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Matt Taibbi: The SuperRich in America Have Become 'Untouchables' Who Don't Go to Prison

April 17, 2014
Democracy Now!
Matt Taibbi discusses his new book, "The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap." The vast majority of white-collar criminals have avoided prison since the financial crisis began, while an unequal justice system imprisons the poor and people of color on a mass scale. Taibbi explores how the Depression-level income gap between the wealthy and the poor is mirrored by a "justice" gap in who is targeted for prosecution and imprisonment.

Jewish Educator Speaks Out - Why Jews Must Oppose Muzzling of Palestine Solidarity Activists

April 17, 2014
The Electronic Intifada
Jewish educator in Boston speaks out: "The lesson should be - and historically has been - that we Jews must always support any group that is unfairly targeted. That's why Jews in the US have overwhelmingly supported the rights of minorities and persecuted communities."

Challenges of the Tech Revolution - Two Stories

April 17, 2014
In the long-term, the Technological Revolution may prove to be a giant leap forward in freeing humans from being chained to jobs that are unsafe, unhealthy, physically taxing, and mentally unsatisfying. In the short-term, new technologies are contributing to structural unemployment, rising inequality, job insecurity, and micro-management of workers as these two news stories illustrate.

Tidbits - April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014
Cecily McMillan Trial Update; Reader Comments - Palestinian-Israeli Talks; Walmat, Living Wage, Minimum Wage of $15; Syria; Turkey; Pulitzer and Snowden; Paul Robeson; Russia, Ukraine, Crimea; Immune Systems; New book - What Did You Learn at Work Today? Announcements - Howard Zinn Symposium - Apr 24 - New York; 78th Celebration Abraham Lincoln Brigade & ALBA/Puffin Award for Human Rights Activism - Apr. 27 - New York; 45th Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade

Climate Change Is Here - It's Too Late for Pessimism

April 17, 2014 Blog
More disturbing than any horror movie, Showtime's Years of Living Dangerously, a nine-part series about climate change, is essential viewing. We need this kind of visible activism. Denial, resignation and despair are not options. By bringing together actors, scientists, journalists and philanthropists, Living Dangerously provides a necessary spark, not just to get a conversation going, but also to put a fire underneath those who have it in their power.

Carl Bloice remembered, 1939-2014

April 17, 2014
Carl Bloice, Portside moderator, journalist, editor, political theorist, activist and teacher, died April 12 in San Francisco, after a long battle with cancer. He was 75. He was one of the founding moderators of Portside, responsible for the Saturday posts, including writing REWIND, composed of the Quote of the Day and Toon of the Day, which he assembled. Carl leaves behind a world enriched by his contributions, with friends throughout the world.

Violence surges from Islamic uprising in Nigeria

April 16, 2014
Washington Post
In a country where relations between Muslims and Christians can be fraught and sometimes escalate into bloodshed, the 5-year-old insurgency is encouraging extremists from both religions and widening the gulf as never before.

US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement 3 years on–the Long Road to Solidarity

April 16, 2014
LAWCHA: Labor On Line
The AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center’s Colombia representative still adheres to the old policy of taming Colombia’s radical unions and encouraging them to follow the AFL-CIO’s business unionism approach.

Philly Police Will No Longer Hold Immigrants on Behalf of ICE

April 16, 2014
News Works
Philadelphia's only Latino City Council member, Maria Quinones-Sanchez, became emotional while talking about the executive order. "This victory is so huge, not only for the city of Philadelphia but for rest of the country," she said. "And for those of you who do immigrant work and know the faces behind the stories, the people who have suffered who we couldn't save before."

University of Illinois Chicago Faculty Agrees to Tentative Contract

April 16, 2014,0,145687.story
Chicago Tribune
Union officials said that while the contract will expire in about a year and a half, they are well positioned to negotiate future agreements. “We have one year to regroup, and we will continue on with some of the things we didn’t get this time,” said. UIC English Professor Lennard Davis, “We have shown the university what we can do when we organize."

A Practical Solution to an Urgent Need

April 15, 2014
Monthly Review
Gregg Shotwell is a retired UAW member who frequently contributes poems to the Blue Collar Review, and is the author of Autoworkers Under the Gun (Haymarket Press, 2012).

Lonely, Ignored Voice Predicted Boeing Job Drain

April 15, 2014
The Seattle Times
Despite being given the largest state tax break in U.S. history, Boeing is shipping jobs out of the state. One guy that nobody listened to predicted it.