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This Week in People’s History, Apr 2–8

The cover of the book "Look for Me in the Whirlwind: From the Panther 21 to 21st-Century Revolutions"
A Jury Frees the Panther 21 (in 1969), 8 Hours a Day is Long Enough to Work (1919), When You're Hot, You're Hot (1964), Take Your War and Shove It! (1969), You CAN Fight City Hall (1934), Inventing Email Wasn't Easy (1969), Jim Crow Must Go! (1964)

Maker of Wegovy, Ozempic Showers Money on U.S. Obesity Doctors

Chad Terhune and Robin Respaut Reuters
Drugmaker Novo Nordisk paid at least $25.8 million to an elite group of U.S. obesity specialists who advocate giving its expensive weight-loss drugs to millions of Americans. Payments also go to persuade skeptical insurers to pay for it.

March 28, 2024: Supply Chains, Immigrants and Baltimore

Heather Cox Richardson Letters from an American
The workers who died in the bridge collapse on Tuesday “were not ‘poisoning the blood of our country they were replenishing it…. They may have been born all over the continent, but when these men plunged into our waters, they died as Americans."