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Historic. Irrelevant? Sunday’s Italian Election

Matt Hancock Stansbury Forum
The elections are the first to occur after a referendum slashed the number of seats in parliament and happen when war rages in Europe, poverty increases, the climate crisis deepens. The descendent of Mussolini’s Fascist Party is the frontrunner.

Arizona Judge Reinstates Abortion Ban From 1864

Eliza Fawcett N.Y.Times
A 15-week abortion ban passed this year will take effect on Saturday. But the attorney general has argued that the near-total ban from the 19th century should take precedence.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Controversy, Scandals and New Theories

Donald Weaver The Conversation
Alzheimer’s might not be primarily a brain disease. Studying beta-amyloids as abnormal proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease has not translated into a useful drug or therapy. A new theory suggests it’s an autoimmune condition.