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Sunday Science: Signs of Science

Dimitri Selibas Science
CyberTracker, software developed in collaboration with Indigenous trackers, is enabling almost anyone to collect complex biodiversity data

A Legacy of Plunder

Francisco Cantú The New York Review
In its reexamination of entrenched narratives about the expropriation of Native land, Michael Witgen’s work is changing how Native people are situated in the arc of North American history.

Unions Must Seize the Moment To Organize the South

Ben Carroll Jacobin
After a victory in Tennessee and a loss in Alabama, the UAW is pressing onward in its fight to organize the notoriously anti-union South. The fate of Southern workers — and all workers — depends on the movement’s willingness to think big.

Weapons, Fossil Fuels, Illegal Settlements

Dan McGlynn The Shoestring
UMass’ Investment Portfolio: As UMass backs out of a commitment to consider divestment, a Shoestring investigation reveals its endowment has millions indirectly invested in defense contractors and other entities targeted by student activists.

President in Mexico To Accelerate Energy Transition

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy Socialist Project
Claudia Sheinbaum’s resounding victory in Mexico’s presidential election on June 2nd, 2024, has been welcomed by two of the country’s main energy unions, UNTyPP and SME.

Why Has Trump Stopped Attacking Big Business?

Matt Stoller The Big Newsletter
In 2016, Donald Trump went after CEOs so often that the Wall Street Journal set up a tracker of stocks whose leaders he insulted. No longer. What happened?