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GM Strikers Have One Chance: Vote No

Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
With top leaders discredited but refusing to step away, GM strikers have just one tool to use between their rock and their hard place: their right to vote no. Chrysler workers did it in 2015.

A Green New Deal for Decarceration

Brett Story and Seth J. Prins Jacobin
people with picket signs
To save the planet, a Green New Deal has to transform our entire society. Part of that transformation must include the deconstruction of our system of mass incarceration.

The Legacy of Israel’s First Refuser

Alasdair Soussi The Electronic Intifada
man sitting in chair outside home
Appearing in a Haifa court a few months after Israel was founded in 1948, the violinist made clear that he would play no part in the war Israel was then fighting against its neighbors. He regarded Arabs as his brothers, not his enemies.

José Andrés Serving Free Meals In The Bahamas

Mikaela Lefrak WAMU American University Radio
Chef and restaurant owner José Andrés spoke at the National Book Festival in D.C. last month about his humanitarian work.
Celebrity chef José Andrés and his nonprofit humanitarian relief organization, World Central Kitchen, have served more than 200,000 free meals in the Bahamas and distributed food in the Carolinas and Florida since Dorian hit.