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US Lawmakers Predictably Take Aim at Petro

Iran, Russia Consider Following Venezuela's Lead. Russia and Iran have expressed interest in developing their own digital currencies to help combat U.S.-imposed sanctions.

Invasive Technology Controlling Workers

Thor Benson Working In These Times
Some companies are now using monitoring techniques—referred to as “people analytics”—to learn as much as they can about you, from your communication patterns to what types of websites you visit to how often you use the bathroom.

The Current Landscape & Our Key Strategic Questions

Organizing Upgrade Editorial Team Organizing Upgrade
More than that, we hope to be a force for building greater strategic alignment and operational unity on a number of different levels: unity of the broadest possible coalition of forces against the Trumpist GOP; unity among the social justice forces that are striving to establish a durable progressive pole in mass politics; and unity between the sectors of the anti-capitalist left are engaged in these efforts and are working to rebuild a durable and fully inclusive working class movement for systemic change.

Dispatches from Barbed Wire

Abigail Carl-Klassen Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature
The Wall goes on, but as the El Paso poet Abigail Carl-Klassen announces: “We’re still here. In protest. In Pachanga. Fists raised.”

Friday Nite Videos | Feb 23, 2018

John Oliver on Florida / NRA. The Young Karl Marx (in Theaters!). Survivor to Rubio: Will You Reject NRA Money? Why the Rich Love Destroying Unions. "Black Panther": Just a Dope-Ass Black Movie.