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The Government Hasn’t Justified a TikTok Ban

Adam Schwartz and Davide Greene Electronic Frontier Foundation
We are troubled by growing demands for restrictions on TikTok. Before taking such a drastic step, the government must come forward with evidence of a real problem and a narrowly tailored solution. So far, the government hasn’t done so.

Reflections on My Time in Kyiv

Lachlan Hyatt The Indypendent
A skeptic of U.S. foreign policy struggles with how to be anti-imperialist and pro-Ukraine at the same time.

LA Teachers Make Good Their Promise To Support Community Schools

Jeff Bryant Independent Media Institute
“We knew the community schools idea would better address what our students need.” Even though implementations are still in their early phases, the schools and the families who attend them are already seeing tangible benefits.

Jesus in America

H.C. Palmer
When the newly elected Governor of Oklahoma committed his state to Christian nationalism, the poet and war veteran H.C. Palmer raises some objections to such gestures.

What Would King Say About Iraq War

Michael Honey Seattle Post-Intelligencer
This week marks 20 years since the U.S. invaded Iraq. Tens of millions demonstrated worldwide to try to stop it. On Martin Luther King holiday weekend, we thought back to what Dr. King warned about - US militarism and its disastrous consequences.

Reject the Left-Right Alliance Against Ukraine

Michael Kazin Dissent Magazine
If U.S. leftists take seriously their commitment to self-rule and loathing of foreign aggression, they should shed their ambivalence about supporting Ukraine.