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Global Left Midweek - April 8, 2020

On the agenda: new internationalism, and ending the war with nature. News and analysis from and about the left worldwide.

Radical Wordsworth, Well-Kept Secrets

Freya Johnston The Guardian
The great English poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850), writes reviewer Johnston, based his groundbreaking style on the "radical claim that apparently trivial things and people, the rhythms of ordinary life, were the stuff of true poetry."

Pandemics Can Mean Strike Waves

Pandemics Can Mean Strike Waves JACOBIN
During the Spanish Flu in 1919 four million workers struck, one-fifth of the workforce, a proportion never since equaled.

'You Can Find Us in the Break Room': How Nurses Got Masks

Elizabeth Lalasz Labor Notes
Since February, our core of stewards and activists had been pressuring management through emails and meetings to demand that the optimal personal protective equipment (PPE) of N-95 masks, and in person training be made readily available to us.