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Dance to the Music

Amy Soricelli Freshwater Literary Review
Amy Soricelli’s poetry captures the grit of The Bronx: the passing “radio from an open car window” or a “random gunshot.”

Plant of the Month: Peanut

Kristan M. Hanson
Weaving together new research and rich primary sources, the Plant Humanities Initiative recounts stories of global foods, such as peanuts, to illuminate their extraordinary significance to humans.

I Just Read His Name Is George Floyd

Zillah Eisenstein Medium
George Floyd was committed to being a person that mattered. But he was also Black, so he could never catch a break. As he got older the police were always at the ready. The day Chauvin murdered him was not the first time he had met Chauvin.

The American Myths of Bigger and Better

John Washington Yes!
This author's apparent attempt to save the MAGA ideology from the far right, says reviewer Washington, "is in the end a dangerous nationalist concoction, based on an ideology that takes losers as a must and broadens existing divisions."

Bay Area Chefs Ditching Burger Buns Over Right-Wing Politics

Soleil Ho San Francisco Chronicle
In light of recent revelations about the Martin family’s political activities, chefs are looking for alternatives to Martin’s products known for their association with Shake Shack, which uses them at locations around the world.