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When Will US Join Global Call To End Ukraine War?

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies Common Dreams
Must our leaders take us to the brink of World War III, with all our lives on the line in an all-out nuclear war, before they will permit a ceasefire and a negotiated peace?

The Discovery of a Little-Known History of the Nuremberg Trials

Peter Canby The NewYorker
“Filmmakers for the Prosecution” producer describes emptying out her mother's loft and under a daybed, found boxes of documents concerning the first Nuremberg trial and a 1948 never-released 16 mm film "Nuremberg: It's Lesson's for Today."

The First Decoration Day

David W. Blight Zinn Education Project
A precursor to Memorial Day occurred in 1865 when thousands of freed slaves marched in Charleston, South Carolina to declare their sense of the meaning of the Civil War, that it was about their emancipation over a slaveholders' republic.

As Deals Go, This Is One of Them

David Dayen The American Prospect
The slings and arrows in this agreement result from the failure to solve the debt ceiling in 2022 when Democrats controlled the government. It generally makes things a little bit worse. That this is seen as progress is a sad commentary on Washington.

This Week in People’s History, May 30 . . .

In a non-union textile mill, a union organizer leads workers in a protest.
Union organizer fired for insubordination. In 1779, no peace for Native Americans. Sojourner Truth takes her new name. Child labor on the rise. "No nukes" on Long Island. Boston says NO! to slave-catchers. Anti-slavery novel is a best-seller.