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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

The Trend Towards Drier Autumns Is Fueling California’s Deadly Wildfires

Sabrina Shankman InsideClimate News
Burnt car in California's deadliest wildfire.
California’s two wildfires have left more than 66 people dead and 600 missing. Thousands of homes and 260,000 acres have burned. Climate Scientist Daniel Swain talks about the influences on California’s wildfires and what the future could bring.

Julian Assange Indicted ?

Glen Greenwald The Intercept
As the Obama DOJ Concluded, Prosecution of Julian Assange for Publishing Documents Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedom

Striking Marriott Workers in Boston Reach Agreement With Hotels

Katie Johnston and John Hilliard Boston Globe
The union, Unite Here Local 26, declined to release details of the agreement until the remaining 5,000 Marriott workers who are on strike in San Francisco and two locations in Hawaii settle their contracts.

Public Attitudes Toward Computer Algorithms

Aaron Smith Pew Research Center
Americans express broad concerns over the fairness and effectiveness of computer programs making important decisions in people’s lives

Seizing the Initiative

Lester Spence Dissent
If moving government leftward is part of our mission, growing a political movement from the bottom up will require ballot initiatives

The Watergate Blueprint for Impeaching Donald Trump

Elizabeth Holtzman The Intercept
In Watergate, there was a criminal investigation and congressional inquiries, including an impeachment process. All were thorough and fair and together they re-established the public’s faith in the viability of our democracy and the Constitution.