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Broad Band

Dylan Schleicher 800-CEO-READ
A "computer" used to be a job description, not just a machine. At the time, most computers were women. Dylan Schleicher reviews a fascinating history of how "computers" helped make the computer networks that are so interwoven into contemporary life.

Modernist Cuisine's Next Tome Tackles Pizza

Daniela Galarza
Modernist Cuisine's next project will attempt to analyze all styles of pizza, try them all and see what works and what doesn’t and why. The goal is to produce “the most comprehensive pizza cookbook in the world.”

Make America Safe Again

Philip C Kolin
Is this the country where George Washington slept? Mississippi poet Philip C Kolin has his doubts.

The Impatient Patient

Scott McLemee Inside Higher Education
Medicine has grown so powerful and so profitable procedures go unquestioned. Many tests detect something worthy of follow-up -- procedures sometimes dubious, all to the point of extending life without regard to its quality. Stealing a march on every medical vulnerability as you age can boomerang.

The Still-Evolving History of Tacos de Canasta

Michael Snyder Saveur Magazine
Tacos de canasta are wrapped in distinctive sky-blue plastic
Tacos de Canasta are sold everywhere in Mexico, created primarily by the drift of population between town and country that defined Mexico City in the 20th century. They are not merely a way of celebrating Mexico’s singular culinary heritage, but also a way of staking a claim to part of that heritage

The Many Layers of Atlanta’s ‘Teddy Perkins’

Matt Zoller Seitz Vulture
Packing in as much raw emotion and as many twists and turns as a feature-length thriller, “Teddy Perkins” is a gothic funhouse of an Atlanta episode, filled with warped mirrors reflecting different aspects of American and African-American experience.