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Staten Island Goes Purple

Shaun Richman The American Prospect
MOSTLY ABSENT FROM THE STORY of Max Rose’s ground-breaking victory are unions. The New York state AFL-CIO endorsed Donovan, the Republican incumbent. Many individual unions did the same

The ‘Blue Wave’ Was Also A ‘Muslim Wave’

Domenica Ghanem Other Words
The progressive Muslim wave thrived even as it faced one of the most Islamophobic elections of our time. These candidates ran on health care for all, protecting black lives, reversing our climate disaster and challenging US foreign policy.

Indivisible Guide Goes on the Offense

Indivisible Guide Goes on the Offense MSNBC News
"Indivisible," which organized protests around the country against the president, has written a 'how-to' guide for a progressive agenda in Congress.

Global Left Midweek - November 14, 2018

Crackdown in China, German Greens Surprise Vote, Domestic Workers to Congregate in Cape Town, UK Demos Hit Brexit and Fascists, Chile National Strike, Migrants Fill Rome Streets

America: The Farewell Tour

Tony Weller Tony's Blog: Weller Book Works
"Hedges’ assessment of the sickness of our times is searing in its directness," writes reviewer Weller. "His rage is palpable in his scolding of the system we take for granted, one we preserve at our own peril."

Why Co-ops and Community Farms Can’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield Yes! Magazine
As much pride and empowerment as there is in community ownership of food-producing gardens and financial services such as credit unions, research shows those sorts of grassroots efforts cannot close the ever-growing racial wealth gap . . .