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The Ghost of Jimmy Hoffa Won’t Go Away

Steve Early Jacobin
Martin Scorsese’s new film The Irishman continues Hollywood’s obsession with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. We’re more concerned with what happened to Teamster working conditions under his son, James P. Hoffa.

Land Reform and the Green New Deal

Levi Van Sant Dissent
Few Green New Deal proposals include explicit attention to rural people and places. That must change.

Puerto Rico’s Future Clouded Under New Debt Restructuring Plan

Ed Morales OpenDemocracy
Puerto Ricans participate in a silent protest in New York.
Last month, Puerto Rico’s federally imposed Fiscal Oversight and Management Board announced its debt-restructuring plan that predictably will expand draconian austerity measures while ignoring policies that would promote economic sustainability.

Making ‘The Moment’ Now

Gwen McKinney The Washington Informer
"Moments come and moment pass. But you cannot freeze them if you do not seize them," is the theme of Gene Bruskin's musical exploration of Reconstruction when this nation had the chance to do the right thing. Like then, the moment is still now.