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Coronavirus: A Capitalist Crisis

Richard D. Wolff Dollars and Sense
The catastrophe demonstrates the results when public health is subordinate to private profit and to a governmental apparatus that adulates the superiority of private over public administration.

Grounded Reflections of Turbulent Times

Kaela Berg Workday Minnesota
Flight attendants are aviation’s first responders. We have now become frontline workers during a global pandemic. For many of us, however, the immediate threat of the COVID-19 virus is not our top concern.

State Workers Seek to Protect Labor Rights as the Coronavirus Spreads

Rachel M. Cohen The Intercept
Workers worry that states, especially anti-labor ones, may use the coronavirus crisis as a pretext to undermine union rights. A recent executive order allows Minnesota to waive parts of collective bargaining agreements as it confronts the pandemic.

What Workers Have Already Won in the Face of Coronavirus

Mindy Isser In These Times
Worker seen cleaning a subway station
When things get dire enough, the working class fights back. In dealing with the outbreak of the coronavirus, people across the United States have organized at their workplaces, and also won major reforms in the housing sector.

Class and the Challenge of COVID-19

Joseph A. McCartin Working-Class Perspectives
It is in our power to decide how to meet this crisis.  We could deepen divisions and set off on the fool’s errand of building “Fortress America.” Or we could use it to build community, forge solidarity, revive internationalism, renovate democracy.