and why. The goal is to produce “the most comprehensive pizza cookbook in the world.”


Make America Safe Again

Philip C Kolin
Is this the country where George Washington slept? Mississippi poet Philip C Kolin has his doubts.



Coding and Coercion

Ben Tarnoff/Björn Westergard Jacobin
An interview with Björn Westergard Unions have been trying to organize software engineers for decades, with little success. Here's a look at the organizing campaign that might turn things around.


Salinas Farm Workers March To Oppose Immigration Raids

David Bacon People's World
In Salinas on April 8, over a thousand farm workers and allies filled the streets of its working-class barrio to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies.


Cuomo Signs Legislation Strengthening Workers’ Rights

By Gregory N. Heires DC 37 Blog
The new law increases access to and protects union membership in New York’s public-sector workplaces in anticipation of an adverse ruling in the pending Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME.


The Mirage of Pension-Fund Activism

Bob Farkas Jacobin
Pension-fund activism is a dead-end. Organizing and empowering workers is still the only way to revive the labor movement.

Friday nite video


A Series of Gunfortunate Events

Leading up to another nationwide school walkout to protest gun violence, Trevor recaps all of the news coming from "good guys with guns."


The Decline of the Trump Merchandise Empire

Before he ran for president, Donald Trump was raking in money from Trump-branded steaks, eyeglasses, ties, K-cups, cologne and a dozen other licensed products. But now, nearly all of his partnerships have disappeared.


Marx in Soho

Actor, teacher and activist Brian Jones plays Karl Marx in the late Howard Zinn's amusing one person play that looks at Marx's life, his analysis of society and his passion for radical change.


Love Train | Turnaround Arts | Playing For Change

Turnaround Arts infuses struggling schools with the arts as a strategy to bolster reform efforts. Turnaround Arts is a national program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that works in 73 schools in 37 districts across 17 states and the District of Columbia.