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Campaigns, Inc.

Alan Bresloff Around the Town Chicago
Based on the true story of Leone Baxter and Clem Whitaker, who formed the first political consulting firm in U.S. history, "Campaigns, Inc." is a hysterical and jaw-dropping inside look at the underbelly of politics through the lens of two of the undeniable founders of “fake news.

What’s Missing From Voting Data? Race.

Steve Phillips The Nation
Despite a mountain of evidence affirming the centrality of race in US politics, it is essentially ignored in almost all electoral analysis.

The Strength of the Strong Force

Chris Patrick
Interactions with the Higgs field only generate about 1 percent of ordinary mass. The other 99 percent comes from phenomena associated with the strong force, the fundamental force that binds quarks into protons and neutrons that comprise the nucleus of the atoms of ordinary matter.

Organized Plunder

Elias Rodriques and Clint Williamson The New Inquiry
In the absence of the tax dollars city governments rely on, American are now funding themselves by fining the poor instead of taxing the rich.